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  2. NBA

    The Rockets look really good tbh. That potential matchup with the Warriors looks interesting.
  3. Increasing reputation?-HELP

    Guys how does your reputation increase, I don't get it ?! Thanks
  4. Detective Conan Chatrooms

    I think the chatrooms are a bit weird like nobody talks and it doesn't feel like a chatroom like it looks boring and doesn't have any colour or a smooth text box, it just doesn't feel like a chatroom. I do hope it improves since I am looking forward to communicating with other members. What do you guys think??!! Thank you
  5. Today
  6. First things first, the message which Bourbon received was "I want information on Kudo Shinichi, Time is money(Toki Wa Kanenari), Hurry up Bourbon."................RUMNow this is an odd construction of the sentence as "Hurry up Bourbon ." is a directive assertion, which really negates the meaning of the idiom. It would have been a proper sentence if the idiom was at the end.(As then it would have meant that why Bourbon is being told to speed up.)Now this idiom in Romaji is TOKI WA KANENARI>> rearranged a little and we get Wakita Kanenori.So why is Rum cryptically taking Wakita's name??Now a likely solution is that somehow Rum was hinting to Wakita, but then the question is why?(If he wants Bourbon to defeat Wakita in the race of getting info about Shinichi, then Hurry up Bourbon would have been just enough.)The real solution to me is Rum wants Bourbon to gather info on Kudo Shinichi as well as Wakita Kanenori. Now the latter is named in a cryptic way because of obvious reasons. As Wakita being a BO executive would have some allies in BO, if Bourbon got a direct order about gaining info on Wakita, then the message might just be too easy to interpret and Wakita will get warned. But even if this message is leaked, nobody will think it alludes to Wakita and btw the most insightful mind in BO is expected to decode this rearrangement quite easily.)The sweatdrop on Bourbon after receiving it also shows his dillema, probably he somehow knows Wakita personally and probably thinks that wakita is a possible infiltrator in BO, so when Rum asks him to get dirt on Wakita Bourbon finds himself in the exact same place where Rye found him when he was ordered to kill Scotch.Given my current speculation, that wakita=Tsutomu, this development might just be the bridge needed to be there to further that Suichi vs Amuro plot.
  7. Last Poster Wins

    Santa is here
  8. Yesterday
  9. The official release of the Sunday issue in Japan.
  10. Last Poster Wins

    Infinite Tsukuyom! i
  11. Last Poster Wins

    For the loser now, the one to have last laugh....
  12. It got dire all of the sudden! Truly, get well soon Sensei.
  13. NBA

    the okc-76ers game was fun even tho melo had a good game i blame him for the last play, just got tangled up and left PG to shoot a hail marry the rockets are no joke they will be something good, if harden doesnt looses his mind in pivot games
  14. Describe Yourself in One Word

  15. Describe Yourself in One Word

  16. Last Poster Wins

    Don't worry; it's not you.
  17. MeiTanteixX's Gallery

    Cool art
  18. NBA

    No, I know Gasol was heading to the Rockets, but there was still a possibility of getting someone like Dwight Howard on the team down the line (not like the way we actually got him.) Kobe/Paul/Howard definitely would've been considered a super team. that's cause he doesn't know what he's doing, haha. he basically changed his whole system to adjust to players on OKC. they clearly have offensive sets he can use, yet they keep forcing iso ball + no ball movement. he needs to take more control of the team, and get these guys on the team to become less selfish.
  19. Last week
  20. The Detective Conan EN Discord is doing a hiatus giveaway

    Question, does this mean the date that Shonen Sunday announces that the chapter will be out? The date that the file hits the internet? OR the actual day of the physical release of the issue (meaning a Wednesday in Japan time)
  21. Identity of the Black Organization

    There are a lot of mistakes in some of the older manga translations, especially the ones translated from languages other than Japanese. you can tell because some of them don't even have the names as Kogoro, Ran, ect.....
  22. NBA

    i would like him to the lakers, god knows im desperate for them to be good again you would be right, if gasol was staying but it was like this if it went down CP3 going to the lakers, gasol heading to the rockets. new orleans would have received kevin martin, luis scola, lamar odom, goran dragic and a 2012 first round pick that houston had acquired from the knicks to get rid of gasol and odom ...man i would have wanted that but the celtics changed basically their whole team and got chemistry going lost their best player, changed things again and are great the thing is donovan acts like he has no idea what he is doing he gets a bulk of the blame for me if you want melo on the second unit then just put him there
  23. NBA

    I bring up Dwight in terms of team hopping, not really for his play. Point is, I don't think it'll automatically be better if he goes to the Clippers, Wizards, or any other team he's linked too. By LA, do you mean the Lakers or Clippers? cuz if you mean the latter, then nah, that isn't gonna work. Nope, I gotta disagree with the CP3 trade that got vetoed. You had Kobe, and Paul, who was great at the pick n roll + they had pieces to flip to potentially for a super team in the future. I don't get your adding more point? the pelicans situation isn't really like the ones you mentioned involving the heat, kobe/gasol. main difference? they had big time players joining a team with role players who fit the system. the pelicans on the other hand, don't have a whole lotta talent outside of davis/jrue/cousins/rondo. just noticed I had a typo in my other post. I meant "you can't just make chemistry work how you like in an instant" melo needs to get his shot going. man he's been shooting 30-35% the past few games overall it's not something you want to see. and average 1.5 assists..smh him and george need to work on their defense as well, no excuse for that. if they don't do that, they'll get smoked in the playoffs.
  24. NBA

    well dwight fell because of his mindset boogie has a strong mindset more then dwight ever had however, there is a place in LA with a great PF,SF,PG i would approve of that here is the thing sure, i get what you mean but not always does adding more equal more lebron keeps adding but he still does 80% of the work when lakers added nash and dwight they lost a lot and i kinda like that CP3 never joined kobe that time if you look at it kobe is always having the ball kobe needs a player like fisher not CP3 and bigs cause he sets them up anyway have you seen how melo forces plays and is slow man that is a problem PG wont say anything cause he is not that kind of guy and russ will be russ it would be better for the nba if they clicked more superteams=more fun, more ratings, more competition i thought phil jackson was crazy for saying that stuff about melo i dont anymore
  25. Posting it here for anyone interested in potentially winning some neat merch. You need to be a member of the Discord; you can enter the giveaway here.
  26. NBA

    all depends on how they finish the year, imo. last year didn't matter so much since boogie joined the pelicans after ASG, but it looks like he's developing a rhythm with Davis. Honestly, if they grab top 5 seed let's say, and doing in this West, he shouldn't leave. That just tells you there's growth. Both guys are young too, it's not like boogie is old and should join a contender now. I'd rather him grow and hone his craft in New Orleans instead of being like a Dwight Howard, and going from team to team. kinda different adding a former MVP to a 73 win team that had a 3-1 lead in the finals, no? not to mention all the people you mentioned had better role players than the pelicans have now. c'mon man it's been 2 months that's a little early. the heat were like 9-8 thru 17 games, the thunder are 13-14 thru 27 games. not saying OKC will be like that Heat team, and go to the finals, but there's still time to figure out things. You can just make chemistry work how you like in an instant, it takes time. OKC full of ball dominant guys, at least the Heat had Lebron, and Kobe had Gasol, two guys who were effective and could distribute the ball. I just gotta see what OKC's record is going before February. January is gonna be really interesting for this team. If they are flat out terrible, then yes, a trade needs to happen. The worst thing to happen is for this team to be bad, not make a trade, and miss the playoffs. Then if PG did leave, you'd get nothing in return. We'll have to just let things play out for sure.
  27. NBA

    i will give you that, but will he stay or not is the question i always liked rondo its a shame that he is shoved aside just cause its a smallball shooting driven league now maybe but when KD joined the gsw the only problem was shoving him the ropes which they pretty much did in just the preseason and getting rid of his bad habits he picked up with the okc and then it was instant gold remember when gasol joined kobe instant when kobe developed and got the phill...instant lebron with miami, just a bit late like 15 games later the celtic, instant i think i have given them long enough this wont work they are all over the place they might loose PG and melo is too much money for meh performance
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