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Hi, I am a fan from Philippines!

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Hi, I'm Periwinkle.. I am a Detective Conan fan from the Philippines! Watching DC is my happy pill, so I regularly watch and rewatch the episodes, movies, etc.. after work, on weekends, even when I'm feeling down/stressed; I would just watch DC episodes, and I'll feel better! I am already in 30s, but I'm a kid-at-heart.. I am not really into anime, but when I first watched a Tagalized Detective Conan (DC episode dubbed in Filipino), I fell in love into DC! I've been a DC fan since I was in my 20s, so I am a fan for more than a decade now... I've watch all up to the latest english-subbed episodes, movies, specials, OVAs,  I am also into reading DC mangas (in English). I hope someday I could travel to Japan, and visit the places mentioned in DC, as well as buy DC merchandise..

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Hello, I am a very big fan of Detective Conan. I love him so much because he is so cool and you can learn a lot of things from the anime. I even got gpod garades because of it. I am currently in episode 350+ because i just started last year. I am also currently learning japanese for the anime and to expand my knowledge. And, can someone tell me the type pf japanese language used in detective conan? I am learning hirigana right now and I wonder if this is used in the anime? Also, I'm looking forward to everything in this site! To everyone, Konichiwa(Hi! [Note: konichiwa is in romanji form])!  I hope we get along well and enjoy the activities in this forum. I'll try to learn a little japanese here. By the way, I'm a beginner and a newcomer so please guide me. Hello to everyone here!

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