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  2. I wanted to let everyone know that I have NOT abandoned my fanfic. The screen on my laptop was smashed and I can't afford to replace it at present, so my writing (fanfiction and original works) is on hold until I have the means to do so. There's no way I could write the whole thing on my phone, so I have no choice but to wait. I apologize to anyone who actually cared about the story for this delay. Although, the response to chapter two has been less than stellar, I do intend to write and post at least one more chapter. If anyone IS enjoying my series, please make sure to comment on it. If I don't think anyone likes it, I won't keep writing it. Just saying.
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  4. I personally believe that forgiveness should be given freely, but trust and respect must be earned. For that reason, I don't have a problem with the thought of Ran immediately forgiving Shinichi for deceiving her. I do, however, think he should have to earn back her trust and respect, which is why there needs to be AT LEAST one full story arc following the revelation, during which he can strive to re-earn her respect and trust. Precisely. Actually, I think it is more that they're afraid the knowledge will put her in danger, not themselves. Actually, Hattori is the most vocal proponent stating that Conan SHOULD tell Ran. He only keeps the secret because Conan insists on it. He's always pushing for Conan to reveal the truth to Ran. That would be funny.
  5. Haru,I Hope you enjoy in "DetectiveConanWorld"...
  6. A very interesting theory, and well thought out. That said, I have to point out one very large flaw in your logic. It would be impossible for Asaka to have switched places with Haneda Kohji. Haneda Kohji was a well known and renowned shogi master in Japan, therefore very recognizable. And even though the murder took place in America, the investigating police would have confirmed the identity of the deceased by every means possible. In order for Asaka to have successfully pulled off such a switch, several factors would have to have aligned perfectly. First, Asaka would have to naturally bear a very strong resemblance to Agenda in order for anyone to have any chance at all of believing the deception; disguising as Haneda might fool Rum, depending on how good of an actor Asaka was, but the police would have easily discovered that the body was disguised and was not truly Haneda. Second, Asaka would have to have known when Rum was coming in order to know when to switch; unless you're proposing that Asaka made the switch and sent Haneda away long before the murders, then he would have to have received information about Rum's movements somehow to give him enough warning to switch with Haneda, though, if Asaka received enough warning to switch with Haneda and send him away, he should just as easily been able to take both Haneda and his client and escape. Third, even if we assume Asaka and Haneda were perfect doppelgangers, and that Asaka was able to get the information to send Haneda away, he and/or Haneda would have to have help within the police department in order to maintain the ruse; as I've pointed out, the police would have confirmed the identity through all available avenues, so even if the body looked like Haneda, the DNA and fingerprints wouldn't match, so Asaka or Haneda (presumably the latter, since at the time the switch would have been made, it wouldn't have been about fooling anyone into thinking Haneda was dead, but rather about fooling Rum into thinking Asaka was Haneda in hopes of taking him/her by surprise) would have had to have someone inside law enforcement giving fake results to those tests for them to reflect it was Haneda. In addition to all the things that would have to be just right for the switch to even be possible, there's one last thing to consider. Asaka was a bodyguard hired to protect the woman that was killed along with Haneda. In other words, Haneda was neither the client nor charge. Why, then, would Asaka send him away safely instead of the woman he was being paid to protect? If I were in that position, I would send the woman away and put on a wig and clothes similar to hers so someone watching from a distance would mistake me for her. This would lure Rum into thinking everything was normal, then when Rum moves on to strike, by the time he/she was close enough to realize the deception I would be able to strike back. In other words, I find it more likely that Asaka, no matter whether a man or woman, would try to switch places with his/her charge to trick Rum as opposed to switching with Haneda. As I said, your theory was well thought out, but I just couldn't get past the very large hole in the middle of it.
  7. hye~i'm a new member here but not a new fan of conan ^^ been watching it since i was small huhu~ but just got the chance to re-watch it from the start....dakara~yoroshiku onegaishimasu~
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  12. I would agree, if only at least sometimes Conan managed to win, which is only possible if he actually PREVENTED Kid from committing the theft by catching him, maybe even turning him to the police (later he can escape). If Kid always manages to commit the theft, check the item and return it, then it means he has won, since he has nothing more to do there and doesn't care anymore whether his disguise will be exposed or not. So, I think the Conan vs Kid cases would be interesting only if at least sometimes (better if half the cases) Conan won over Kid and disrupted his plans. If we always know Kid will win, it seems like Conan is just wasting time there, since nothing is accomplished for him. Not even the solution to the disguise mystery is really an accomplishment because, after stealing and returning the item, Kid doesn't care anymore whether Conan manages to guess who he was disguised as, or whether he doesn't guess.....
  13. The real Rum is prowling around. He/she knows that someone is trying to dig up the Haneda Kohji case, so he/she would be very cautious and any mention about that case would be primarily important for Rum. Now attracting Rum's attention by faking herself as Rum and getting close to Conan is actually very dangerous. It's like "A tiger is on the prowl and and the fox knows where her little rabbit friend is hidden, but she intentionally sniffs around the hole, while the Tiger is prowling around. It does no good to the rabbit." I never claimed that Asaca is Rum, all I said was that Rumi had knew the details of the case. BO is more worried about "ASACA" not about the mention of Rum. There would be tons of Japanese women with this name, yet when they heard about the song, they went straight ahead to investigate. This name is very important, they want more information about Asaca. If Asaca was Rum then this song would have had no meaning to them, cause there are tons of Asacas. Also the fact remains that nobody knew Asaca's gender and the soul detective thought that Asaca was female. Asaca was a bodyguard for the American lady, but nobody saw his/her face and also the relationship between the lady and Haneda Kohji. Even if Haneda was killed by Rum, then why Haneda's name comes after Shinichi's name in the list? It forces me to conclude that Rum despite being the killer had doubts. So she/he covered it up by putting it on APTX's prototype. Infact the American lady was BO's target, and the lady knew hell lot about BO. Rum wanted to silence her, the lady hired Asaca for protection. She probably told Asaca to hide her face and gender cause else BO would find ASaca's family and force her to to co-operate them in the assassination mission.Now Asaca did just like he/she was told. Now here comes the tricky part, in an assassination attempt, why would Rum let go of the bodyguard? I do have a theory for that and also the name Haneda Kohji appearing on the list after Shinichi's name. Because Rum wasn't sure whether he/she killed Haneda Kohji or not? Was it the real Haneda? What if Asaca was a man and changed getup with Haneda maybe due to the latter's advice to trick Rum. Because the American lady had no need to be present in the room of Haneda, if she was threatened and already had a boduguard, why the dody guard was not present in Haneda's room while she visited there?. Because Asaca was absent from the scene and probably some agency(FBI/CIA) was on the lady's tail, Rum faked a dying message, implicated Asaca but forgot that the man he killed was Asaca not Haneda. Now real Haneda discovers the scene, he's already treated as dead. He gets afraid, cause if he surfaces he also will be killed. So he goes underground, does a sexual reassignment surgery, investigates about the BO,probably she met Kuroda by this time and had fallen out with him for some reason, then pops up as Wakasa Rumi, already got some info about Mouri Kogoro's bag of wisdom, goes after Conan.
  14. Didn't say I know the truth, I said that your reasoning about Rumi not being able to hit the robbers if she wore wrong-strength-level-glasses goes against the truth. How does that mean that? You're talking as if she's blind. ...assuming that Asaka is Rum. Because just like how Gin is suspicious of Kogoro's involvement in the Hotta Gaito case, she is suspicious of Conan's(because Conan is the actual brain behind Kogoro, which Gin doesn't know). His involvement in the ASACA song case only made Conan, as well as the unknown detective(Subaru), even more suspicious. Because she asked him if something was up with suspicious Subaru(which there clearly was, because Bourbon was staring daggers at him, and Vermouth noticed), but he kept denying it. She isn't stupid. With her acting experience, she definitely knows that he's lying, so she can't really rely on Bourbon if he isn't honest with her. Again, you are assuming that Asaka is Rum. Vermouth knows if Asaka is Rum or not, and the only reason she would suspect Conan to know that is if she herself thinks that the dying message says "ASACA=RUM", which still isn't confirmed yet. In any case, going by your logic, how is she exposing him to danger if she's acting like she's Rum? She isn't an actual threat, so she isn't really endangering him, she is just making him think that Rumi is dangerous. As far as I'm concerned, Asaka isn't Rum. When Rumi is portraying herself as Asaka, she's assuming that Conan will treat her as a criminal(which will confirm that he read the website, because Asaka is the prime suspect, regardless if Asaka is Rum or not). it took Conan a receipt to notice all the fake coincidences surrounding her.
  15. thanks for these spoilers, I like to know what to wait for! this black death essay the ruthless murderer will answer all your questions about black death!
  16. My problem is a logical one and as far I'm concerned that you can't possibly know the truth if you're not Gosho. Now a person with such a poor depth perception can't be this fierce in a fight. So there are two options in front of me, Rumi doesn't rely on depth perception in a fight, that means she fights without using her eyes, which isn't the case as we have seen her fighting with people with an open eye. Rumi has a prosthetic eye lense, which she's using to keep up the Rum appearance so that Conan is forced to make a move. Her both eyes are working enough but she's using a prosthetic lense to notch up her Rum impersonation. Clearly the impossible one is the first one so I accept the second Hypothesis. Now the next question is her motive and identity. Her name is very similar to the dying message in Haneda kohji's case. She's impersonating a certain one eyed persona. From these two lines we can interpret that she's trying to get someone to notice her and that someone should be aware of the dying message. If she had another motive other than this she wouldn't posing as a Rum candidate because it'll attract attention. So let's evaluate the claim that she's Vermouth. Her motive could be a certain investigation about someone. If that someone is Okiya Subaru then she's using the DB as a tool get closer to him, but then why she's attracting Conan's attention? Cause Conan is an ally of Subaru and Vermouth noticed that little conversation between them during the "ASACA-song" case. So Vermouth should be avoiding Conan at any cost if she's going to investigate Subaru. But the contrary is happening. Why did she started to pick a verbal spat with Kuroda? She can't let the police chief to get wary of her. Burboun and Subaru have already shown that there's bad blood between them, so why she can't let the "Best insightful mind in the whole B.O." to tackle Subaru? Another claim can be that she's assessing whether Conan is interested in Kohji case or not? BO is shown to be very touchy-feely about the name "ASACA" that's why they (Burboun and Vermouth) rushed to investigate the singer, everyone in BO is keeping a tab on this thing and Gin even stated that Rum screwed up this double murder.Now if she's provoking Conan to think that Rumi is the real Rum, then she's just exposing Conan to more danger. Suppose the real Rum is lurking behind the shadows and gets a hold on Conan's uncanny resemblance with Shinichi then Conan's life would be at risk. Gin hates Vermouth, if Gin gets a tab on this situation then Conan is a dead meat. So why, Conan's protector would do something to jeopardize her silver bullet? The real Rum is not very far from this situation as the Kohji case files gets repeatedly uploaded despite being taken down several times. So Rum is already in the picture and now getting a reaction from Conan while Rum is in the background won't do any good. My conclusion, Rumi is not Vermouth. Rumi is someone who knows about the dying message, sending signals to Conan to approach her and she's hates Kuroda's guts and is not really a good actress.
  17. Looks like My theory has triumphed and there's a chance of a vision blocking contact lens in Rumi's pocket. (
  18. Unless she's taking extra precautions to not risk someone finding out that the glasses are fake. That's your problems, not the truth. Her having different strength-level doesn't make her see double, to the point that she can't aim at the right place, it just messes with the perception of distance. The reason she hit the desk was because she perceived it as being further away. Going by that logic, when she elbowed him, she perceived him as being further away, meaning that she hit him harder than what she needed to. Like I said, she doesn't need to take them off, since it doesn't really hinder her to take action, and she is clearly skilled enough(whether the handicap is "incompatible glasses" or "one-eye"). Conan's ambiguous suspicions are always right. Her bumping her head is not an act, and bumping your head doesn't equate to "one-eye". She's not behind the case. My theory is that she's trying to confirm that Conan is investigating Kohji's case, while she herself is investigating Subaru(and is using the kids to naturally get close to him, as they visit Agasa).
  19. Plus it would in my opinion be hard to view the relationship in a healthy light if he waited until the end. I mean it's Ran's right to forgive him and forgiveness is a good thing, but it shouldn't be given out like pennies or candy Even good people need to face the consequences of their actions in order to be motivated to improve. Additionally? Well the whole problem with the status quo isn't that Conan and company fear the possible outcomes of telling Ran but rather they flat out believe that telling her is a definite suicide. That said one moment that would be a must is Conan, Agasa, Ai and possibly Heiji reflecting on recent developments, including how Ran's been a big help in the long run. Said moment would include Heiji stating something along the lines of "So why were we afraid to let her in on the secret again? I mean you'd think we were part of a 20 year old comic that dreads the concept of change.".
  20. You're missing my point. I'm asserting the fact that why a person like Vermouth would wear powered glasses in the first place,she can easily wear fake powerless ones like Conan. Now let's remember the fight with the goons. If a person can't judge how much lower to stoop for a formal Japanese greeting and ends up headbutting the desk, then I've serious problems with the same person accurately elbowing the Golfer or the first goon. Even if your theory is to be believed, she could have just thrown away her spectacles before starting the fight. But she didn't, in fact I guess she's also playing the role of an one eyed person, cause one eyed people lack depth perception. Her headbutting the table proves lack of depth perception in the first place, not problem occurring from wearing glasses. You're right that Rumi is provoking Conan to notice her, but not because of her being Vermouth but because she needs Conan to gun down the Rum. If Vermouth was behind the case she would be searching for the user uploading Haneda Case files, she won't be roaming around with "Notice me, Conan" signboard.
  21. That's not an accurate statement. Having incompatible glasses doesn't necessarily hinder you from doing things. Depending on the strength level(relative to yours), It only increases the chance that you misjudge certain distances and accidentally hit yourselves. You are assuming the worst gap of strength-level when u say that she can't literally hit things with a stick(if that were the case, she wouldn't be able to walk properly either). Which is why she is more obvious(to some degree) to us readers and Conan about her suspicious acting... because she isn't following a "script"(existing identity), meaning that more of your true self is more likely to easily slip out. If her side-goal is to provoke Conan with her fake name(to confirm that he really is investigating the Kohji case, similarly to how she's now aware of Kuroda investigating that case), then she would be forced to create a new identity.
  22. But then, Rumi's idea of getting plates and food for the DB even before the the fiasco in the school happened makes a potent contradiction. IF Rumi wasn't used to wearing glasses her beast mode fight wouldn't have been possible. She fought the goons with the glasses on, elbowed the golfer with still glasses on. So it shows she is used of wearing glasses. If it was Vermouth, then she would have worn powerless spectacles. So Rumi is a genuine person. And also creating a persona which never existed is neither easy nor smart. If you invent a persona out of thin air you need to have a fake birth certificate, fake school leaving certificate, fake address proof, fake driving license etc.Vermouth generally disguises herself as a genuine person, not as invented personas. So probably Vermouth isn't Wakasa Rumi, but now if Rumi was Rum, she would have had experienced the troubles of having a single working eye. Thus her other senses like hearing would have peaked up to compensate the loss of her eye. Here Ayumi was calling her, from her right side but she was deep in thought so she didn't hear her and then when she heard her she acted as if she's blind in one eye, only to draw more suspicion as Rum. She's like that girl in class, who is eager for "Senpai" to notice her, but senpai is just too engrossed with a lot of other stuff so she's getting mad and dejected. Her plan was like provoke Conan to encounter her and then she'll spill everything about the Khoji case. We know that Haneda Kohji and Kudo Shinichi, both the names tend to appear on the APTX kill list, probably Rumi hacked the list, she got suspicious when the body of Shinichi was never found, read about the sleeping Kogoro, watched Conan from a distance and now approaching him for help but disguising her as Rum, so that Conan can be provoked and she can convince Conan to help her take down Rum/BO.
  23. Detective Conan FILE 987-988 Review/Discussion
  24. Dudes I've gotten an idea, I think the arson case might have been set up like this. The trick was this candle swing experiment. The skewer was used as the axis fulcrum and two other candles were used as the stand for the mechanism. The V-shaped main burn mark indicates that after this mechanism was dislodged the candle with both ends burning started the main fire and the presence of beer just aggravated it. The up and downward motion of this mechanism created the illusion of him doing the squats, while he was reading manga after getting some beer and then probably he was drugged and his hands were taped with his hair. Also the intensity of his squats did increase just before the fire started which also affirms this experiment, as it comes to an end the candle starts swinging more and more. Now the only culprit is that guy after whose visit the victim apparently started squatting. The culprit is the Sumito-guy.
  25. I have heard that heat can make a dead body sit up. Maybe the victim was already dead, and his push-ups was a trick that was accomplished by heat. Don't you find it strange that the victim didn't scream when the fire started to burn the tent?
  26. I think it was this case: Manga (File 635–File 637) Anime (Episode 524–Episode 525)
  27. Karuta cards?
  28. 988 is out. Gosho is currently gathering one eyed people and or people with trauma about their eyes? (for RUM and the herrings) When is the last arson case?
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