Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture

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Episode 962-964
(Int. Episode 1019-1021)

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Title: Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture
Japanese title: 毛利小五郎大講演会
(Mōri Kogorō Dai Kōen-kai)
Original airdate: December 07, 2019 (Part 1)
December 14, 2019 (Part 2)
December 21, 2019 (Part 3)
Broadcast rating: 7.6% (Part 1)
7.8% (Part 2)
6.8% (Part 3)
Filler case: #326
Season: 30
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Eri Kisaki
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
Cases solved by: Kogoro Mouri
Mei Tsukuba
Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Cane (Part 1)
Pocket watch (Part 2)
Eri Kisaki (Part 3)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Junichi Miyashita
Storyboard: Mitsuko Kase
Episode director: 962: Masahiro Takada
963: Minoru Tozawa
964: Koichiro Kuroda and Akira Yoshimura
Animation Director: Seiji Muta and Nobuyuki Iwai (supervisors)
962: Akio Kawamura
963: Keiko Sasaki
964: Asuka Tsubuki and Michitaka Yamamoto
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Chiemi Hironaka (sub-character)
Hiroshi Ogawa (design works)
Production Cooperation: 962: BIG BANG
964: Azeta Pictures
Opening song: ANSWER
Closing song: Sissy Sky
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Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture (毛利小五郎大講演会 Mōri Kogorō Dai Kōen-kai?) is the 962nd, 963rd, and 964th episode of the Detective Conan anime.





Part 1


EP962-964 Case1.png

Location: HISHIDA Hall Waiting Room
Victim: Kenichiro Inokoshi
Age: 48 years old
Time: 2:50PM
Cause of death: Stab wound in chest
Suspects: Mokichi Reizei and Hideki Tsukinogi
Inokoshi's body was discovered sitting in a chair and leaned up against the door in the waiting room with a knife sticking out of his chest.

EP962-964 Case2.png

Location: Outside HISHIDA Hall
Victim: Junko Hishida
Age: 50 years old
Time: Around 2:55PM
Cause of death: Fell from emergency stairs
Culprit: Mokichi Reizei
She was found laying on the ground outside in a pool of blood with an odd mark on her neck.

At the end of the episode, Mokichi Reizei admits that he killed someone but it's not Kenichiro Inokoshi.

Part 2

Part 3

Murder (Past)

EP962-964 Case3.png

Location: College classroom
Victim: Professor
Time: One year ago
Cause of death: Stab wound
Suspects: Hiroto Ashida
Conan investigates and finds out that the newspaper clips were pointing to a case of murder that happened a year ago when a professor's assistant stabbed his master for stealing his research works.


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    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) La gran conferència d'en Kogoro Mouri Kogoro Mouri's grand lecture
    Flag of France French (Subbed) La Grande Conférence de Kogorô Môri The great conference of Kogoro Mouri
    Flag of Thailand Thai การบรรยายครั้งใหญ่ของโมริ โคโกโร่ Kogoro Mouri's grand lecture
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Buổi diễn thuyết lớn của Mouri Kogoro

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