The Alibi of the Fall

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Episode 596
(Int. Episode 647)

TV Episode 596.jpg

Title: The Alibi of the Fall
Japanese title: 転落のアリバイ
(Tenraku no Aribai)
Original airdate: November 20, 2010
Broadcast rating: 8,50%
Filler case: #182
Season: 19
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
Officer Tome
Detective Boys
Ai Haibara
Kamen Yaiba
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Fountain pen
Director: Koujin Ochi
Screenplay: Chiko Uonji
Storyboard: Masaharu Okuwaki
Episode director: Masakazu Yamazaki
Tomomi Ikeda
Animation Director: Kana Miyai
Yumiko Ishii
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Seiji Muta (sub-character)
Kumiko Shishido (design works)
Production Cooperation: Kagura Co., Ltd.
Opening song: SUMMER TIME GONE
Closing song: Tomorrow is the last Time
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The Alibi of the Fall (転落のアリバイ Tenraku no Aribai?) is the 596th episode of the Detective Conan anime.





Kogoro is called to meet with Toshio Higashiyama at his company building called Orion Planning, famous for Kamen Yaiba series, and takes Ran and Conan with him. Upon entering the building, they are asked to call his sectional number, 423. After getting in contact with him on the phone, they witness the employee Fujihiko Takahata, fall from the building to his death.


EP596 Case.jpg

Location: Orion Planning
Victim: Fujihiko Takahata
Cause of death: Fell from the sixth floor of the building
Suspects: Nanae Sunagawa and Toshio Higashiyama

The police are called to the scene and enter Takahata's office discovering a typed suicide note. Conan notices the window is open, a dry spot over the ledge of the window, and a piece of a theatrical property was found on the body and gives Kogoro hints allowing him to deduce Takahata's death. He reveals the prop is the one used in fictional children's show where when shot with a laser gun, deflates. The prop was used to keep Takahata's inert body from falling out the window, and was deflated resulting in his death and allowing the culprit to establish an alibi.


  • Resolution


    • This is the first screenplay that Koujin Ochi wrote under his pseudonym, Chiko Uonji.
      • This name comes from the reorder of his real name's romanji: Ochi KoujinUonji Chiko.
    • The layout of the building in this episode is similar to Koujin Ochi's other work, A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs.

    BGM listing

    # Song Title Romaji Translation OST
    0:01 - 0:39 ?????
    2:41 - 2:53 ?????
    3:40 - 3:55 サスペンスウィンドウ Sasupensu Windō Suspense Window Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
    4:05 - 4:35 ?????
    5:39 - 6:14 ダークな予感 Dāku na Yokan Foreboding Darkness Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
    6:18 - 7:52 ?????
    8:25 - 8:37 アラベスク タッチ Arabesuku Tacchi Arabesque Touch Detective Conan "Full Score of Fear" Original Soundtrack
    8:52 - 11:00 ?????
    11:27 - 12:56 ?????
    13:05 - 14:21 ?????
    15:13 - 15:28 不思議な色 Fushigina Iro A Strange Colour Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
    15:29 - 15:43 現金輸送車(回想) Genkin Yusōsha (Kaisō) Bank Transport Vehicle (Flashback) Detective Conan "The Private Eyes' Requiem" Original Soundtrack
    16:10 - 17:18 ?????
    17:50 - 19:32 ?????
    19:46 - 21:01 ?????
    21:12 - 22:16 ?????
    23:49 - 23:59 ?????


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) La coartada d'una caiguda The alibi of a fall
    Flag of Indonesia Indonesian (subbed) Alibi Jatuh Alibi of a Fall
    Flag of Italy Italian Alibi per una caduta Alibi by a fall
    Flag of Thailand Thai หลักฐานที่อยู่ที่ร่วงลงมา The alibi that has fallen
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Bằng chứng ngoại phạm của cú rơi The Alibi of the Fall

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