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  5. I have sometimes wondered if Tsutomu Akai is Gin. That he might have been captured and brainwashed by the organization.
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  8. ^ shounen < finished Rune Factory 4 v ever played any rune factory/harvest moon games?
  9. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (sequel of AADC)
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  12. Hello! First, welcome to DCW! Thank you for the suggestion. Indeed, that could be something interesting to implement.
  13. It's framed to be a disguise. Still up in the air what extent of disguise it is though.
  14. I'm rather sad that Camel is still one piece despite almost drowned and burned. Killing a recurring character will bring suspense up, it's like they all have plot armors, the thrill is rather missing. He need to take disguise! Cutting hairs is not enough for a person who fake death. RUM is changing his face and name did this mean disguise or did he actually take a plastic surgery?
  15. The Imagination of The Detective Boys of Conan are so Cute. XD Especially Genta-Chan's
  16. And then within 10 days of January 27th, we can expect an English translation of the full file.
  17. January 27th. Spoilers can be expected at earliest 22nd. Preview for the next case will officially release 20th, and leaks for the preview will drop at earliest 15th.
  18. aiya~ have i finally won
  19. Hi, is there any site I can find full list of episodes that featuring about detective conan trip or vacation episode? Any episode related either episodes from main plot or closed case episodes. Some might includes -hotspings -ski resort -cable car resorts -beaches -visiting other prefecture and ect thanks
  20. WanSko


    I have never used bitcoin, as it is still difficult to access.
  21. MaybeNotStudios


    Her birthday is actually revealed in the live action drama, I think. Because there at the beginning, Shinichi said Ran had her birthday on the previous day, and it says '2 October' on the blackboard in the classroom. So her birthday is October 1. (i just found this on another site, I haven't watched the live action drama myself (yet_
  22. Angel Beats full episode last night :>>> twas goooood
  23. Was seeing it more as a one-time codename transfer, but yeah, I guess that's possible too.
  24. Well, that would certainly tie into BO origins (especially if Renya Karasuma is the current Vermouth's father). The culprit of the Mermaid case had been pretending to be an old woman, just as her mother had. Goshō could go for a straight parallel and have the current Vermouth's mother have undertaken such duplicity when she was Vermouth, herself. I suppose a counterpoint to there being a tradition of Vineyards disguising themselves as a single figure would be that the current Vermouth went to Toichi Kuroba to learn about the art of disguise, thus potentially implying she didn't have such high quality SFX/makeup skill beforehand, thus potentially implying the Vineyard family didn't have such high quality SFX/makeup skill beforehand... but as we saw with the Mermaid case, you don't have to be as good as the Kuroba family at it to pull such deception off.
  25. Right, that's the conclusion based on the theory. As Gosho said in SDB Black+ (in regards to very young age of codenamed members): "what of it? (laughs)" Could be, though I'm not really sure if Gosho plans on using that concept for Rum specifically anymore (since my original Wakita theory got debunked). Perhaps it's planned for Sharon/Chris ("mother" passing on the codename "Vermouth" to "daughter").
  26. So at just 18, he was the 2nd in command? Does the inherited codename possibility come into play? Does his predecessor have a role to play in all this?
  27. I lean towards "no" until there is actual indications of that like in Vermouth arc (where they introduced a senior "Vineyard" for that sort of reveal). Would be no point in the whole "hiding 5 years from your age" angle if it's all fabricated (due to halted aging). I'm rather leaning towards Muga basically being a "Kyogoku Makoto" 17 yrs ago.
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