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  1. chongjasmine

    Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

    I used to prefer ai and conan, but now I actually like Shinichi and Ran more.
  2. chongjasmine

    who's the most attractive guy in DC?

    I like Shinichi and Heiji. I think they are both attractive. And I like their friendship.
  3. chongjasmine

    I love detective conan!

    I really love this series. I purchase the chinese version of the manga until vol 89 to support the author and will purchase the anime dvds if they retain the characters' original names. This is my all time favourite manga/anime series. I hope the author lives to finish the series. My biggest worry is that the series becomes incomplete. I don't want that to happen. I am a Shinran fan and want shinichi to be together with Ran in the end. Nice to meet you all!
  4. chongjasmine

    English or Japanese?

    I prefer the japanese sub.
  5. For me, I love both. The manga for the plot, and the anime for relaxation.
  6. chongjasmine

    Ran finding out Conan is Shinichi?

    Personally, I hope Shinichi will tell Ran his true identity. That should be trust among lovers. So many people had known his identity anyway.
  7. chongjasmine

    Conan or Shinichi? Who do you prefer more?

    I like them both. Shinichi is so handsome while conan is so kawai.
  8. chongjasmine

    Did you ever get scared watching DC?

    I never got scared watching dc.
  9. chongjasmine

    Will You Watch the Entire DC Anime Series Again?

    I love DC, I will buy the dvds when they come up. Japanese dubbed, and english subbed, of course.
  10. chongjasmine

    Does DC deserve to be known as the greatest anime ever?

    DC is my favpurite anime, but i won't call it the greatest anime.
  11. chongjasmine

    Favorite movie?

    My favourite DC movie is The phantom of baker street .
  12. chongjasmine

    About Mouri Ran

    I like Ran. Who doesn't like a gal who can do karate?
  13. chongjasmine

    Advocating for the VIZ translations

    I am saving up to buy the official chinese version of detective conan. I believe in supporting author I really like.