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  1. lol. google translation is not reliable now. I got failing marks because i use google :/
  2. Pero hirap talaga makahanap sa Pinas
  3. to God be the Glory ;D

  4. hellohellohello

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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Me too. They're a nice pair.

      Have you any friends on here yet? Do you speak to any other than I?

    3. Sammie19


      Yeah I have but we're not too close. Hehe :)

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Well, that is good to know.

      Feel free to speak to anyone. ^_^

  5. so sad :(

    1. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      *pokepokepokepoke* Better?

    2. Sammie19


      Hahaha! Thanks! Energy revived :D

  6. I felt like everybody is rude to me :(

  7. Now i know. It's better to ask from you than from the internet! Anyway, THANK YOU
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