Bodyguard Kogoro Mouri

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Episode 794
(Int. Episode 847)

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Title: Bodyguard Kogoro Mouri
Japanese title: ボディーガード毛利小五郎
(Bodīgādo Mōri Kogorō?)
Original airdate: October 3, 2015
Broadcast rating: 9.8%
Filler case: #244
Season: 25
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri
Next Conan's Hint: Fog
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Junichi Miyashita
Storyboard: Seiki Taichu
Episode director: Takanori Yano
Animation director: Seiji Muta (supervisor)
Akio Kawamura
Character Design: Kumiko Shishido (design works)
Opening song: Nazo
Closing song: Kimi e no Uso
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Bodyguard Kogoro Mouri (ボディーガード毛利小五郎 Bodīgādo Mōri Kogorō?) is the 794th episode of Detective Conan anime.





It started when Kogoro started training to become a bodyguard, but suddenly fail. He wants one more time to become a cop or detective.

Attempted Murder (Past)

EP794 Case1.jpg

Victim: Ryo Haneki
Age: 40 years old
Cause: Falling Sign
Suspects: Reina Sawazaki, Kazuya Kusumoto, Hideo Isogawa, Kenzo Kushizaki, Chisato Arimura, and Arimasa Dobashi
She was targeted by someone.

At the past, someone is trying to kill Haneki Ryo. Haneki hired Kogoro to become a bodyguard to protect her, and using his detective skills to determine who's trying to kill her. And there's his manager namely Kusumoto Kazuya.

They arrive at Lake Nakajima where they are started filming. And also resting at Auberge Muto. The two couples namely Muto Shohei and Muto Kimie. Reina Sawazaki is famous for being a troublemaker, and started fights at work.

They heard Reina shouting, it was beacuse she was allergic to cats that was found on her room. Their next filming will be at Lake Nakajima.

Attempted Murder

EP794 Case2.jpg

Location: Auberge Muto
Victim: Ryo Haneki
Age: 40 years old
Attack types: Stabbing
Suspects: Kazuya Kusumoto

At second, they started to film at Lake Nakajima, he said that there will be mist coming from the mountains, and it was so strong, and Kogoro cannot see the package. And they heard like a motor running on the water, and they arrived on a small island.

But, suddenly they found Reina at the ground, and they heard a gunfire, aiming at Haneki Ryo. Just like Kusumoto said, there are plenty who want to resent Haneki Ryo, but who is the culprit?


  • Resolution


    • The bus is a 2005 Nissan Civilian.


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) El guardaespatlles Kogoro Mouri Bodyguard Kogoro Mouri
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Vệ sĩ Mori Kogoro Bodyguard Kogoro Mouri
    Flag of Thailand Thai บอดี้การ์ดโมริ โคโกโร่ Bodyguard Kogoro Mouri

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