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  1. oh wow thank you so much! this is really helpful! at least now I know I have to read the manga or watch the episodes to get a better understanding about some new characters.. :"D
  2. oh wow! awesome gallery! it keep's getting better and better >.< please keep it up! and this is just small advise (which you could ignore) but you could try to add little highlights to give more depth to the colours so the character looks livelier even more
  3. hello! welcome to DCW! nice to meet you Garuda77! I am lupin! hope you have a great time in here~ and sir! yes sir! you're right!
  4. hello! welcome to DCW! nice to meet you TNCrunchy! I am lupin! hope you have a great time in here~
  5. hello! welcome to DCW! nice to meet you too, angelcoolkid! I am lupin! nice introduction! I've been there too, suddenly into all kind of crime and mystery stories. and also thought that being a forensic would be really a cool job! but then I realized I couldn't stand seeing blood ugh.. lame. I think the more we're getting older the more we want to reminisce with good old stuff, and hey! we're around the same age! yay! although I'm just catching up with the movies ._. hope you have a great time in here~
  6. hello! welcome to DCW! nice to meet you too, KSA! I am lupin! hope you have great time in here~
  7. hmm... I finally found a (not so) cute style I'm comfortable to draw with.. if I have time, I want to draw DC characters in this style. if I have.. ( ._.)
  8. oh wow it's been a while :B

  9. @akazora: woaaah~ awesome review as always! xD I totally agree with the first half list, the other half.. I haven't watch them yet haha but I'll also add durarara and haikyuu (welp, I'm still a fan-girl after all) and the only spring anime I'm familiar with, (mainly because of the manga) are bungou stray dogs and Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge ^^"" ps. ah! you should read the manga for ajin, the feel is real and much more intense, and also the expressions are better! xD (if already, then just ignore this)
  10. I also tried to rewatch the episodes.. but somehow.. I didn't get the same feeling when I was little (◞‸◟;) why?!
  11. woaaah I really like this one, especially the colouring. ・:*+.ヽ(´∀`ヽ) mind if I ask how did you colour it? like what did you use? and this one.. cute! (。๑ >ω< )و 。 did you use colour pencils for this one?
  12. all manga (three to be exact) by Mori Kouji. they're just--- (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚੭
  13. hello! thank you very much for adding me as a friend! :D nice to meet you!

    1. kyriesaur


      Hiii! glad you accepted my request thanksss!

    2. Lupin of the Heisei Era
  14. so it's like waiting for.. forever? ;___;by the way this poster is cute! http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/digimon_tri_thumb.jpg
  15. oh yes! looking forward to this! xD
  16. fall lineup? *checks the list on some website* ... yeah.. looks pretty decent.. x3
  17. wooow... this really is amazing! the proportion of the panels, the drawing.. x3 it's just.. uhm.. well.. rep for you!! yes! haha^^"
  18. <3 I became a fan of this song and her voice amazarashi - seasons die one after another the music video kind of sick to me, although some youtubers said that it has a deep meaning of it *shrugs* but the lyrics.. it really is deep on second thought, I should put the video in the spoiler..
  19. woooaaaahhh *_* that's so awesomely awesome! please draw more! and welcome to DCW! ah.. uhm.. I'm not that talented.. but somehow.. thank you! :"D
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