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Irie's art thread

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Let's not spam on people's art pages. It's rude. And it gets you warning points towards permanent site ban.

~~Always watching (◡‿◡✿) ~~ 


I always have a bad feeling about the words "Always Watching" with cute emoticons. *cough*

The shading has improved, I like the strokes with the green haired girl. :)

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@Rascal-neechan:  Haha thanks xD But why are you jealous? Aren't you way better? :P

@Peanut-senpai: Thanku thanku :P I'm not good  enough to be teaching anyone :P

@Chek-sama: Oh thank you. That kinda helped a lot xD

@Master: Oooh~ yay :P Thanks~ But which green haired girl? xD The one with the pink clothes?

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Woa... Wow...  *speechless*

You're so talented Zubi-chan, so unfortunately that I ran out of reps today :( so I can't give to your beautiful art work >.<

I like the Ran and Conan in Arabian clothes best :) The colors and lines are really beautiful <333

You are very creative ^^ Keep posting your work :)

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