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  5. detConShin

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,047–File 1,0XX

    The pace of publication has slowed down quite a bit. Anyway, hopefully we will get some detailed answers to questions of motivations. It’d be fun if Sera is able to steal the antidote and find out its effects by using it on Mary.
  6. DCUniverseAficionado

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,047–File 1,0XX

    RULES 1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available. 2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan). HOW TO USE A SPOILER BOX? Just simply type the following: [spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler] 1,047 spoiler pics now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6505078457 Shōnen Sunday Preview, courtesy of Holmes: Summary, courtesy of Baka: No break next week—we can expect 1,048 spoiler info around this time next week. UPDATE: Additional details, courtesy of Baka: UPDATE (#2): More details, courtesy of Baka.
  7. It's been way too long. I hope everyone's been doing well.

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  9. Harshalbhoi

    Finding Episodes

    What is conans mobile password?
  10. Harshalbhoi


    Does anyone knows Conan's mobile password?
  11. joe45867

    What did you do today?

    Today I buy printers for wedding cards and This printer is one of the best product.
  12. otomes


    You need to have idea about your future site. I use different site builders. PLus better to install crm system too. I am user of EspoCRM which I downloaded for free in first time. And after using it I bought full version.
  13. archer


    Guys, what I need to knwo before creating website?
  14. The Banana Paladin

    Last Poster Wins

  15. otomes

    What do you want to become?

    I want to be an enterpreneur and open online store. I want to sell different antique tools. But I am still newbie in it. In my work I want to use shopify and EspoCRM which helps to build a more effective dialogue with the buyer, avoid mistakes in the work and eventually sell more to him.
  16. archer

    What do you want to become?

    I want to be an artist.
  17. joe45867

    Citrus Manga

    I like to read citrus manga online because of this manga story so nice. AND Do you like Citrus Manga?
  18. mariopepper

    Apps and Games

    I spend most of my life playing games and I've tried a lot of different games, including pc games, playstation, xbox and wven virtual reality. But the most interestinf was playing games with augmented reality, it seemed to me like a totally different world. Amazing emotions. Since then I prefer playing ar games and even testing new games with ar open source.
  19. joe45867

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    I am last video game played is super mario sunshine and This is my favourite game.
  20. 90s Holmes

    Kudo or Kudou

    Thanks for the info and the links. It does seem to be a question with no real answer, but it’s interesting to think about, right?
  21. Rithic

    Plot section for wiki is messed up

    Oops I meant ep 43 is definitely character development but not marked as one
  22. Rithic

    Plot section for wiki is messed up

    I don't think that should count tbh. Also, ep 43 is definitely black organization but it doesn't say it on the wiki. I was planning to only watch stuff with romance and like the main villains, but I guess I have to watch every single episode cause I don't trust the wiki.
  23. Rosemary

    Plot section for wiki is messed up

    Well they appear in the credit scene after the ending song.
  24. javis7788

    A Collection of Codes

    Best Game!
  25. KosadaA


    Yea it definitely helped, thanks!
  26. Nonastronomical Unit

    Similar Detective Conan Cases

    Is it alright if I contribute a few if I think of some?
  27. Nonastronomical Unit

    Kudo or Kudou

    They are all different ways of transliterating the sounds of Japanese names into English. It's hard to say which is more correct than the other as there is more than one system in use. I confess the more I look into it, the less I am sure of how to properly answer your question. It's anecdotal but I have seen many of those spellings as well. The Wikipedia page about Japanese romanization may provide some info on how those spellings happened. The last link under External Links (on the same page) also seems pretty relevant to the question you're asking. A thing I would like to suggest is that "ou" may have been used more when it was more difficult to type and display special characters on the computer. Before cellphones were common it wasn't easy to set up a way to type special characters without a lot of hassle. This was my own experience, however, and may not apply to everyone.
  28. I just remembered that Scotch was a member in B.O who was also working for the Tokyo police. I can't remember if the police have ever investigated (apart from Scotch) B.O. And if yes, why did they stop?
  29. Rithic

    What's on Your Mind?

    Im thinking we need new mods
  30. In the wiki, it says that episode 8 has Detective boys in the plot section. I just watched it and they don't appear. Now I'm not sure whether to trust the plot section anymore... https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Anime#Season_1_-_Episodes_1-28 I looked at other eps and theyre wrong too.
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