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  1. how i hate the lebron news its just there to annoy you
  2. i wish steph would have won FMVP not because i dont think he is great, to me he is in the top 20 but because of the haters but kudos to the gsw for dealing with all those injuries and still wining i got to give props to livingston for playing his smartes basketball yet mcgee was good basically their bench did their part this season if they stay healthy forget the rockets
  3. yes it must be always around him cause he opens the game for the rest
  4. i think their diversity is the thing that the cavs wont be able to overcome game after game
  5. no one likes the refs anymore the only thing is who will loose their cool first and end the series that way shame for klay tho
  6. do you think it was a foul on lebrons side i get that its funny but too much blame is being put on JR make the FTs
  7. so whats new will you stay will you go
  8. fun game 1 thats as close as they will ever get
  9. maybe just me from our days everyone else is gone
  10. houston is too flawed too many 3s and if they are not going in they still shootin them harden is not what you want as the focal point forget analitycs for a time short bench ryan anderson cp3 is injured often and in intense series could go down the pace is not suited to their players, if it were they wouldnt be this tired
  11. did you see gsw what is in that 3rd qtr
  12. last night was horrible d antony basically lost from the beginning since he decided to run the first team to the ground with all those minutes i doubt cp3 will be of any use to them we all know how hamstrings work kerr should put steph on him and speed him over i know gonna be a great game 7 cant wait bron gonna go for 60 shame he gonna play all 48
  13. hamstrings are a tricky thing and he doesnt even have the height he relies on being fast iggy might come back indi made too many mistakes that lebron took care of thats all
  14. i think we are getting 2 G7s i think it will be cavs - warriors again
  15. the gsw missed an opportunity last night i know it wasnt going to be easy but still also their bench took a hit with iggy and west out
  16. yeah, everyone freaking out cause the gsw didnt adapt and had a bad night but they hav till sunday to figure things out, change a few things if you ask me, i would put mcgee
  17. gsw are too much for anyone you can change all you want and its never enough they made them look silly
  18. so boston played well my god, what is stevens doing to those guys
  19. i think klay will do a great job on D and than steph and KD will do their thang
  20. i see gsw wining it in 5-6 games
  21. i think that series will be good to bu there will be a lot of 3s
  22. toronto has peaked this is it they have no superstar we know what superstars are and al horford seems a lot better than their 2 seems we might get the great finals rockets vs warriors
  23. last night showed they have just a bunch role players no one comes back after 3-0, and neither will the sixers ben simmons could have done better and bret brown also its gonna be a good one in a few hours i think gsw win this one
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