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  3. There seems to be a string in the hole of the frying pan. In fact the frying pan stands out a bit among the objects on the floor.
  4. The problem is the retrieval of the string won't be possible. Also in the third case the measure will ensure that all the accessories will have pointing their handles/holes(though some don't have it) towards the door. So they would be swept towards one side. Not a solution unless those are taken care of. Another problem is this, the tension ends of the knob would be very close, there won't be any force difference to generate the torque unless one applies force by using a string from outside. Which again will be an issue during the retrieval.
  5. Locked room murder trick deduction (File 1058) Basically, the idea could be to utilize weight in order to turn the thumbturn lock from a 45 degrees position to a complete 90 degrees (horizontal) position. By adding enough weight for it to start turning clockwise slowly, you might have enough time to close the door before it fully turns horizontal and locks up. In the first case and second case, there were bags involved with weights on them (big lotion bottle in Atsumi's and a lot of trash in Taiji's). To camouflage the bags on the floor, the culprit messed up the bathroom and apartment. In the third case however, there was no bag, however, we were made aware of that Koretsuga had a lot of kitchen utensils hanging up the wall, possibly to make note of that they all have holes in them. This could be were a string could fit in, where it replaces the bag's effect of combining all their weight around the thumbturn lock. The culprit might have tied the string as a lasso in order to pull the knot out from below the door after locking the door in order to untie it and remove the string. When the police later opened the door, the utensils could have been pushed to the side (like in Atsumi's case), making their awkward placing from the string pull disappear.
  6. Turns out I'm wrong. The 3rd Yusaku is probably just Kaitou Kid thanking Yusaku for saving him in a case.
  7. I too think there is only one Rum. The spoiler pics also showed three Yusakus (the real one, Yukiko in disguise and a mysterious one). I think the 3rd one is Akai or Amuro in disguise.
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  9. A serial killer case, sounds interesting...... BTW on a separate issue.... There possibly no former Rum...... Gosho said Rum is a single person. Gosho also said ``One among the trio is indeed Rum.`` Former Rum isn't a Rum anymore.........
  10. Apologies for the double post. More spoiler pics have come out: https://imgur.com/a/cLhYTdD Here are the translations: And here is a summary of the chapter, courtesy of Sidier#8557:
  11. I do think it's Hoye Kuroda. Wakita and Wakasa don't seem anything likely to be a culprit.
  12. I think it'll probably be released later in 2021, say September or October.
  13. Well, the movie isn't just him, but who knows what this'll mean for Movie 25. Since there's no precedent for this, I assume they're still working on Movie 25, but who knows? If they are working on it, does this mean Movie 25 will be ready for release by April, too?
  14. Plus I wasn't expecting much from a movie done by Sakurai again, but yeah, there might be miracles.
  15. Yeah, that was my exact thought, too. He smiles like a villain a lot.
  16. Is it Kaito Kid again? It's the same smile, that he had when he was the kurator in the heist of The Dark Knight opals.
  17. Apologies for the double post. Break next week—we can expect 1,059 spoilers in about two weeks. And here's the full translation of the last two pages of 1,058, courtesy of Manaphy (https://imgur.com/a/cLhYTdD):
  18. We had a DC movie every year from 1997 to 2019... I'm sure some may have wanted a break from annual releases, but for these circumstances to cause it...
  19. RULES 1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available. 2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan). HOW TO USE A SPOILER BOX? Just simply type the following: [spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler] Spoiler pics for 1,058 are now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6852397664
  20. Obviously, COVID-19 has delayed many films, and Movie 24 is one of them, but it is key to know just when the Movie will actually hit theaters—and in this case, that info is available. Back in June, Movie 24 was delayed to due COVID-19. It was announced on Twitter through @conan_file (a verified account), and through the official movie website—both had a message from Goshō. Then, shortly after the announcement of the delay, it was announced that Movie 24 would release in April 2021. It was announced again via @conan_file, as well as via the official movie website, both with another message from Goshō.
  21. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrate. still active out there on the wiki.
  22. And I came back from the dead again for the nth time. Anyone still active? How are you guys?
  23. You blocked me at discussion. Why are you mad at me?
  24. Nakamura blocked me when he was very angry at me for asking the people questions when I typed the words on the discussion.
  25. Hey you guys. You don't need to block me, okay. Please don't block me. REMEMBER THE RULES!! DO NOT REPORT ME! DO NOT BLOCK ME! AND DO NOT GETTING ANGRY AT ME, GOT IT!!!!

  26. UMMM ik it was 2011 just to say 2020 is a good year
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