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  2. Just decoded the true Kanji reading of Wakita's name. 脇田 兼則 , where 脇 means "Side ,3rd party." 田 means "rice field", 兼 is very closer to "detest, hate." 則 means "modelled after." Now there's a fungus used in rice fermentation known as Koji fungus and, the rice is called Koji rice. So I can now speculate that Wakita is related to Haneda Kohji case and is modelled after someone(Danpei tange), is a side character in that case and hates something/someone(probably Rum).
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  4. Did this for Gosho's BD today.
  5. The method that you mentioned still won't explain the smaller fragments still sticking on the casing of the "U MASCARA" part. To be elaborate, we can see exactly similar residue in the black-boxed area. We also can't find the residue of the glass containing "EL" of Juke Hotel. The explanation that I can give is just like the "EL", "U MASCARA" had not been photographed separately(like the mirror or Kohji's hand). Juke's presence is worrisome as you've mentioned. But I also tend to think that this coincidental mirror clue revealed a good part of Rum's social name, that's why BO boss and Rum are so edgy about it.
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  7. There was no secrecy though. Ran just said, "It's not just any regular trip..." and was about to tell him in Ch. 994 (the next line would've probably been "'s the high school field trip!"), but they were interrupted by the murder case. Also, the high school field trip is apparantly a very big thing in Japan, it lasts 4-5 days and apparantly is a very important and unique experience in the school life of a Japanese teenager in high school; I once also read that many high schoolers use the opportunity of such a unique experience to confess their love to their crush. And it is also an often used story point in many manga series, particular for the romance plots.
  8. I replied in the DCTP cbox about this, so here is a paraphrase. Mirror dying message = red herring coincidence is interesting, but I think the mirror can still be cracked in a controlled fashion. You press the edge of the scissor to thin glass in order to break it in a controlled fashion under water. And if it was a coincidental fracture from being dropped, where are the missing letter pieces nearby? But I agree the mirror which has a backing is worrisome. The faucet being on in the "wrong room" may be a signal that the clue could be coincidence, and the faucet was not used at all to crack it. And, while not a real clue, the name of the hotel "Juke" is an English word for "a feint", like a sidestep or trick used to pass someone in football/soccer. It basically means red herring. Yikes!. That leaves us with the hand clue which I think is solid.
  9. Honestly, a school trip is what I was expecting from this—it makes sense if the case that features File 1000 was going to be a Shinichi/Ran rom-com situation (as was the case for File 1.... well, apart from everything before we see Ran for the first time and everything after the guy's head flew off...), as has been told to us for months by Gosho (through his postcards, etc.). All the secrecy is about getting that reaction from Shinichi (on the last page of 996). I'm just as interested in what's going to happen between them in this upcoming case as I am in which plot/character thread(s) we're going to be dealing with, once the upcoming case runs its course.
  10. Or An elementary school teacher with weird habits or a Sushi chef with a blind eye. But I would rather prefer Kuroda.
  11. [I know I'm going to kick a Hornet's nest over here, but I've reasons to do so. If this post challenges your opinion don't bother replying(I don't like debating "How can you violate an established opinion(despite unverified)?" type users; if you feel my reasoning is flawed reply only then, with your corrections.] I'm discarding the mirror as a dying message left by Haneda Kohji. I know it's a big step but I've a plethora of reasons to discard it. As You can see(the encircled places on the mirror by red) shards protruding from that place. The cut isn't clear and definite proof of a crack(not a cut by scissors under water). Some pieces are still stuck to the casing. The protrusions of the encircled(red) places gives clear indication that the mirror wasn't removed from the casing, else such small pieces wouldn't be stuck to the the frame. You can't cut this without removing it from the frame. The small piece which I encircled in yellow shows two definite cracks separated by a small distance, which further proves that the cracks were caused due to the impact. The pieces encircled in blue are the mirror's pieces, which was found nearby, another proof of the impact.(Agasa mentioned that smaller shards would be spilled everywhere as water molecules will break up the glass by travelling through the cracks and the constant flow of the tap will only increase this process, so smaller pieces would be spilled around the sink, but in the mirror we only find bigger pieces missing.) Removing the casing argument will also won't work due to the points I've risen on the point number 1. The black marked spot is showing another piece of shard residue sticking to the casing. I'm yet to be convinced that Kohji touched the mirror in the first place as nothing is said about his fingerprints on the mirror. Does it mean the message is worthless? Absolutely Not. From BO Interest we already do know that "U MASCARA" were the letters in Rum's social name and Haneda knew Rum's social name. So Rum is someone from Haneda's acquaintance circle. This Mirror message is one of the many co-incidences happened in this Manga.(Like Shinichi's very first trip to Tropical land on the eventful day.) So then what was really Kouji's dying message? Checkov had already pointed this out, the cause of the bruises were a defensive scissor-grip. The bruise in palm indicates that Haneda held something(likely a Shogi piece) and hid it by holding the scissors in a defensive position and dies while it was in his grip.(That's why the bruises are still on the body.) This is the real dying message, but currently the object is missing. That object(shogi piece) is probably the clincher in the Kohji case. Now time for some speculation. Chikara Katsumata's name has Kanjis that have different readings. This is the stuff according to DCW " 勝又 力 " it can also be interpreted as "[KATSU MASARU TAERU]MATA [CHIKARA TSUTOMERU RIKIMU]".(the things in the square bracket is the alternate reading of that Kanji) The Kun reading of the "Osho" piece of Shogi is "KIMI [HIKIIRU MOTTE HATA]"
  12. Welcome! Nice to have new members joining here. I'm also a long-term fan(a mystery otaku).
  13. Something at least a little bit interesting. I mean, if it was just a school trip, all the secrecy about and "you'll understand when you're older" are just ridiculous.
  14. Hello I'm new here but Conan fan since 2012 I really like detective series, Manga etc... You guys are really into it I miss watching Conan and reading them
  15. Dunno yet Hello guys I'm new here But I've been a fan of conan since 2012 I really like detective series, Manga Etc...
  16. I was okay with the way the case worked out (not the best case Aoyama-sensei has written, but definitely not the worst either. What disappointed me is the revelation about the mysterious trip.
  17. That news is supposed to be a front page news. But Wakita seems to be reading the 8th-9th page. It can happen that the extension of that story is reported on the 8th-9th page, but generally in my country, 8-9th page is reserved for Editorials/letter's to the editor/ and/or regional news mostly focusing on prefectural/regional news which is mildly intersting(not murders, killings,etc.) But that would be a flawed simile so I'm desperstely looking for a native Japanese guy/girl who can shed some light on it.
  18. I personally think that Kuroda is a infiltrator in BO who made BO believe that they can put him as an infiltrator in the Police. He's surely after Kohji's killer/Rum, that's why he's so fixated on the website which uploads Kohji case mystery. But when we saw how he recalled the website in his memory when he was drawing a parallel between the pose of Kohji's body and the posture of the Golfer when he was knocked by Rumi. Also Rumi's picture made him go after her, so probably (it's my opinion though) that Kuroda saw Rumi near the crime scene of Kohji case, I think Kuroda never saw Kohji's body but had a chance to hang around the Juke hotel(Crime scene). So he may be an ally of Shukichi but he's a rival of the Mori's(Ran and Kogoro). Which prompts me to think that he's an infiltrator in BO with close ties with Shukichi.(Akai Tsutomu).
  19. @Otaku3670 I think you are wise to consider the possibility that Wakita is reading something other than the Rumi article. I think the arc is structured so that Wakita will round off the three suspect formula along with Rumi and Kuroda, therefore, I expect him to be reading the Rumi article. I would be less confident if something else important had happened at the same time as the tennis player's case.
  20. Yeah, that's why I was thinking... that his name might be a hint that he's an ally to the protagonists. In the wiki it says that Shuukichi's name is a reference to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and the parallel has been highlighted in the manga a few times. In Japanese history, Hideyoshi's closest advisors were his half-brother Hidenaga (also known as Kouichirou) and Kuroda Kanbei. If this is a hint that the person paralleled to Hidenaga is Haneda Kouji, then it could be that superintendent Kuroda fills the spot of Kanbei. Maybe his injury was relevant to the Black Org, but he's not an enemy? Gosho has introduced characters with samurai names just for the heck of it a few times, but superintendent Kuroda's introduction is really bugging me because his name is "out of place". And he was immediately introduced as a suspect/candidate for Rum, so it feels like this is something to take note of. And speaking of "out of place", Shuukichi is the only person in the Akai family (so far anyway) whose name isn't related to Gundam.
  21. The solution of the trick wasn't what I expected, haha. I thought it was going to be like previous cases where the vase is put on some unstable surface, then dropped down with some kind of mechanism (string attached to the door, melting ice, etc)
  22. A.) Wouldn't know. B.) "日売新聞" - "Nichiuri Newspaper", a fictional stand-in for a real daily newspaper, in this case most likely Yomiuri Shinbun, similar to how the fictional TV station "Nichiuri TV" is a stand-in for the real TV station Yomiuri TV (which is also the TV station that broadcasts the Conan anime). Both Yomiuri Shinbun and Yomiuri TV are part of the Yomiuri Group conglomerate, so I guess Gosho wanted to keep his real-life reference straight. Rest of the page is the usual unreadable scribble as far as I can tell. Btw, here is a screenshot from the volume version of that panel with the Shonen Sunday textbox, that allow you to see the "新聞" kanji for newspaper previously covered by the textbox:
  23. In this image Wakita is shown to be reading the 8th-9th page of the newspaper. So I've two questions here, a ) In real life Japan what sort of news does come in 8th-9th page of the newspaper? b ) What is written on the front page?
  24. Hello good day, I'm new user. I love detective conan
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  26. Inuyasha (because he has a keen sense of smell) Tea kettle
  27. Banned for being too fun.
  28. Laugh at the bank robber for picking a hostage nobody cares about. What would you do if your worst nightmare came true?
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