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  1. i try to limit my games so the only one im playing right now is bleach brave souls
  2. well its nice and all i miss the old crew i put on some pounds that are hard to get rid of
  3. kenzi girl that you bruh its been such a long time
  4. stevens will fit it i think he now has a killer starting 5 kyrie is the only ? for this season
  5. im looking forward to the wc matchups boston is gonna rule the east
  6. the older ones seem to tight for my taste i like some space
  7. white is nice but i dont want it to get dirty i like the 2006 version, which i currently have
  8. i always go purple and gold
  9. i hate drama filled sports i like games
  10. 2 things either the raptors want to rebuild with international players around kawhi or they just want to rebuild with international players regardless of a superstar cause international players dont mind toronto like american players i just think that while i like kawhis approach to the media and life of the court like why would he want to give so many intervievs you pay me to play i cant tell you how many interviews i saw of a player by different media personnel asking the same questions it would drive me crazy but if he wants the big money of the court he hast to start talking about something
  11. he seems to tire out faster than most but i have lakers coming in as seconds if lonzo doesnt compete for the starting position imma say trade him its one thing to try hard and not succeed but to think you are entitled
  12. they will regress if history has shown anything its that cp3 will get hurt and everything will fall on harden and he has no team when that happens capela is overrated he is like tristan thompson ariza had nothing to prove he is a champion any laker fan who watched him knows how good he is
  13. cp3 is at least in thhe playoffs everyone has a bad game now and then but can blake or jordan pick him up that one game i guess cousins realized how great KD has it
  14. ofc he wants to win now he is a the greatest superstar loser in the nba no joke if they win and he plays his part it will calm his soul down he will get the max i know he would
  15. but its not the money he wanted i think they talked about some things and agreed on and that deal wasnt met so he stuck it to everyone
  16. there was talk that no one wanted him so he called the gsw all in all i think this is just a rehab move nothing more dwight was never an option for LA who ever said that was seeking attention
  17. i was so surprised that that boogie went there i thought dwight was most likely to go there i think he took so many loses that he had to do this davis will demand a trade after 2018/2019 season or leave free
  18. its bittersweet but the teams for next season are stacked i knew he was going to LA once that guy ridiculed PG for staying in okc
  19. but overall a nice batch of rookies
  20. how i hate the lebron news its just there to annoy you
  21. i wish steph would have won FMVP not because i dont think he is great, to me he is in the top 20 but because of the haters but kudos to the gsw for dealing with all those injuries and still wining i got to give props to livingston for playing his smartes basketball yet mcgee was good basically their bench did their part this season if they stay healthy forget the rockets
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