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  3. kimduhan

    What did you do today?

    Yesterday I started my fitness classes with personal trainer. I have plan to get rid of some kg. I want to lose about 10Lbs. it is hard task for me, I think. Also I got interest in body contouring procedure on https://www.beautyfixmedspa.com/ I read many good reviews from customers about effectiveness of this procedure.
  4. ChristinaF02

    What do you want to become?

    I don't really know what I want to do yet. I've thought about accounting since I like math, but I'm not sure about that. I just really want something that I like, pays enough to live off of, and maybe offers flexibility and/or the opportunity to work for myself.
  5. ChristinaF02

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    I've recently read Sadie by Courtney Summers and I really enjoyed it.
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  7. kimduhan

    good deals yes or not

    I like to do good things. I am a regular participant of local volunteer organization and donate to orphans I think we need to take care about children and help them in hard situation. In the future I want to became a regular member of one local volunteer organization who protects animal.
  8. ChristinaF02

    Where is Everyone From?

    I'm from the United States, or to be a little more specific, the Midwest.
  9. ChristinaF02

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    Mac and cheese
  10. ChristinaF02

    What did you do today?

    I just hung out at home all day and played video games for the most part, though I read manga a bit as well.
  11. kimduhan

    What did you do today?

    i have plan to start fitness
  12. kimduhan

    good deals yes or not

    Do you like to do good things? Like help old people, animals or take part in some volunteer projects??
  13. kimduhan


    I want start to study play the guitar
  14. kimduhan

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

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  16. cns00

    proofreading help needed

    i need some help in a personal project of mine. i am making my own version of the subtitles for the recent detective conan movies and i need help with the proofreading. if your english is very good and u have lot of experience in proofreading and u preferably know how to work with subtitle files and the application aegisub then plz send me a private message here and give me your email address and i will email you the details.
  17. kimduhan

    What's on Your Mind?

    think about essay
  18. kimduhan

    What's on Your Mind?

    think about essay
  19. KaitoGin


  20. Niffum

    In Search of an Episode

    Hello Fellow Detective Conan Fans, I have long been in search of a particular episode. Minimum Spoiler but be warned.... Okay so here is the story as best as I can remember it. A lady is suspicious that Conan might know she committed a crime. So she invites him home for a sleep over. While she is taking a shower Conan finds evidence that she did indeed kill someone. While confronting her about the murder she confesses and then says she will have to take care of Conan too. Turns out it was a trap because Conan had called Mouri and her confession was sent onto the police. The only other thing I can remember is the lady drove a red sports car. Your help in my quest for the episode number is appreciated! Thanks Niffum
  21. -farah

    Favorite Opening or Ending?

    Feel Your Heart and Nazo are both so sentimental to me, I just feel really nostalgic listening to them (when they redid Nazo for opening 41 i shed a tear ngl). I like a lot of the music by Mai Kuraki, especially Revive it's a banger. Butterfly core was also one of my faves. Honestly I really like most of the openings it's so difficult to choose. In regards to endings, I never listened to a lot to be completely honest because I binged the series so I'd usually just move to the next episode or skip over to the post credits scene but the few I genuinely enjoyed were (again) the Mai Kuraki ones such as Koi Ni Koishite and Your Best Friend, and I do really like the current ending, Aozolighter.
  22. Rye

    Favorite Opening or Ending?

    For openings, I really like Magic, 100 Mono Tobira, destiny, and Kaze no Lalala! For endings, I like GO YOUR OWN WAY, Mō Kimi Dake o Hanashitari wa Shinai, Kimi no Egao ga Nani Yori mo Suki Datta, and Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omofu~!
  23. DCUniverseAficionado

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,022–File 1,026: Azengers Assemble

    Well, 1,026 text spoilers came out... Here are the 1,026 text spoilers, courtesy of Jecka and Sakaki:
  24. Detective Difo

    Gin's real name

  25. rromocin

    Query Episode 926.5

    May I enquire re the Episode 926.5? Seems to be a sort-of remaster of an early episode? Which one I haven't located yet.
  26. DCUniverseAficionado

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,022–File 1,026: Azengers Assemble

    Apologies for the double post. Somehow, we got 1,026 spoiler pics—they came a full week earlier than expected: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5992388650 Unfortunately, there will be a four week break after 1,026—we likely won't get spoiler pics for 1,027 until February 8th.
  27. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Last Poster Wins

    I believe you're mistaken, Ayuna-chan. I'm winning. But thanks for the good wishes.
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