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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen! How are you all? (If you did not read it in Kid's voice, go back to the starting.) Just wanted to check the forums, as suddenly it came to me that I have a DCW I'd. It has been several years since I last visited here. Back then, when I joined this forum, I was considered to be the youngest member here. Well, I do not think it would be possible now, or is it?JK. I am not seeing those around here who used to be quite active back then and whom I used to disturb by messaging them. Waari-Waari. The last year has been very challenging for the entire world. Everyone experienced a definite pause and a change in momentum. From a student point of view, the only I can provide, sitting in front of mobile/laptop/PC/tablet, etc., from morning to night, is hard. Learning with face-to-face interaction was much soothing for the eyes. To the ones, who do jobs, things have been much harder for you. It continues to be for some. There are still many places that are facing heart-wrenching situations, and it is depressing. But amidst all this, we have to stay positive because we cannot let our mental health get affected. So, I want to ask you all, How really are you? How are you taking in the situation around you? If you were in quarantine, what was your experience, and how did you feel? Just write your mind below. And last, but certainly not least, Stay Safe!
  2. aur bhai batao bade mahino baad aaye hai ham :D:D
  3. Don't be in depression, have impression B)

  4. Moon Kid

    Urdu anyone?

    hehe sahi kaha
  5. He has written some goosebumps and fear streets you can say he loves ghost and writes about them
  6. Counting Stars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT_nvWreIhg
  7. Moon Kid

    Gaming Youtube

    Who is your favorite gaming youtuber?
  8. sorry guys this topic is already there i will remove it lock this topic
  9. What are your most embarassing moments in life? Share -
  10. Banned for having 26 posts (when i am posting)
  11. project igi anybody plays or played this game
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