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  1. took a mental health day off from work
  2. Hopefully, 10 years from now, I've learned from my mistakes and I'm in a much better place.
  3. Mine's the opposite I think. I feel like the reason why I feel so down all the time is due to me not just focusing on my self for now. Maybe...? Lol but hey. How's it going? @Kirsch Hey how's it going? Long time no see! OMM: Ahhh... hope I'm overthinking but my fear of abandonment is kicking in again. Are you just really sick as you're saying?
  4. God... I've just been feeling empty as of late. Never felt this before. I dunno why.
  5. Lol the sequel trilogy was just so bad. J.J. abrams effed up badly. They just didn't have any solid plan at all. Wish they made Finn the main character.
  6. I actually liked Bill. She was completely different from Clara and Amy who were both too on the nose for me in terms of their character. (I still like Clara over her though) And the 10th series is probably my favourite season of the show. I just liked the morality that they presented. The whole "Without hope, without witness, without reward." theme recurring throughout all the episodes and the ending.. But, there were definitely bad episodes in that season, I wouldn't lie. (e.g. Oxygen) Anyway, the show is pretty much dead now because of the whole thing that happened... RIP. Doctor Who will be missed.
  7. Inglorious Basterds. Pretty good movie. For some reason, I just like Hans Landa alot. Been watching Tarantino movies lately.
  8. Recently watched Clone Wars and man, it was amazing! It really expands upon the Star Wars Prequels alot and it really made me feel for Anakin. Wish I'd watched it sooner.
  9. Just catching up on movies right now.
  10. Well, DC is pretty much dying anyway. It's sad to say but Gosho lost his touch.
  11. Is it just me or is DCW very laggy/slow recently? Like when I'm posting, it takes like 2 minutes for it to actually get posted. The submit/post button changes to saving and it stays like that for awhile. Site also takes a long time to respond when I view posts or go to a subforum. Hope that can be looked at!
  12. Why the heck is DCW so freaking slow nowadays?
  13. Dear anon, How stupid of me to fall for someone I shouldn't. Maybe this whole thing is destiny forcing us to let go, move on and to do the right thing. But we'll see. Time will tell. Will things still be the same? I still hope to say goodbye at the least before one of us leaves. Yours only for now, Me
  14. Plan failed lol. It's just kinda sad that forums are kind of obsolete now.
  15. Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom. Great Movie. Sequel can't come soon enough.
  16. Hi. I guess I'm back again! Is anyone still here?
  17. It was actually funny that it was sudden and he just started ranting out when everyone was like serious and sharing their life stories. On My Mind: #wengerout
  18. M-Maybe? Nah. You're gonna be my first investor haha People love to argue that they call Christmas/New Year as "Holidays" because they don't want to offend anyone but I think it's geared more towards the gretee disliking the occasion than the other party not celebrating it. I mean I always call the holidays by their name, may it be a Muslim one or American one or Asian one or whatsoever e.g. Ramadan/Thanks Giving/Lunar New Year eventho I don't celebrate them . I do it because I respect, welcome and tolerate the occasion. And I don't see any reason why not unless you are someone who cannot tolerate these things. And geez, if you are offended when someone greets you "Merry Christmas/Happy New Year" because you don't celebrate those things then something is wrong with you. You are probably just a Liberal-Fanatic who despises everything about Christianity. If you're gonna counter argue and ask why I am against Christmas being called "Holiday" if I'm a tolerable person, it's simply because. as I said, it's disrespectful to those people who have established the occasion and to those who celebrate it. It's name swapping no matter what you call it. You are basically not acknowledging it (It's basically like calling someone "girl/boy/kid" instead of calling them by their name) And anyways, Christmas is just the name of the Holiday, it doesn't mean that if you greet someone by it, you automatically shove Christian beliefs to them. Actually, Christmas is not even really a Christian Celebration to some. (There are Christians Denominations that despises Christmas) Plus to me, Christmas Celebration has a different meaning to me. Being a Christian Deist, I don't celebrate it like the theological Christians do where they celebrate it because it's the birth of their God Jesus whatsoever. I celebrate it as an occasion where people can rest and be happy and celebrate and reunite and give gifts to each other. And I'll still call it Christmas. Mr. Robot reference? I actually hated that speech of his. He sounded like a conspiracy theorist there for a second. #Im14andthisisdeep Oh the Irony. I'm over that period of my life. === On My Mind: Gahd. It pisses me off that my parents decided to just cement the Garden. There's no more nature in our house. Why are old people like this? D:
  19. On My Mind: Late Merry Christmas to everyone and an advance happy new year too! Yes, CHRISTMAS not Holidays. It's purely disrespectful to the occasion and to those who celebrate it to call it the latter. Even me who's kinda like ex-catholic still calls it Christmas. :V
  20. Still have to see it LOL. On My Mind #1: I find it quite interesting that those members who joined in 2010-2012 are the ones who still visits this site from time to time and never actually left. I guess this is what they mean by Generation Gap On My Mind #2: About to finish the stories of the First Doctor T__T I shall miss him ;__; Hmmm. Yes I will.
  21. Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, still have to watch it but the hype makes me really want to watch it
  22. On My Mind : Christmas is near and it's pretty dead silent in here...
  23. On My Mind: Time to remember Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor awesome anti-religion speech. <3
  24. On My Mind: I really love the alternate history+time travel parody-paradoxes craps in DW like the mystery of Mary Celeste, how it was actually the Doctor, the Daleks and the gang's fault why there was no crew on the ship when it was found. The ship's crew thought they were ghosts lol and they jumped out of the ship
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