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Playstation: Game 3

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Title: Detective Conan: The Greatest Partner
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 最高の相棒
(Meitantei Konan: Saikō no Aibō)
System: Playstation
Release date: Flag of Japan April 25, 2002
Genre(s): Mystery/Adventure
Developer: Bandai
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The Old Magician and the Playing Cards Mystery

The Old Magician and the Playing Cards Mystery (老手品師とトランプの謎 Rō Tejinashi to Toranpu no Nazo?)

One of the first two cases available to choose from.

The Masked Knight Murder Case

The Masked Knight Murder Case (仮面騎士殺人事件 Kamen Kishi Satsujin Jiken?)

One of the first two cases available to choose from.

Conan, Ran, and Sonoko go to a theater to see a play about a princess falling in love with a mysterious masked knight. During the first half, an accident happens. The knight breaks a prop sword, which flies into the audience, straight at Takagi - but Sato catches it just in time. Then, as everybody is waiting for the second half of the play to begin, the body of the actor who supposedly played the knight in the first half is found! Conan works with Takagi and Sato to find the murderer.

The Greatest Partner

The Greatest Partner (最高の相棒 Saikō no Aibō?)

The third case in the game, unlocked by playing the other two.

Kogoro is invited to be on a mystery show that is taking place on a train, with Ran accompanying him. When a murder happens onboard, it's up to Kogoro to find the killer - without Conan!


There are two cases to choose from at the start of the game, which must both be completed to unlock the third case (noted above in the Plot segment). Upon starting a game the player may select to view the game text in either kanji or hiragana.

The game is partly a visual novel, with the ability to select choices from a list. There are some segments where the player can move around in a 3D space and interact with the environment to gain clues, talk to people, or find hidden tokens.

At the end of the case the player must select the correct suspect and then the correct sequence of reasoning in order to catch the culprit and see the true ending. If the wrong suspect or reasoning is chosen, an alternate ending scene is shown before a GAME OVER screen.


The entire game is voiced by the original anime VAs, and it is also completely animated, from cutscenes to character sprites, by the anime team at TMS.

Various characters can be unlocked to be used as the system voice.


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