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  2. Apologies for the double post. File 1,001 has unexpectedly released—all 16 pages of it. PM me for a link if you don't already know where to go. Wonder if this'll be happening as long as this case lasts—nearly a year ago, the Akai family flashback case bucked the trends of how spoilers usually came out, too. Here are the summaries: No break next week! As for my thoughts on the development of the case...
  3. I think we'll get File 1,110 in 2020—it typically takes 3 years for Gosho to make 100 Files (that's how long it took for him to get from File 900 to File 1,000—when DC started, it took him only 2 years to make the first 100 Files... it's steadily gotten longer since the Kir arc).
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  5. Monday hype! and Kenzi is back
  6. cool my hero academia pic

    but lelouch is the best

  7. DC movies have all been downhill for me, but hey, different strokes for different folks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. i wonder if i were to die in 5 years would something like DC, that i invested so much time in, care for to find out the truth
  9. its what i was told by someone who watched it but hey if they got theirs moneys worth who am i to say otherwise
  10. lol where did the time go OMM: solar eclipse hype I'm actually really excited.
  11. I watched these movies a while ago but…………. Spider-Man Homecoming was gr8/8 it had so many overused tropes and dank memes but it was just executed so well end credits scene killed me tho Wonder Woman was ok premise was kinda cliche
  12. thread is dead but I figured I’d update my thoughts on here anyway so I finally got around to watching this movie and I’ve never seen Ran in a more vestigial role. ever. nothing about the movie would’ve changed if the producers took her out entirely ferris wheel design may also be one of the worst feats of “engineering” I’ve ever seen it took every ounce of effort to not burst out laughing in the middle of the night when the announcer lauded that it was the aquarium’s most important renovation everything else worth complaining about more or less stays the same between most DC movies but I appreciate the flashback they snuck in there oh no wonder it’s the highest-grossing DC movie to date lol
  13. how many years has it been :)


  14. It has been 2 years, since i last logged on.

    Been 6 years since I joined.

    i love all of you people.

    May God bless your souls and I hope everyone is somewhat okay.

  15. Hi Balthazar!!!

    I just logged in for the first time in 2 years. A lot of time passed since i met you hahaah. Im glad to see you are still active. Lots of love -me

    1. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      my ol buddy ol friend ol pal of mine

      its been ages

      miss you bro 

      come online more often 

    2. OldJustal


      It has literally been ages. I will be more online! Its sad to see that the forum has died down this much. It used to be so active

    3. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      its getting worse is worse buddy

      it was a desert a while back

  16. And that's not getting into what new things Gosho may introduce—be they entirely new threads, or new elements to already existing threads—over the course of the next 100 files.
  17. it may and 100 chapters later to a resolution to what happens here
  18. --Yikes, somehow that posted twice, not sure how to delete--
  19. Dear Anonymous, I should know better than to type anything here under this name due to being found out recently... however I'm banking on the fact that this just isn't that interesting after awhile and you probably figure I won't ever be back here again so it would be pointless and stupid and boring to check back... I mean, I thought the same. So, I should also be safer and more vague with my words. But to be fair, I think I've done quite a good job at being vague. I may have made mistakes in the past (which you'll probably never even notice or see) but I am a master at saying things without... saying them. So, now, my life as a creep will continue. You find me creepy. And at some points stupid. You say to me sometimes that you don't think that but, as previously discussed, there was a time you called me obtuse, was confronted with the possibility of that meaning I was stupid, and you wouldn't retract your statement. You think I'm stubborn. That's all good and true. Sometimes you're like that. Okay, it seems I am a little scared you'll read this. I mean, it doesn't take a detective to know that I'm talking to you. But again - I hope you don't read this. Plus, you don't have that kind of time. You'd rather be making it through that watch later list or filling your brain with more mbti info. I start to find myself more and more depressed the more I learn about infjs. Don't know why. I tend to write my stupid thoughts directed at people. People who are important to me and whose opinions matter. I've tried writing to the imaginary audience of a private blog once in my life, but there's something about writing it here, where there's the slimmest chance that some very, very bored person will read it, and somehow, it's like my voice has been heard. And somehow, that effect is more powerful when I can pretend I'm directing it at someone. So, congratulations, you get to be that someone. You probably don't like it, but I look up to you. I've always looked up to you. Sometimes, you've scared me. I guess... been intimidating. I remember watching you from a distance - always. (What was that about being a creep?) I think it's just that I had a quiet hope that I'd seriously found someone who might just ... understand me. And that never ... ever ... ever has happened in my life. I have had the privilege of random people online becoming my friends and trying to understand me. To this day, I can still talk to them like they are the closest people in the world because they saw me at my ugliest and still spoke to me. And I did the same for them. They are not actually close to me anymore, but I feel a comfort when we speak. I wish they spoke to me more often, but because of my beliefs, they leave. Or perhaps I'm being foolish and they really just left because I'm an awful person. Who knows. And see, I think this is where people misunderstand. I don't and never ever have seen you in a weirdo kinda way. Like it really friggen bothers me that someone might suggest that. I guess I just understood that we're both... similar in gifting - you'll probably gather what that means - and lo and behold, we have the same personality type. But I guess I'm greedy. Because I still get torn up that you can't somehow magically 100% understand me. Or what I perceive that to be. So I wonder if that's what it's like for everyone. Because I feel like everyone else gets to have people - multiple people - truly understand them and I get left out here like the weirdo I apparently am. And when someone who gets it comes along, I guess I expected some fairy tale where I wouldn't feel isolated and rejected and misunderstood. But that just doesn't exist. Recently, that's been my motto. Happiness doesn't exist. It's not real. Because my view of happiness must be too idealistic. Once something is going well, it's going to go to crap. Once I have a good friendship, they'll go away. Or if they stay, I'll ruin it myself. And I believe that's what's happened. I was too greedy. I was so happy to be allowed to learn under you. I was so happy to be able to see all the cool things you do and learn how to do them myself. I was exuberant that you let me into your world. I misunderstood what you said to me. I thought it meant you trusted me. But you really just didn't want to be the cause of my pain that came from my confusion about how you were behaving or felt. You wanted me to stop asking. You wanted me to understand. But I was dumb. Very, very, very dumb. And as quickly as it came - the ability to be in the same world as the person who taught me so much about my gifting and about life and the things I view as important - it left. And it's because I didn't understand. I couldn't control my desire to be around people who were so wonderful. I'd ruin it. Just like I ruined every good friendship and other kind of relationship with people. I have this really, really bad habit of talking about my problems to the only people who can understand. So it just comes spilling out all the friggen time. Sometimes, I wonder if my mom hadn't taken me to a counselor if I would be better off. I would understand that you just keep those things inside and it's fine. But now I waste my friendships and the times I have close with people because they need me to be happy and not tell them my inner fears and thoughts and hurts. And part of me thought that maybe if I shared, it would give you the opportunity to share anything you wanted to. And I think one time you did a little bit. And you regretted it. I wonder if you know what it's like for people to regret being friends with you. I wonder if you know what it's like for people to regret ever meeting you. Repeatedly. I wonder if you know what it's like to be a placeholder. I assume you understand what it's like to change to meet someone's needs. You probably do that to me. I probably don't even know the real you because that's not allowable. I'm just a stupid child anyway. I'm sorry for the times I must have hurt you. I'm sorry for not growing in the way you've hoped. I'm sorry that when you look at me you have to be reminded of the things you don't like about yourself. I'm really sorry. And I'm thankful. Because I learned so much from you. You kept me from doing stupid and selfish things multiple times. You helped me when there was no way any other person would have known how to. And you were the first person I told about the thing I told you about. I only told two others, and quite reluctantly so. Actually, a bit more so they wouldn't somehow find out that you were told that and they weren't. And you were the only one who seemed truly glad that I was still here. Don't worry. If I were to do it again and fail again, I think I'll keep it to myself. Just like the other things I kept to myself. I'm sorry. I must have really hurt you quite a few times. You deny that I've done anything, but it's because it's a rather inconvenient thing to try to explain to someone. You'd have to make yourself vulnerable in order to tell me the things that I've unknowingly done wrong. It's okay. I think I'm slowly becoming able to separate without it hurting so badly. But it does hurt. And I am a child. And I don't want to grow in those things anymore (this is probably going to get way too vague for even you to follow) because they hurt and they seemed foolish. And I feel like every time I advance a little in those things you hate me. I get told it's not me you hate, but I can't help but feel like it's all useless if the people closest to me can't bear to look at me. I wish I was able to be as open as I was when I was younger. I would be able to put your teaching to good use. But I don't now. I'm afraid of the pain now. Everything hurts. I hate failing because it's too important to fail in this area. I just really hate that I messed up something again. That you'll never ever let me close again. Because I'm a creep or whatever. Because people think things or whatever. Because of other things. I absolutely hate thinking about ... that you'll never really hug me again. And I get that it's not supposed to be rejection. But it feels like it is. And I'm sorry because I cause you pain. I don't want to. I really, really don't want to. I'll try to shut it all up because I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to keep dragging on and on and wasting your time and wasting your energy and wasting wasting wasting wasting. I don't want to be a leech just taking up how you feel. And I wonder if any of it's real. Maybe I always just caught onto how you felt and thought that was me. And maybe all this is fake. Maybe I'm just leeching off of your gift or something. Maybe I do that to everyone. Maybe I shouldn't even be here. I don't know. These are the kinds of conversations I need to have but never can. I'm not allowed to be me. I'm only allowed to translate myself into the correct words for others. To press emotions down and let the rationality do it's best to take over. If I become prickly, what does it matter? If I remain mush, I'll just seep down into the drains and be washed away with all the other crap. So, either way, bad deal. And I don't get why. So, hey, look. I just saved you like three hours of my emotional whining and you feeling like you'd really rather be doing your awesome stuff than dealing with this oversized 3 year old. I love you. Not like a creep. Like you're my brother. Even though you'll never accept that idea.
  20. We've been waiting for this since the latter was introduced in October 2013... still no dice. First, the meeting got thwarted by Ran and Sonoko (File 903–File 905/Episode 787–Episode 788), and then Mary tells Masumi to "keep [her] guard up around... Conan Edogawa" (File 951–File 953/Episode 863–Episode 864). We can only hope Shinichi's appearance due to the APTX antidote and his interaction with Masumi will, sooner than later, lead somewhere. Just like Gosho has Shiho/Ai keep a lot of her BO knowledge to herself, he keeps Shinichi/Conan from meeting Mary—it means that Gosho doesn't want Shinichi/Conan, and, thus, we the audience, to know what Mary knows. Hopefully, with the developments of last year (Koji Haneda, Tsutomu Akai), it means we're gonna getting somewhere soon (well, soon in terms of how Gosho currently (currently as in 2003–present, and especially 2007–present) paces things).
  21. i agree with this anywway did sera introduce conan to her mother these days
  22. Sure, Vermouth could try to kill her in secret, like the first time, and the only difference would be that the rest of the BO believed that Shiho/Sherry was alive the first time, and that the didn't believe so the third time. But I think this is the safest Shiho/Ai has felt in her life—which is quite something compared to how she must've felt, at the beginning—and this'll be the case until Vermouth actually tries again. She broke her promise to Shinichi/Conan once... without the excuse of Bourbon's involvement, and with the BO not looking for her, though, part of me wonders, if she is going to try again, what's she going to do differently that will bring about success?
  23. I guess its an 8.5, maybe a 9 I cant be sure yes, i think you summed it up well with that line thats true i was alluding to her safety
  24. That would be a B. So would Red Shirts also be a B (8 out of 10)? Is the Post Mystery Train part of the Bourbon arc (File 825–File 898/Episode 705–Episode 783) what brought the Bourbon arc down to a D for you? Would the Bourbon arc have been a C without it? That's been the case long before Mystery Train—it's been the case since she turned down the FBI's offer to go into witness protection (File 435–File 437/Episode 346–Episode 347). She may not be going anywhere, and Vermouth may know the truth about her "death," but my point is that the rest of the BO does not know.
  25. i gave at that time the train case an 8/10 what grade that is you can tell me, since i dont know as for the red shirts i thought how could any BO case after the clash even live up red shirts was a nice continuation to it if you will like a end to and end, if that makes sense im saying that she will hunt her but it wont make anything different Ai is going nowhere
  26. So was Mystery Train a B or a C, then? And what about Red Shirts? Well, she's known for nearly 200 files/over 5 years, and hasn't made a move. If she's going to try again, what's going to be different in her third attempt at doing so? If nothing else, this has been a period where the BO no longer considers Shiho/Ai a threat to their secrecy. Shiho/Ai has always been either a part of the BO's system, or was sought after by all of them—this is the first time that neither one of these is true.
  27. I think BO cases started to go downhill from there my favorite cases are the ones that take place on a train, with the addition of the BO you would think i would have a blast it was good, bit my expectations were so high that it didnt meet them while red T-shirts case was surprisingly better then i thought it would be ( when i broke it down ) but doest Vermouth know she is alive and if she knows, to me it makes no difference she will hunt her
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