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  2. It's more likely than her being Rum, to be sure.
  3. Apologies for the double post, but I just remembered there is a disorder which can cause temporary blindness is one eye: Retinal migraine. It seemed weird to me how Rumi was very obvious in how she was searching around right after she recovered from her heavy thoughts in 988. If she is blind in one eye, it's like she isn't used to it. She also didn't appear to have vision problems or overturn in normal circumstances in her earlier chapters. I remember that stress can trigger it, among many other factors. It's a long shot, but maybe worth thinking about?
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  5. SAO is not that great

    good, sure

    great, no


  6. I'm curious to hear about what you guys are up to (even if we don't talk much) ...if there's anyone still here o: --- OMM: SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE well, not officially, but the school year is over so it's summer for me :^) I have so much on my backlog but I'm really glad I finally had the chance to play through Chrono Trigger and LIMBO tbh the only reason I got a Steam account was because LIMBO was on sale, lol I only have a couple more weeks to potato before going back to work, so I gotta make these dog days worthwhile, heh there's so much I want to do now that I finally have some free time to sit down gosh I'm so excited........... ahhh, it feels so good to be on break :')
  7. School is done (for now) and I finally had the chance to finish Chrono Trigger (which I previously thought would never have the chance to play) and LIMBO. I loved Chrono Trigger for the Steins;Gate vibes and I loved LIMBO for its simplicity and puzzles. Both are fantastic games.
  8. Because it was written in the manga as "Kohji." Being consistent is nice, but there are enough ingrained instances where the wiki deviates from the typical "chop the vowel" that there is little point in trying to claim some standard beyond "we generally do it." Tooru, Hondou, Hyoue - it's common for plot characters. New editors typically spell names the way they are used to seeing them. Usually that's how they are written in manga or the fan translation version (initial trendsetting). For instance, Shuuichi with two 'u's was a consistent problem back in the Bourbon arc. In the interest of minimizing work, it's better to go with the flow. For contentious cases, we typically take a poll. The real problem children are the "Helena" people. エレーナ (ere-na) has no starting H -- that would be ヘレーナ.
  9. To be consistent with current Wiki standards, it should be written as "Koji Haneda", so basically not the manga version nor the anime version. Still don't understand why it's left as "Kohji" on his character page when the double vowels in romaji spelling weren't kept for Shinichi or Yusaku Kudo, and many other characters, never mind adding an h. Only exception being the Mouris I believe.
  10. Can't wait for more (still gonna write it as "Kohji")
  11. more defined hair line also I know the pictures aren't the same height, but with his hair going off the top of the image in the anime one, he looks a bit taller.... or a bit stretched out Also, while you can't see it in this image, the Anime staff romanized the name as Kouji..... the difference spotting begins.
  12. hello im new here i wanted to pointed out something if im not mistake on chikara ch 899 p9 silver 5f match he moves the piece ginsho 銀將 silver general i hope this would useful sorry my english is very bad and on wakasa rumi last case letter v also basket ball team is 5 players i hope this all tun out to be red herring
  13. @Valentin I think the most important takeaway message here is that Asaka has shogi-related characters, and thus could be used in a clue/dying message. 黒田 兵衛 --> 角行 Hyoue has some of the radicals from bishop for instance. 世良 --> 銀將 family name Sera has a radical found in the silver general piece. I wonder if there is more dying message, and which piece is in Rumi's pocket.
  14. A little thing for your further research, I used Google translate and Wakasa means Youth. So in other words Wakasa and Asaka are interchangeable. Lance can also signify a straight forward person lacking tact and deceit.
  15. I wouldn’t give up on that thought. I do think that 浅香 (asaka) includes a possible hint. As @Chekhov MacGuffin wrote, 浅 is principally the opposite of deep: 1:川はここで浅くなっている。 1: The river has become shallow here. -> The river is shallow here. That’s the prototypical meaning. There are, however, phrases that transfer this notion to other semantic levels: 2:彼は教師としての経験が浅い。 2: As for him, experience as a teacher is shallow. -> He has little experience in teaching. 経験が浅い (experience is shallow) has become a common phrase to express that someone has little experience in something. The temporal aspect can be made even more apparent: 3:我々は知り合ってからまだ日が浅い。 3: As for us, since knowing each other, the days have still been shallow. -> We haven’t known each other for a long time. -> We have known each other for a short time. While the last translation isn’t exactly great English, I hope it clarifies that 日が浅い (days are shallow) signifies a brief time span. That can also be done more directly: 4:春はまだ浅かった。 4: The spring was still shallow. -> The spring was still young. If not many days have passed after a certain point of time, 浅 can express that something is young. Regarding 香, I see one thing standing out: While the character—like @Chekhov MacGuffin wrote as well—generally describes something that you can perceive through the nose, it’s likewise a common abbreviation for 香車 (kyousha) ‘incense chariot’. What makes it so interesting is that this is the full title of the shougi piece lance, which can only move forward. Though I don’t want to claim that this is the correct interpretation, I do think that 浅香 can be read as a short form of 浅い香車 ‘shallow lance’ and thus as lance with little experience or simply young lance. The lance’s limited mobility could refer to a straightforward assassin that doesn’t hesitate to get the job done, but also to someone who is excessively straightforward due to their lack of experience or their early age (where the former may of course be conditioned by the latter) and makes (unnecessary) mistakes as a result. Not least because there are several other ways to write the name Asaka, I’m convinced that Aoyama at least wants us to think about his choice of characters and their potential connection to shougi (whether or not they’re merely supposed to be a red herring), so I wanted in any case to point them out. To what extent this can be applied to Rum or others in the frame of a theory—I’ll leave that to you.
  16. MELT
  17. Okay. I can live with that. Turtle
  18. Dreamy (because yume=dream)
  19. "...forever." "Where in the world is..."
  20. Yuki Yuna is Oblivious Caramel
  21. *Catches sugar and uses it to make homemade ice cream * *throws bowl of ice cream*
  22. Because she's fun to banter with when I'm bored.
  23. *groan* Why is it that kids never know when to give up?
  24. A tow truck comes out. Inserts dirty laundry.
  25. I guess paper. Even if I don't have a pen, I can still use it to make origami. Wristwatch or pocketwatch?
  26. You mean you're not?
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