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  2. But then being suspicious of Waksa Rumi, won't make any sense. There can be a plethora of Wakasa Rumis or people who had all the characters of the dying message in their name, but when the person Wakasa Rumi appears, Kuroda was quick to take notice of her name. So just because her name involves the characters Kuroda won't suspect her unless she was also present around the crime scene 17 years ago. Now it can be argued that whether the Wakasa Rumi, whom Kuroda had met was the real deal or not? Kuroda being unsure of Wakasa Rumi's true identity used the gender neutral term.
  3. "That person" was most likely referring to Rum. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been gender neutral.
  4. First let's glance over the facts/data of their conversation in the Burning tent case. No sooner Kuroda had appeared than Rumi shot a death-glare at him. Rumi was desperately suggesting that Kuroda was there to keep a tab on someone. Kuroda deflected her charges and said that he didn't have the habit to associate bad things with an elementary school teacher. Let's also use the information that was presented in the first chapter of the said case. Kuroda was surfing through websites which showed Rumi's heroics and He was pondering on her name "Wakasa Rumi, huh." He also pondered about the Kohji case and the dying message.(The background) He also mentioned that the said person hadn't been like this.(Said person was referred to Rumi) Conclusions Kuroda interpreted the dying message as a fraction of "Wakasa Rumi." Even if the name appeared in the dying message, how Kuroda can be so sure that this Wakasa Rumi was mentioned, it can only be possible that Kuroda saw Rumi during the Kohji case but hadn't known her name back then. So he was missing a piece in the puzzle, which he got after the newspaper article. The second conclusion also supports the fact that Kuroda knew Rumi enough to make a comment about her preferences, but didn't know her name. Which implies that despite their meeting they didn't exchange their names. Even if Rumi thought that Kuroda was suspicious and spying on her, there was no reason for her to glare at him. If he really was spying then this act would only strengthen his doubt. So this means Kuroda's appearance was met with disdain by Rumi and she didn't hide the fact.
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  6. Highly unlikely. Prototype of SB is a sure-shot killer, else Rum wouldn't have used it. BTW even if that suggestion is true it isn't emotional enough to make her wear her heart on her sleeves in-front of random people, because the enmity is professional not personal. It killed Haneda and it wasn't APTX. Also it's highly likely that ASACA's disappearance wasn't the cause of Silver-bullet. There's no evidence that a fight broke into Amanda's room, the most likely place of the clash between Asaca and Rum. Two cases concerning Asaca popped up in the recent past. In none we see Rumi. We saw Vermouth and Bourbon in one, but Bourbon was following orders and Vermouth was keeping a tab on Bourbon so that he won't be breaking the promise. Now in the second case there's no mention of anyone from BO around the scene. Now we see Gin thinking of investigating Kogoro for his supposed involvement in the case and says the Koji case is Rum's headache. Now Gin's statement makes way for Rum to enter the playing field, Rum is jittered by the mention of the "ASACA stuffs and online uploads." It's highly likely that Rum is already prowling around Beika, investigating possible links and Rumi wants to settle the score with him for once and for all. [A little reconstruction]On the contrary a fight broke out in Haneda's room. It might be the result of the fight between Rum and Haneda in which Rum prevailed and made him take the poison. Somehow Haneda left a dying message. Haneda knew the name of the person being impersonated by Rum. Now someone else comes into the room and starts clashing with Rum, Rum gets the better of that person, but the person somehow lands some blows on Rum. Another one probably comes in Rum withdraws. So Rum wasn't able to clean up the mess. Real Asaca finds Amanda lying dead, gets paranoid as Asaca is the prime suspect of the Amanda murder case because it's been done under her/his watch, goes under ground for self preservation and probably still investigating the murder. Rumi= The person clashed directly with Rum and forced him to withdraw. Akai senior= The firstone to take on Rum. Asaca= Bishonen Iori. Rum= Wakita( currently sets his one eye on Kogoro.)
  7. Or, She hates Rum because he used the SB prototype on people, which ultimately resulted Asaka's disappearance.
  8. During the burning tent case Rumi got really triggered after a guy mentioned about prosthetic but there are some inconsistencies which I've noticed. The popular theory is that Rumi hates the guts of someone with a prosthetic eye,(Rum). So this means Rumi must know that Rum has a Prosthetic eye. But Rumi isn't from BO, else she would have wrecked Rum from within. She wouldn't slugging it out in the public realm but the conversation wasn't entirely about the Prosthetic eye. The man said that he was injured to such an extent that he almost had to opt for a Prosthetic eye. And Rumi got triggered after hearing that statement. So it can be interpreted as that statement triggered a very hated memory of her's and it involves a fierce fight with someone , where either her adversary hurt her enough that she needs to wear a Prosthetic eye or She hurt her adversary enough that the adversary needs a Prosthetic eye. So it's very much probable that Rumi fought with Rum in Haneda's room, while Haneda was already dead.
  9. the forth one was so wired it made no sense
  10. How about this little game? Gin and Vodka are lying dead, there's water everywhere along with glass shards. There's also a soccerball lying around. What had happened?
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  12. I never ended up watching it haha. Maybe I'll try when school is over. I hope the films got better.
  13. smh --- OMM I'm glad there's a few folks on YouTube who review DC now.
  14. I like to think so. Not into sports?
  15. *Catches it and chows down!* Lasagna is my favorite dish! *throws back empty bowl* Seconds please?
  16. But then the Police would have known that there were two people living in that room. Amanda can't just flout the Hotel's norms. Also there's the possibility of a fourth party, other than Rum, Akai senior and Asaca. Btw liked my puzzle?
  17. My point was that just because certain things weren't mentioned in the website(like Asaka being the same room as Amanda), doesn't mean that it didn't happen. As for Asaka being the uploader, since she and Tsutomu are the only candidates that we know were directly involved in the case, they are the only options that would possess those "minute-details"(As Agasa put it).
  18. Then why she/he did even mention that there's a lack of pictures regarding Asaca? Why the only possible picture shows a person obstructing the camera, if Asaca wasn't Photophobic why did Asaca obstructed the camera?Why Asaca would even mention that the hiring was murkier if it makes Asaca more suspicious? She/he could have just ignored it. Use Bayesian reasoning here, given the fact that up-loader has described Asaca as someone absconding, photophobic and mysteriously hired, what is the probability of the Up-loader being Asaca? I can give you the example of Monty-Hall problem with a little tweak. Here you have three doors and behind one of the door Vermouth is waiting to give you a bottle of wine. Behind the other two doors there's Rum and Gin respectively, with their guns. Your objective is to choose the door behind which there's Vermouth. If You choose one of the doors behind which Gin or Rum is standing, they will shoot you. Now the game show host Mouri Kogoro suggests you a door. You can choose it or you can choose any other door. One of the two doors which you haven't chosen would be opened. Now if the opened door displays Vermouth with the wine bottle you're dead. Kogoro will kill you. If the opened door displays either Gin or Rum you get to live and you can even change your choice? What would you do? What would be your strategy? Employ the same reasoning here, btw Kogoro is drunk so his suggestions are purely random.
  19. Not if she's intelligent enough to write it from a neutral standpoint, in order to avoid suspicions from whoever is removing it(BO). "Photophobic" is just your assumption from one photo, which is not a fact. She released an ambiguous photo and mentioned the hiring as a mystery. What does that reveal? Nothing.
  20. I doubt I can even see the money after I receive it, my parents are obviously gonna take full charge of it, I'll probably ask/demand them to put it in my account and buy me some awesome new gadgets with a little portion of the money, and probably donate another little portion of it... What would you do if you had one wish and can't ask for more wishes?
  21. Depends on 3 things 1) circumstance 2) the manga's level of excitement; 3) your eyes' and brain's stamina XD Is it possible for me to stop messing around on my exam weeks?
  22. Never tried it, but I love singing in general, though my voice is not so good haha Is a highly intelligent guy?
  23. *throws a bowl of lasagna, yum!*
  24. Kick on his legs because he's too sweet XD
  25. Dodges and run for my life If I escaped from the monster, Throws Doraemon
  26. I see a typo in your sentence, sir. Since it should be the place where I'm winning
  27. LIFT
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