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  1. they can find another like green but not like klay
  2. they can pay that much since they drafted them but is the owner willing to
  3. the thing is the gsw can get paid it will just cost the owner more will they wont they
  4. hey man long time no see kinda neglected the site i see it as the pelicans will trade him cause they have no choice but they hate lebron and rich for how the, what i assume, whispered in to AD they do not want to help him out so i think they will wait for boston to see which pick lands where and send brown, and god knows who else then will resign kyrie lebron will push for boogie then but boogie will not want to play with him instead he will look for better options if he has none then he will others will go rather to the clippers rather than lakers gsw have to pay klay if they want to keep kd
  5. yeah i noticed that i was like could there only have been this much files since my absence hope he stops with filler and just gets down to the point
  6. oh cool so after all the garbage he has shown up i must return to DC we used to discus about him back in the day as the boss the end will come in 2 years
  7. seems like lebron came through in the clutch
  8. gsw will just demolish everyone good game last night god i hate harden
  9. i like the pelicans the others are what you expect man the pelicans are so tough toronto also looking good bucks are nice too
  10. stevens will fit it i think he now has a killer starting 5 kyrie is the only ? for this season
  11. im looking forward to the wc matchups boston is gonna rule the east
  12. the older ones seem to tight for my taste i like some space
  13. white is nice but i dont want it to get dirty i like the 2006 version, which i currently have
  14. i always go purple and gold
  15. i hate drama filled sports i like games
  16. 2 things either the raptors want to rebuild with international players around kawhi or they just want to rebuild with international players regardless of a superstar cause international players dont mind toronto like american players i just think that while i like kawhis approach to the media and life of the court like why would he want to give so many intervievs you pay me to play i cant tell you how many interviews i saw of a player by different media personnel asking the same questions it would drive me crazy but if he wants the big money of the court he hast to start talking about something
  17. he seems to tire out faster than most but i have lakers coming in as seconds if lonzo doesnt compete for the starting position imma say trade him its one thing to try hard and not succeed but to think you are entitled
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