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  • The title for each chapter are worded as the following in Case Closed:
  • File 001 - A Modern-Day Sherlock Holmes
  • File 002 - The Great Detective Turned Small
  • File 003 - The Unwelcome Great Detective
  • File 004 - The Sixth Smokestack
  • File 005 - The Other Perpetrator
  • File 006 - From Third-Rate to Great Detective
  • File 007 - The Bloody Case of the Lovely Pop Idol
  • File 008 - Resemblance
  • File 009 - An Unfortunate Misunderstanding.


Settings introduced in this volume:


Futatsubashi Middle School and Hyakujii Park[edit]

Futatsubashi Middle School the kidnapper keeps Akiko Tani at is a play on the real Hitotsubashi Middle School in Chiyoda Ward ("hitotsu" = "one", "futatsu" = "two"). Furthermore, the Hyakujii Park the kidnapper wants his ransom money placed in is based on the name of the Shakujii Park to where Gosho Aoyama once lived close to during his time when he lived in the Nerima Ward and which he often visited in his spare time.[1]


The Yayoi District Kogoro and Ran Mouri as well as Conan Edogawa drive to for this case and where the Tani family lives is a real district of Tokyo in the Bunkyō Ward.


In "Bloody Idol Case"[edit]

Mistakes and changes[edit]

  • Gin knocked out Shinichi Kudo right in front of the concrete base of the Tropical Land's ferris wheel in the first chapter, but at the beginning of the second chapter, woken up in his shrunken form, he is suddenly lying a good distance away from it.
  • During the outside shots in the last case of the skyscraper apartment building Yoko Okino lives in, the moon randomly changes from a Waning Crescent Moon 🌘 to a Waxing Crescent Moon 🌒, despite being the former one during the rest of the case.


Eiichi Yamagishi is modeled and named after one of Gosho's assistants.
  • The Tani family's name is taken from Gosho Aoyama's assistant Yutaka Tani.
  • Mr. Asou's name is also taken from an assistant of Gosho, in this case Keiji Asou.
  • The guys in the show on TV Kogoro Mouri watches (and laughs about) at the beginning of the last case of the volume before Yoko Okino appears are again two of the assistants of Gosho - Yutaka Tani punching Masaki Negishi. Judging by the Omakes, Yutaka Tani sits across Gosho and helps him with inking the manuscripts of the Manga. He furthermore already inspired the name of the Tani family in the previous case, as mentioned above.
  • Yoko's manager, Eiichi Yamagishi, is another of Gosho's assistants, this time not only named, but even modeled after him (judging by how he is usually portrayed in other Manga and the Omakes). According to Gosho, Yamagishi is in charge of designing and drawing technical stuff, like machinery, vehicles, weapons and architecture. He already had some cameos and mentions in previous works, like Nonchalant Lupin, Magic Kaito, Yaiba and 3rd Base 4th.


3rd Base 4th[edit]

Magic Kaito[edit]

RZ-04 is sleeping between Professor Agasa's scraps.


  1. ^ Questions given by the Shonen Sunday magazine#1994, 1994 #16, FILE.12
    Playgrounds, such as public parks and amusement parks, that you recommend is "The Ishigamii park, which was near the apartment I used to live in."
    translated by justwantanaccount
    Note: There's just one mistake in the translation, the park in question being 石神井公園 = Shakujii Kōen (Shakujii Park), not Ishigamii Park.