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  5. Everyone, where are you at? Excuse me. Don’t block me please while I was asking you questions about the characters from seasons and episodes. https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Anime
  6. @FireStar2424 answer my question
  7. oh boy i'm dyin'
  8. Why? What about Mieko Shibazaki from episode 42? Did she wearing a dress or skirt? What shoes did she wear on her feet @FireStar2424
  9. oh boy- I GIVE UP
  10. I don't think it's Billy, since he does not have the same visible cheekbones like Billy’s. However, the fact that Gosho drew him and revealed him to have foreign features makes me believe he is being setup to potentially be relevant in the plot, along with the mysterious old man (who I suspect is Haneda Kohji's father, Haneda Yasuharu). I look forward to seeing more from those two, so I can develop some of my suspicions I currently have on him. I wrote about my Wakasa theory here. Wakasa is hinted at practicing kick-boxing (since they had boxing vs kick-boxing easter eggs in Hatoyama farm case File 1054), and it's not that odd that Vermouth would have a kick-boxing training as an underworld figure who has to face a lot of danger. She has already been shown to have acrobatic skills (showing that she can really move her body effectively even when wounded, while she was disguised as the japanese serial killer in New York). we learned that Rum's 3 inconsistent descriptions were deliberate rumors that Rum spread to hide his true appearance and identity and that only prosthetic eye was correct. The conclusion I came to from this vital information update is that Rum might possess mainly 1 of these 3 descriptions and that he spread the other 2 rumors along with it so that if by chance any member got a look at him and spread what they witnessed, the truth would be camouflaged among 3 indistinguishable rumors. Meaning that Rum (as a man) would mainly be either a “stocky man”, an “effeminate man” or an “old man”. In this case where Rum is actually Iori Muga in disguise, I think that Rum is a strong-built effeminate man who disguises as an old man, making his very appearance misleading just like the rumors he is spreading. My personal theory about Karasuma Renya's form is this. I don't currently see any big significant role planned for Katsumata Chikara, but I could see Gosho introducing a light connection to Haneda Kohji at best, since he seems to be around the same age Kohji would have been. At least we know from the recent intro of his daughter that Gosho hasn't forgotten about him. I just read on it, I'm lowkey mind-blown by the similarities with Kohji case. "Seito Sakakibara", an alias given to a teen killer who killed two kids in 1997..... from the time that Rum arc started, this real-life double-homicide case took place 17 years ago. Wouldn't surprise me if he got inspiration from that incident (a teen killer), since I do believe Rum (Muga) was 18 when he killed Amanda and Kohji. Thanks for reading my post and discussing with me
  11. Today I ate pasta with mushrooms.
  12. I am currently taking a marketing course.
  13. I am currently reading Les Misérables is a French historical novel by Victor Hugo. This is one of the largest and one of the most incredibly deep and interesting books I have read. I have read half of the book, but I am already convinced that it will become one of my favorite stories for my whole life.
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    Good Work i like it
  15. Okay. What about Mieko Shibazaki from episode 42? Did she wearing a dress or skirt? I’m sorry but I was saying tights or stockings (thigh-highs). What shoes did she wear on her feet @FireStar2424
  16. how come i didnt notice i put to research *ekem* i literally did no research whatsoever
  17. What research @FireStar2424
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    Shinichi's birthday is May 4th Ran's birthday is most probably October 1th Heiji's is somewhere around June or August Kaito's is June 21st Aoko's is somewhere in September
  20. I must win I must make you all watch ShinRan videos off of YouTube
  21. I don't think they continued to test it after Shinichi was "dead". They must've thought it worked just fine and needed no further testing. ....or Gosho just hasn't thought that far yet
  22. it appears that it goes down to her knees...? its about medium length as for the question earlier about boots and dress question the dress i will not touch up on the boots, by my very lazy estimation are about 7 inches i think i literally did no research whatsoever
  23. https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/File:EP1_21.JPG is Aiko’s dress short in episode 1 - Roller Coaster Murder Case @FireStar2424
  24. haha its fine so, you gonna ask me any more questions?
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