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  2. DCUniverseAficionado

    Finding Episodes

    That's Movie 6: The Phantom of Baker Street.
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  4. Rosemary

    Question about Haneda Koji (spoilers included)

    Because Kohji was drugged with the earlier prototype of aptx4869 which was created by shiho's parents. Shinichi was given haibara's aptx which she created using remaining data of her parents' research.
  5. Last week
  6. How come Haneda Koji's name was on the APTX 4869 list when he was supposed to have died 17 years ago? Didn't Vodka say in the first episode that Shinchi was the first one to take the "experimental drug"?
  7. The Banana Paladin

    Last Poster Wins

    welp time to win this once and for all
  8. Hi boss, you still up and kicking? :P

  9. The Heisei Holmes

    Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

    I know this is a big NO but I kinda like shinichi with kazuha
  10. Ryo


    ayy another Laker fan
  11. Harshalbhoi

    Finding Episodes

    In which episode shinichi said if the Sherlock is brighter side then Moriarty is darker side of Sherlock something like that please tell me
  12. nakamura

    In Search of an Episode

    maybe this case: The Beauty, The Lies, and The Secrets (episode 826)
  13. Check this page- https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/The_Jet-Black_Mystery_Train There is a list of BGM and soundtracks used in the episode on this page.
  14. Earlier
  15. It's the song that is used when Vermouth is talking to Gin on the phone in episode 701 (The Jet Black Mystery Train) It plays right at the start of the episode
  16. Balthazar Manfredie


    we are the same here
  17. conanshinichi


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here
  18. archer

    dream drug ( vermouth's drug & scotch = tstumo akai )

    nice story.
  19. archer


    I am fond of playing basketball and support LA Lakers
  20. archer

    What's on Your Mind?

    new translation project
  21. The Heisei Holmes

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    chocolate cake (made it my self)
  22. The Heisei Holmes

    Explain your username

    well mine is simple if you shinichi's nicknames so yeah
  23. I know this was posted like years ago but I just wanted to answer. YESSS!!! I mean think about it Heiji spots th bo and recognized them, followed them and gets drugged with aptx 4869 and wakes up as a kiddd!!! Don't you think right right righttttttt!
  24. The Heisei Holmes

    DC Question and Answer Thread

  25. Dark Blizzard

    DC Question and Answer Thread

    You can refer here https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/List_of_anime-original_cases
  26. The Heisei Holmes

    DC Question and Answer Thread

    What episodes are anime only?
  27. archer

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

  28. Dark Blizzard

    How can I protect my privacy?

    It is a big problem and it will only turn worse over the years. Companies like google and facebook are known to collect all sorts of information about users. Also there are governments that are planning to ban end to end encryption. There are so many things to talk about privacy issues. My advice would be deleting or at least minimising use of fb and google services, using and supporting open source alternatives of apps and services wherever possible, privacy focussed extensions in browser, and of course a good VPN. There might be more though.
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