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  2. Kamisama Hajimemashita (both seasons): lol Akagami no Shirayukihime (both seasons): I can't believe I actually liked it. I don't usually watch shows like that. Bananya: LOL
  3. OMM: Today this girl in my class said "I only consider being real friends with people when I'm comfortable looking them in the eye."
  4. Was specifically leaning towards the last two arcs, but even with Vermouth, compared to Rum, she had more freedom and time to roam around,...assuming that Rum, as old as he should be, has less time and more business to tend to in his position,.... unless we find out that he's in the same aging situation as Vermouth(which in that case makes it a discussion for another day). Point is, we are dealing with someone who shares similar behavior to the boss(keeping himself hidden and only a few got a glimpse of him), so for someone like that, I would expect for their introduction and development to be handled way differently than the other "free-roaming" BO members(again, I'm assuming that Rum is not another "Vermouth"). It's not a drawback that makes it inferior to anything. At least for now, with the amount of chapters we are into the arc, and with the subplots that have gotten well developed, as well as the subplots we have in front of us to make us invested into Rum's haunting past(including the so-called "threat establishment" with Gin), we have the required plot-setup before we enter the next Rum case, around file 1000(which I hope will be comparable to file 500). If we don't get anything substantial about Rum or the plot after that, only then do I think we could start complaining about the arc's plot-structure(if we were to compare it with Vermouth/Kir arc). I'm honestly surprised that they would be this demanding, if they have gotten this far into the story(unless they recently caught up and are new to Gosho's old pacing-patterns). When I see clear improvements(not just compared to Bourbon arc), I can only appreciate it. Yes, it all depends on how the next "around-1000" case is handled. Only then do we, in my opinion have enough material to judge the first "act" as you put it.
  5. I ate four mandarines and now my stomach is hurting.
  6. Hello again. It's been a while since this topic has been used but when I was reading wiki, I noticed this one thing and thought, why not to put it out here. So, I was reading the summaries of the movies and noticed that with the older ones the plot part and the final explanation are really difficult to read. Simply because it's all in one piece and just a wall of text. If I were to compare movie 7 to movie 17, it's easy to say which one is clearer and easier to read in general.
  7. Sure, he'll be a "main role" in the "threat," but I think some will still be looking for Rum to be the central threat, not just "a main role" in the "threat." One which took around 50 Files for us to get to. Comparatively, it took over 100 Files to get from the start of the Vermouth arc (238–242) to Golden Apple (350–354); it also took around 50 Files to get from the start of the Kir arc (499–504) to revealing how Kir got her codename (553–555); as for the Bourbon arc, it took its entirety (starting at 622–624) for Bourbon's motivation for his grudge against Shuichi to be hinted at (894–898), and until the Rum arc for it to be revealed (954–957). So you think Vermouth wasn't "a high-positioned (authoritative) figure?" Or that the difference between her and Rum, as high-ranking BO members, is enough to warrant throwing out the application of the formula of previous arcs into the current one, because it may not work as well? So it doesn't matter that we don't know (know, not guess, like guessing Rum's after Mary, or something like that) Rum's specific intention(s), like we knew, for instance, that Vermouth was after Shiho/Sherry? So it's not a drawback that makes it of inferior quality to, say, the Vermouth arc? So originality doesn't matter if the execution meets a certain level/threshold? For you and me, perhaps. But as for others? It's just a step up from the Bourbon arc—and I don't think that's very much of a step up, for them. Dragging like the Bourbon arc? It certainly isn't, right now, but Gosho's still the master of dangling plot threads—depending on how the case that features File 1000 goes down, it may very well drag, after that case—we had to wait nearly 50 Files after the multiple descriptions of Rum and the artificial eye info to get to Koji Haneda.
  8. Not saying that Rum won't have a main role in this new threat. After all, it's because of his old case that this mess has started. But my view on this is that, being the "big dog" that he is, he already creates this sense of threat in whatever new case that he has/had a part in(since it would imply that they take the problem at hand very seriously), and since it's supposed to be the arc of a high-positioned(authoritative) figure, we can't apply the same formula of the previous BO member arcs into the current one. Kir arc didn't exactly portray Kir as the threat either(because of it's unique premise), so we should wait until we know how this unique "Gin threat" premise develops and how Rum comes into the picture. As an arc, close to what could be the final, and that is re-awakening old plot points(Elena, research/drug, Ran/Vermouth, CIA(probably)), there's no damage or lack of quality if we revive Gin's old, but well-foreshadowed, suspicion and make it the plot that leads to Rum. It's definitely enough, and it's showing that Gosho isn't planning on dragging this like the Bourbon arc(probably because he knows that he has enough of important subplots to drag it with) and is trying to revive the plot that has been sleeping for so long, while creating/developing subplots for the current arc this early on(we already have 5 in total(3 new) in just 85 files).
  9. Last week
  10. If the Black Org were to test any detective's skills, they would test how well the detective can dodge bullets. Yeah, why beat around the bush, if they think he's an actual threat? It'd be like a loyal BO member (who isn't Vermouth) knowing who Shinichi/Conan is (or, even more so, knowing who Shiho/Ai is) and not taking immediate action.
  11. If the Black Org were to test any detective's skills, they would test how well the detective can dodge bullets.
  12. Good on you for that. Sure, no question. At this point, Shinichi's already a pretty memorable person—he's only appeared in 13 (manga) cases (and plenty of those were flashbacks, and a majority of those flashbacks were to when he actually was 7), compared to Shinichi/Conan appearing in every (manga) case (all 285 of them). At this point, he's pretty much (bar the 6 cases he appeared thanks to the temporary antidote) become a memory—a loose presence. The question is, will he stay like that by DC's end? It's not a matter of, "he's become a memory," it's a matter of, "will he remain a memory?" Yep. They'd have to know—to be told by Gosho—the end of DC being Shinichi/Conan staying Shinichi/Conan and not returning to being Shinichi for this to be a hint.
  13. Yeah, that's the thing—it's vague (just "rats," not a specific BO member or a specific set of BO members), and may just be a hint for the events of a non-canon movie (though Scarlet Showdown came out during and immediately after Movie 18's release, which means Gosho and the movie staff must've been working on Movie 19 at the time, so it may have started as a manga thing, but then, a year later, they decided to make it a movie thing, too). Sure, we can guess that Hidemi/Rena/Kir and Rei/Toru/Bourbon may come under scrutiny, and we may very well turn out to be correct with that guess, but it's just that—a guess. True, but it's the Rum arc—it's expected and desired, I think, for the arc's titular character to be the central threat. Gin has always been a clear threat, and, in this specific instance, it's merely the return, a re-establishment, of a 500+ File old intention of his (just like how Ran's involvement in the Vermouth arc climax returned after 500+ Files). Gosho may be able to take these old things and take them in new directions, but it's a familiar and expected place to start from, this threat, though it is a welcome stirring of the status quo—and that probably doesn't do it for Chek. No one's gonna dispute that—the question is, is this "huge" step enough, right now, and, if not, when is it going to be enough?
  14. Seems like an overused plot device
  15. What an interesting conversation to read through. took quite some time. Although it's vague, I would account the "the rat extermination plans" that Gin mentioned as something connected to Rum(since they were both addressed in the same chapter). Ofc, there's also the slight(horrible) off-chance that it was only supposed to serve as a teaser for movie 20. Either way, although it's true that Rum's activities/plans hasn't been addressed and developed, there's nothing that forces Gosho to make Rum the center-role in the potential-threat establishment. My point is that 55 files into the Rum arc, we already established a threat that most likely will develop on behind the scenes...File 953, Gin's clear intentions of wanting to find out if Kogoro is a "sleeping demon". I think that this is as straightforward as Gosho could get with threat establishment, and since Gosho is likely gonna make the Rum arc a bit more grandiose(compared to previous arcs), info-dumping and early setups/introductions is all welcomed by me. It's a huge step up from how he introduced the Bourbon arc characters and plot.
  16. If it does have something with RUM to do, I can only think of that RUM had it set up to test Kogoro's detective skills.
  17. Pozdrav druze, srecna nova godina! Jos jedno lice koje primetih da je jos uvek zivo ovde hhh.

    1. Neo Balthazar

      Neo Balthazar

      Hvala drug.

      Ponekad navratim da vidim sta se desava ovdje.

      Mislio sam da cu nekad u ovo vrijeme zavrsiti sa njom.

    2. PhiBrainChild


      Ja sam se jos odavno pomirio sa tim da cu pre ili kasnije opet da posetim ovo mesto :D

      Steta samo sto je u sve gorem i gorem stanju.

    3. Neo Balthazar

      Neo Balthazar

      To jest

      Kada sam prvi put ovdje dosao, bilo je masa raje.

      Sada izgleda da je popularan trend napravi profil i budi dan pa idi.

      Malo nas je ali valjda dovoljno.

  18. Aye. I kept the scenes in gifs on purpose, so I don't mislead anyone who sees this to thinking that my loose theory has that much of a backup. Still, what kept me on the same string of thoughts is that Shinichi's faceless screen time definitely beats Ran's, and that him being shown at the end might be interpreted as someone to be remembered as a memorable person. Now this is what I was waiting for, some new info. I'm both glad and sad to hear this, though. I suppose that TV Originals could've been better if Gosho was at least partially involved in them, but at least we get to enjoy some decent movies. And it goes by default that, even if it may be a hint, it'll be from the staff. That's why I used the term "they". Anyway, glad to see a reply! Also, thanks for moving my thread to the appropriate section @Chekhov MacGuffin (the clues are hinting that it was your work hhh). It's nice to see a familiar name that's still active.
  19. Hellsing Ultimate It was so awesome
  20. Here's the thing about the opening: Shinichi's face is shown at the end... and here's the thing about the ending: Ran is also portrayed as "faceless." And this is anime content, not manga. Gosho only really gets involved with the movies—I'm not sure he's involved in the anime at all. So it'd just be the staff hinting—assuming you're correct—not Gosho hinting... and this is assuming that the anime staff have been told by Gosho that Shinichi/Conan will not get a permanent antidote and will not immediately return to his real age, again, when the series ends.
  21. Whenever I re-visit the forums, it feels like going through an old dusty room dedicated to this place in my mind palace. Though this time, I wasn't able to resist the urge to post something. Probably because there's actually something that piqued my interest, and is enough of an excuse for a, hopefully, valid topic. But first off, I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year, and hope that you're enjoying the winter holidays. Now, I haven't been following the anime, or anything DC-related, for quite some time now. I do, however, check for new plot-related episodes, and of course openings and endings because it's always cool to see some nice editing and hear good music. And, as the title suggests, there's something I'd like to discuss about regarding the newest opening and ending. Here are the relevant parts: Opening Ending What I found odd is the number of times Shinichi is shown faceless, while in his former body. What makes it even more odd is that we're talking about one opening and one ending, both ran parallel with each other. It gave me a feeling as if they're hinting us that Shinichi's identity will slowly but surely fade away, and only Conan will remain at the end. And I'm not talking about others finding out that Conan is actually Shinichi, just about him not getting his former body back. The question is, is it just me? There are three possibilities: 1) I'm over-analyzing this 2) It is actually a hint 3) Whichever the case, it has already been answered elsewhere but I'm not aware of it It's just that, in all of the openings and endings so far, I've never seen them putting that much accent on a single detail. But then again, it may have simply been me not paying enough attention. So, what are your thoughts on this? PS: A bit of a time has passed before I tried submitting this post for the first time, and I almost lost the motivation of making one after seeing that my session has expired without any kind of a draft being saved, leaving me to write everything down again. Maybe it will spark some new ideas for future updates, hence why I'm mentioning it.
  22. not exactly, bit I'd say there is some resemblance my parents ended up sending him back because taking care of him was too much work it might've been for the better since he never got the attention he deserved during the daytime since no one was home the poor guy just kept meowing and pawing at the door until someone opened it for him :c I agree! the extra touch of realism can really help, haha
  23. A consequential appearance (not a flashback, not a reference) in the next fifteen files would be significant enough to put him on the list, but only if it doesn't solely revolve around Hattori's romance with Kazuha (i.e. fatherly gossip).
  24. I'm surprised you found it so easy, especially considering you seemed to have just finished 6th gen. Most people considered XY and ORAS to be the easiest game in the series, and that SM did a lot to ramp up the difficulty. No one thought it was Dark Souls level of hard, naturally, but a lot was done to make it significantly more difficult to find yourself sweeping through the whole thing. I'm assuming you kept Exp. Share on and used Pokemon Refresh, but I'm curious what your team was, and what level they were by the time you versed the Elite Four. Also, that's a weird way of spelling "Lana" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And yes, you fill out the rest of the pages by completing the Pokedex, reaching certain milestones in the Battle Tree, and upgrading your Pokefinder. You can find the details here. Aside from that, there's the Ultra Beast sidequest, the Eevee sidequest, collecting all 100 Zygarde pieces, obtaining all 100 TMs, locating the rest of the Z-Crystals, catching the Tapus, and backtracking to previously inaccessible places using some of the later-game Poke Rides like Machamp and Sharpedo. Oh, and sometimes going back to places you've already been to results in special NPCs, dialogue, and cutscenes, some of which you may have accidentally discovered during the main story (the restaurant "dates", the Hau'oli City NPC, the trail captain battles, etc). Ohh, interesting, Aggron is actually one of my favorite Pokemon (his regular form specifically, not his Mega). I'm assuming you just prefer Aron to its evolutions because it's smol? -- OMM: MERRY SWITCHMAS!! The Switch event was really hype, and for the most part I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. The only thing that really worries me is the paid online subscription, which may get in the way of me really being able to enjoy Splatoon 2. ARMS looks surprisingly good, Super Mario Odyssey looks decent as well, as does Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I wish Fire Emblem Warriors was an actual main series FE game, but perhaps there will be more news during that Fire Emblem Direct on Wednesday, especially about the mobile game. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks alright, but I've already invested so much money in the Wii U version and its DLC that I won't be double dipping. And as for indie games, Snipperclips is where it's at. I somehow managed to get the Special Edition of Breath of the Wild pre-ordered (don't fail me now Best Buy), but by the time I was able to convince my parents to get me the Switch on release date, they've already completely sold out online, and my winter break isn't over yet so I can't pre-order in store . . . Nintendo, please don't mess with me like this; I'm getting PTSD from amiibo hunting.
  25. Very much so. Watches TV a lot?
  26. PILLOW FIGHT!!! *throws a pillow*
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