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  1. Heh? Why don't you wear them when you're reading? Normally shouldn't it be the opposite :/? Yeah ikr, flowers are majestic! Yes, especially juicy ones. I love watermelons most ^.^ Hmm, having long hair?
  2. Being skeptical is not bad, but not too much Well, read books :> What would you do if suddenly you become 30 years old?
  3. "... is to get cookies without going out and buying them." "The past..."
  4. Nom nom nom (at this rate I will get diabetes XD) Throws sugar-free Ricola candies
  5. I actually did that irl haha... Hmm, at least technology allows you to talk and chat with them? You accidentally threw a ball to a stranger's face
  6. Lol xD Mikasa once said "Life is cruel, yet beautiful" :> Nami from One Piece :> Lily
  7. A one-year-old boy? Such a lie! Alice is a liar hence you must be Alice!
  8. I've finished Pandora Hearts The art is majestic! I don't really think its content is very good, but quite interesting. I like Break ^.^
  9. I'm reading Kor no Katachi but I'm not enjoying it. The bullying is so horrible that I cannot justify it somehow and I cannot understand why the girl just keeps enduring them and still can be nice... Howl's Moving Castle. I really like the anti-war theme. I don't really understand many parts. There are books. I wonder if I should read them...
  10. Nom nom nom!!! Cotton candy is magical! Throw plushie toys
  11. Sounds cute and creepy at the same time haha -.-" Hmm yeah just keep it or sell it haha I don't see a problem haha... What would you do if you receive an anonymous love letter :>?
  12. Haha true "... no cookies gained" "To gain a cookie..."
  13. Luxury (it's holiday now so I have more sleep yay!)
  14. Salad is nice! But I need sugar to live :< I need my sweets >.< Well, at least I can make a fruit salad with sugar and milk and marshmellow Your family do not remember anything about you!
  15. Yup she did now I remember Sebastian Michaelis xD His demon form has the most stylish heels xD Cruel
  16. yay I love flower petals! Throw gemstones xD (just throw beautiful little things haha)
  17. Don't be sad, I wear them too when I'm using computers or studying I like all kinds of music. But pop is not a genre where most of my favourite songs fall under... Love flowers
  18. That sounds so nice I will be so happy and ask a bunch of questions! Oh and I'll ask for a photo and a memento if possible!!! What would you do if suddenly all of the water source near you turn black?
  19. "...where all of your cookies are." "A cookie a day..."
  20. Haha it's just a game anyway That sounds like fun actually :> At least people there show their madness, unlike people who hide their madness and pretend to be kind and nice. You are locked inside a dark room with food, drinks but nothing more.
  21. Nightmare (for a sweet lover like me :<)
  22. Yay a fairy!!! Throw white feathers for an angelic appearance xD
  23. OMG, Juvia and Gray are so cute!!! Hmm Lamp... I cannot associate it with any character, but if it's "lantern" then I can! Watanuki Kimihiro from xxxHolic A manga from CLAMP Lolita dress
  24. (@Ayuna Yume You're so cruel >.<!) I'll find a way to break the curse! You are sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit
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