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  1. Yeah I'm a lurker. Things have changed here and people came and left, busy with all their schedules. The once noisy DCW is now more peaceful. MK is one really old knight. Commendable. Oh and without realising it, I'm the last poster! Amazing!
  2. Was somehow mentioned. Well I guwas now I'm the last poster. =O
  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS! HOPE THAT "FAT" ain't the only thing we got for Christmas!

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    2. Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      \o/ Lego!!! Sweet!

      Yay Chekhov! Presenttttts! XD you like to cook?

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      A L

      I will only get fat .__. because the doctor says to eat moaar xD

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief
  4. 主角光环? Or 主角威能? Not sure if that's what you meant?
  5. Do the markets in US sell tin milo? Juz wondering.

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      Lol but none answers my question! Milo is most important! Lol

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      Balthazar Manfredie

      here is a tip

      never by nestle that is produced in the US

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      Metantei Kiddo

      Buy directly one from Switzerland

  6. (Sorry for the MIA.. Had exams! DX final one today! Coming back after that!)
  7. "Umm, neechan? You there?" Aster's voice broke Amber's thoughts. He then started to explain all of what had been happening, trying to make it seem like it's completely normal. Later, he opened the door and asked "Found anything interesting?" Amber didn't know what happened still but, she is sure she didn't want to stay cooped up in the room which they have been magically teleported to. The more she stayed there, the more she felt she was in danger. However, her recovery wasn't as fast as she hoped it would be. What to do?
  8. (Sorryyyyy been busy with school events! Lots recently especially when the freshmen are joining soon xD please forgive me for posting strangely unrelated stuff >__<) ----------- Strange stuff keep unfolding infront of her eyes. Manner couldn't believe it when the bronze, lifeless statue started moving on it's own. The impersonator of KID appeared again and chaos ensued. Amber couldn't help but only watch as people get hurt and public property damaged. Several of the people started chasing the statue and some others run after the imposter. 'Seriously?' Amber was horribly confused. 'I feel like I'm in NGNL now... No wait... They have no dancing statues if I recall...' Not before long, the statue was finally somehow subdued and the people restored, mysteriously though, by the weird girl, and Amber is now in a state of shock without even doing much. 'Someone... Explain this bizarre incident to me?' Amber thought, still in shock.
  9. (Sorry been busy too XD Lots of stuff... Maybe I won't be here for the next two days as well... I have time now to post though, but I have no idea what to write XDDDD) --------------- Amber continued staring at the Hachiko statue and the conversations between the people. The kidnapped girl had returned and she had found out what happened at the police station. she hoped that it won't turn out like the 109 Shibuya building incident where there are dangerous stuff like bombs and guns. She's got one leg down, and she doesn't wish for another hole punched somewhere else. She knew it wouldn't be good for her recovery, but she popped another chocolate into her mouth anyway.
  10. Amber stared at the bronze statue coldly. It wasn't much of a difference from the last time she looked at it. How is it that the girl can feel a dark aura emitting from it? Well, whatever it is, it is probably ominous. KID's attack would probably be around here but whether or not it is linked to the dog is another case in itself. 'There couldn't be another bomb in this thing can there?' Amber suddenly let her mind wander to a far off place. Since a meeting place means many people, Hachiko is surely an ideal place to place a bomb... if there were any empty spaces in there to deposit one in the first place that is. Amber started wondering how KID would appear in such a crowded and open space... surely he won't be walking right into the junction exposing himself to public knowledge and attention and risking getting caught. Amber wondered if perhaps the Hachiko would suddenly open its mouth and suddenly spit out a KID, much to everyone's surprise, or maybe it would spin and reveal a huge underground military base... but then she realized she have been thinking too much. Hachiko Hachiko Hachiko... those seemingly harmless words from that girl seemed to have started screwing up Amber's mind now.
  11. With the girl's answer, the rest left the restaurant and Amber followed. It wasn't too long before Amber started to drag her feet like an old man and trying to keep up. Although it had been a day, she could still feel the bullet wound and walking for long didn't help much. She was slowing everyone down and she didn't like it at all. Looking ahead, she saw Aster turning his head. She knew she was too slow, so she sped up a little, but to her shock, Aster smiled suspiciously. "W-wha-what is it?" Amber stuttered anxiously, hoping he wasn't thinking of something bad. But before she knew it, he grabbed her arms and pulled it over his neck. 'Wa-wait what!?' "AL! Wait! No! Wha-what are you doing? Put me doooaa--" Before Amber could finish, Aster pulled her up into a piggy back. "Piggyback time~" he said teasingly before continuing the walk. "AL! Put me down right now or I turn you into Jelly banana! AL! Did you hear me!?" Aster continued to ignored her and walk. Amber continued with her death threats, pulling his hair, and was about to bite on him but stopped when he turned and whispered something to her, surprisingly, in Japanese. "Don't do stupid things like last night. Do you how freaking worried I was?" 'Japanese? He spoke to me in Japanese? And... he was worried? What? Did I... understand it wrongly?' Something flushed in her head as she quietened down. 'Uh... wait... he whispered in Japanese! Don't tell me... He's... embarassed?' A smile spread across her face as she replied, also, in Japanese. "How worried? hmmmm~" 'Equivalent exchange! Haha~' To which, she could satisfyingly sense his eyesight darting away as he replied, "Shut up and go bald Neechan." "Tch, tsundere AL." she replied as she giggled inside her head. Soon the reached Shibuya Crossing and met up with the other group. Finally, they have met up with the other group. There was not much need to walk and so Aster finally decided to let her down. The discussion led to Aster talking much to himself and Amber chuckled every time he did that. Without much information, they could not even determine when the attacks would be launched, let alone catch the culprit. In her mind Amber wished that the incident would be over soon so she could be properly sent to the hospital, and properly sent back home to her sweet abode. 'However... Reapers?' Amber thought in shock, and hesitated a little before asking. "Um... Could anyone tell us what happened at the police station?"
  12. Hikaru no Go :V I've been reading all the oldies
  13. (XD Well I figured that I'm the only person who will have any outbursts at all... everyone else is far too calm XD)
  14. "Speaking of the impersonator, you did an impressive job at the 109 Building incident. Though," 'Oh yea right. How convenient. You were the one who pushed us into this... Now you're saying this as though its natural.' The girl continued, "There were quite a few casualties from that incident. None of it your fault, naturally." 'What are you saying? IT WAS YOUR FAULT ISN'T IT!?' Amber frowned. The girl did not seem to be bothered by all the angry or shocked faces around her vicinity and continued to speak. "I hoped you were going to ask about the next KID impersonator incident, but I can only answer one question and I already answered Aster's here. Looks like you're going into this next one blind." 'Eh? What!?' Amber immediately turned and grabbed the girl who stood up to leave the restaurant. "Wait! Stop! What do you mean by that!? Are you going to make use of us to deal with your sick issues again!? There's no way we would actually do that unless you explain all of this right now!" -------- (^oo^)
  15. Autumn Season Anime episodes out. Awesome anime this round! XD

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      Um, do you mean summer? Well, either way, summer is looking good so far and fall is promising. Stay night hype!

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      huhu. can't relate anymore :( School is like crazy for a while. No time to watch :(

  16. 13 ~ Unlucky number~ XIII bad luck~
  17. Tsurara-chan~~~ <333333333 My fav chara from Nurarihyon~ <3 Welcome to DCW! <33333333333333
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