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  2. I love this series, and I've enjoyed the recent trend Aoyama-sensei has gotten into where every case gives the reader at least one clue or piece of information that relates to the mystery of overall story. However, I must agree that the pacing was atrocious before he started this pattern. There were way too many filler cases that contributed nothing whatsoever to the main story; a little filler here and there is fine, but when 75% of what you're publishing in the series is filler, that's a bit much. My hope is that, after the five or six cases we had where each case dropped a plot hint for us, and now a case that directly relates to the Black Organization and the overall story, Aoyama-sensei will maintain his current pace so we'll get through the rest of the Rum Arc without any more filler. As for the direction the story has taken (when there is actually development of the story), I'm still largely enjoying it, but there are a few points I've struggled with and am concerned about moving forward. I too wish that I could have a sit-down with Aoyama-sensei, one writer to another, and have a nice chat about narrative flow, audience expectations (and when to subvert them), changing the status quo at times to keep things fresh, and things like that. I have the utmost respect for him, but it seems like there are a few areas that Aoyama-sensei struggles with (if he somehow reads this, please know that there is absolutely no sleight meant by this; we all have areas that we have difficulties with; it doesn't make him any less amazing).
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  5. I dont know if its only me, but sometimes when i reading im thinking "Im reading because i want to reach the end" more than enjoying...
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  7. I'm afraid all I have for you is speculation, so take it as you will (if at all). For the Rum arc to end (relatively) soon—and by that, with this release schedule, it'll be in terms of months at least, certainly not weeks—we would need to be in a Clash of Red and Black situation right now, where even with multiple cases, the main conflict remains the same for each of them... ideally, this would end with the Kudōs, the FBI, the NPA finally unveiling and executing the plan they discussed back in File 1,012/Episode 954, and Rum's identity being revealed. It's a shame, I don't think we're going to be that fortunate in terms of getting there quick—it likely isn't going to take only 2-3 cases after this one for Rum's identity to be revealed and for the Plan/Gambit pileup to come about and then reach a climax. Gosho will likely segment things as he's typically done, taking those 2-3 cases and putting 2-3 cases inbetween them. While this can lead to focus neat details and buildup, it slows things down—those who experience the series after us can just go "binge, binge, binge" and get the full package nice and quick, but for us? That's quite the ask of your fans to wait, and if they don't care for what's being focused on or are feeling the fatigue caused by the combo of length and repetition, you're going to get some bailing out, thus leaving fans like me to give massive caveats for them so they don't waste their time and instead focus on series that don't have these stumbling blocks. If you had to ask me for a year count, I'd say... 1 year minimum, and 3 years maximum, and that's just for the Rum arc to end. If we jump right into the "Boss/Anokata" arc after that, you can have a smidge more of hope than usual. Who knows if he'll stick with this new 7 years per arc thing for it, too? Maybe it'll be shorter, a Clash of Red and Black-like arc unto itself... but in all probability, that's just wishful thinking.
  8. My opinion on the series is nowhere near as harsh as some—after all, I'm still invested in the characters and what's going to happen, even after all this slow pacing. Well, the pacing is self-explanatory. The Bourbon arc took nearly seven years to complete, and it seems the Rum arc is going to beat even it out, in terms of length. Look at Kir—her appearance in this case is her first appearance since August 2009 (File 704). As for the narrative, it suffers due to the pacing—the longer it takes between BO cases, it decreases focus and leaves the readers languishing. What was once a more tight and compact narrative has been diffused and spread out more and more as Shinichi/Conan has found himself facing problems caused by people who should be his allies against the BO (Rei/Bourbon for the Bourbon arc, and Mary for the Rum arc). It leaves fans wondering if Shinichi/Conan and the BO are actually going to face off against each other, and even if there is going to be impact and/or resolution with even these longed-for BO cases. Well, once the series is over, at least we can start giving out series read/watch order guides so newcomers can have a better experience without the years of uncertainty and lag.
  9. you are a really old member i wish gosho well, but he dragged this thing for way too long i give naruto proops for knowing its way dc should have known as well
  10. What you mean with "narrative and pacing"? Can u give some examples? I agree with you with the direction the series took after Kir introduction.
  11. The quality, huh? The longer delays between files is better than Goshō making his health worse, but if you've got issues with the quality, I can't help you with that. I wish I could just ask Goshō questions about narrative, pacing, etc., so veteran fans (who don't approve of the direction this series has taken this past decade) could at least have an answer as to why he's executed things like this (that isn't a generic answer like, "he's lazy because success and money", because an answer like that just isn't interesting to me).
  12. And now I add Like me, he was betrayed by his so-called best friend, and it stings for both of us.
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  14. I prefer using Facebook but I have some kind of error on my phone wich don't let me use FB now. I don't know how to fix it because I don't even know how to use this damn Huawei phone.
  15. I don't use vpn on pc because I still don't know wich one to use and why. But I do use vpn on my old phone. I've lost samsung GT-S7500 user manual so this one is my solution http://samsung.manymanuals.com/mobile-phones/gt-s7500/user-manual-1385/109 and it's pretty clear for me now.
  16. Apologies for the double post. Spoilers for 1,063 are now out—here is a chapter summary, translations courtesy of Sonokovid-Naughtyteen: And here are spoiler pics... https://imgur.com/a/0xApJ0N ...And translations, courtesy of Spimer: 4 week break upcoming—we can expect 1,064 spoilers around November 20th.
  17. why u gotta say it so cold
  18. they are gone ma we meet again
  19. 17 babeeee would have been better of ot was against boston
  20. Ryo


  21. 1,062 spoiler pics now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7007357681 Here are translations of the pics, courtesy of Spimer: With more spoiler pics come more translations, once again courtesy of Spimer: And here are a few more details about the events of the file, translation courtesy of Spimer:
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  23. or if anyone can suggest something about radiation, i will be glad to read it
  24. Hello there. I am impressed with watching Chernobyl and have dream to visit that place?
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