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This is a list of criminal cases which Kogoro Mouri has solved - or at least made vital contributions to - with little to (rarely) no direct intervention or assistance from Conan, fulfilling his role not as a proxy or stand-in but as an active and capable investigator.

Manga/TV episodes[edit]

Volume 9, File 084-086: Kogoro's Class Reunion[edit]

(TV Title: 27-28, Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case, Parts 1 and 2)

With Conan drawing his attention to the facts that the victim was wearing an overly large yukata and that the estimated time of death was faked by accelerated rigor mortis through physical exertion just prior to her death, Kogoro is able to expose the culprit by himself.

Volume 17, Files 163-165: Scuba Diving Case[edit]

(TV Title: 114-115, Scuba Diving Murder Case, Parts 1 and 2)

While he is once more used by Conan as a front to solve the murder attempt case at hand, Kogoro is able to figure out by himself that his wife Eri has actually lost her wedding band (instead of just taking it off, as she claimed), and recovers it for her.

Volume 37, Files 374-376: Kogoro's Choice[edit]

(TV Title: 305-306, The Unseen Suspect, Parts 1 and 2)

Upon thoroughly checking the crime scene, Kogoro immediately deduces who the actual murderer is, requiring only slight directions from Conan to counter the claims of the suspect's daughter, who tries to protect her father, regarding important clues about the murder weapon.

Volume 45, Files 463-465: Baseball Player Case[edit]

(TV Title: 371-372, A Course Without Protest, Parts 1 and 2)

With some hints provided by Conan, Kogoro is able to demolish the murderer's alibi and even manages to set up his own trap to trick the murderer into revealing the location where he disposed the murder weapon and other incriminating evidence.

Volume 51, Files 528-529: Cat Sitting Case[edit]

(TV Title: 445, Secret of the Russian Blue)

By surreptitiously leaving cat treats in strategic places for Goro to lead Kogoro to important clues, Conan allows Kogoro to gradually able to piece the clues together by himself and unravel the true meaning of the message his client asked him to decipher.

Volume 62, Files 643-645: Judo Champion Case[edit]

(TV Title: 528, Might Over Mystery, Parts 1 and 2)

Kogoro deduces on his own that the call from the murderer's husband was actually just a recording to fake her alibi, and has faked a recording of a Mahjong session to help his wife stumble upon that clue.

Volume 68, File 709-711: Eri's Birthday Murder Case[edit]

(TV Title: 589-590, The Worst Birthday, Parts 1 and 2)

Conan initiates a little accident with a serving wagon and some sauce, making Kogoro finally realize that the culprit used model cars to move the heavy bed in order to hide and later re-reveal the corpse of his victim.

Volume 70, File 734-740: Demon Dog Murder Case[edit]

(TV Title: 612-613, Inubushi Castle, The Ablazed Demon Dog, Parts 1 and 2)

Upon hearing about the fact that several of the heirs in that case had changed their names, Kogoro deduces quite aptly their actual birth names on his own, even though he ultimately comes to the wrong conclusion regarding the culprit's identity.

Volume 71, File 748: The Other A[edit]

(TV Title: 619, Holmes' Revelation (Code Break))

By marking and connecting the locations where they found the clues on a map of London, Kogoro manages to reveal the place where Sabara Hades intends to strike (even though his idea of Hades using bombs tied to balloons is a little bit far-fetched).

Volume 78, File 825-827: Tennis Meetup[edit]

(TV Title: 705-706, Conan in a Locked Room and Bourbon Figures It Out)

Conan was unable to tranquilize Kogoro because of Bourbon's appearance, therefore he chose to hint him so he could solve the case by himself.

TV only episodes[edit]

Episode 53: The Mystery Weapon Murder Case[edit]

After Conan has cracked the case and drawn Kogoro's attention to the way the victim was murdered, Kogoro works out the details of the crime quite well by himself.

Episode 150-151: The Truth Behind the Car Explosion Case, Parts 1 and 2[edit]

After Conan has roused his suspicions, Kogoro works out the identity of the culprit and the details of the crime, which included a murder plot against the perpetrator turned against its conceivers, out on his own, with Conan adding only one - but highly important - detail.

Episode 260: The Shaking Restaurant[edit]

While he did not solve the actual murder, Kogoro was able to deduce the trick for the original murder plot.

Episode 283: The Mystery of the Water-Flowing Stone Garden[edit]

Again, Kogoro was able to figure out the original murder plot but Conan was the one who found the actual murderer.

Episode 540-541: The Day Kogoro Mouri Ceased Being a Detective, Parts 1 and 2[edit]

In short order and independently from Conan, Kogoro realizes that he has become the victim of a carefully arranged deception, with the culprit having disguised himself as his prospective victim to gain an alibi. Conan refrains from interfering directly, limiting himself to drawing clues to a piece of vital evidence.

Episode 721: Fire and Water Mystery Tour, Part 2[edit]

In order to catch Justin's elusive kidnapper, Kogoro hatches a plan of him and several Kunamoto police officers disguising themselves as samurai costume actors, which takes the culprit by surprise. In the end, however, the apprehended man only turns out to be a freeloader who wanted to snatch the ransom for his own use, so Conan has to resort to stunning Kogoro yet again to expose the true perpetrator.

Episode 794: Bodyguard Kogoro Mouri[edit]

In his duty as a bodyguard, Kogoro manages to pull of an ingenious trick, overpowering the would-be assassin and working out his modus operandi for the attempted murder plot.

Episode 801-802: Tottori Sand Dunes Mystery Tour, Parts 1 and 2[edit]

In the second part of this double episode, Kogoro aptly manages to deduce the actual motive behind the robbery of the Kumado family incense burner, and the identity of the culprits responsible. However, he comes to the wrong conclusion about the identity of the mastermind behind the scheme, so Conan resorts to stunning him once again in order to bring the case to a smooth conclusion.

Episode 818-819: Kogoro's Pursuit of Rage, Parts 1 and 2[edit]

In the second episode, Kogoro hits upon a desperate but ingenious solution to rescue his daughter. On his televised appeal, he claims that Ran has made numerous pictures of the concert hall on her phone camera, thus likely catching the image of someone who was "not supposed to stand in a certain place" at a certain time. This statement makes the offender seek out the place where Ran was entombed alive, inevitably leading to the exposure of his involvement as the mastermind of the original kidnapping scheme.

Episode 833: The Great Detective's Weakness[edit]


OVA 05: The Target is Kogoro!! The Detective Boys' Secret Report[edit]

While Kogoro's intellectual and deductive skills are initially not in hard demand here, he demonstrates true professionalism when his observation turns into a kidnapping and blackmail case, with some support from the Detective Boys.


Movie 09: Strategy Above the Depths[edit]

Because of one of the culprits' striking similarity with his wife Eri, Kogoro works all the harder to prove her innocence, only to discover her true guilt in the matter. This is also the first case which he solves without direct promptings from Conan.

Movie 13: The Raven Chaser[edit]

By chance, Kogoro is able to deduce the location for the last planned murder from the star constellation of the Big Dipper and Polaris quite independently, if a bit belatedly, from Conan for the joint police commission.

Live Action Dramas[edit]

Drama Special II: Shinichi Kudo Returns! Confrontation with the Black Organization[edit]

Kogoro manages to save Shinichi's life from Gin and Vodka when he notices that the hotel has left the lights on in a select number of suites, to illuminate the Kanji "Suzu" (as in Suzuki) on its front. Shinichi turned off the light on top of the second Kanji syllable, thereby inadvertently marking his refuge.

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