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  1. yeah things in the west are great to watch
  2. i never expected blake to be traded i thought he would be a clipper for life to me the trade makes no sense either way the wizards are now in big trouble they will need his playmaking abilities i dont understand why are the cavs so much in the news its anoying
  3. and he just walked for the rebound i think he will be good when he comes back its just the contract is up in the air
  4. would have been nice if he got the win the spurs played lamarcus and just him
  5. yeah pretty dope how the rockets got the W but im not worried next time klay will be on harden all night and he cant do much when klay is on him also playoffs are their weaknes the gsw have harden who will come through for them at the end plus KD is more efficient once steph is besides him the cavs are bad i get that O wants that max but he has been jacking up shots i was watching and all i see is how can a achieve a stat...so to speak crowder looks like he is lost on D got o give mayor props to stevens when you look at everything and JR...wow OKC looked good cause they played the cavs come on it looked like drills more than a game
  6. Trams picking up the pace. Steph looks like unanimous MVP Steph. Shame for kawhi. Lakers are planning to move 3 guys for a potential star. Man if that does not work out, magic can just fire him self
  7. Hey man Long time Lots if catching up to do
  8. Hey fool Dont use the nigga word you are obviously too stupid to know its meaning
  9. having love and jordan rebound beside lebron would be amazing i see the warriors getting crushed their big time but there is still the matter of scoring then the way steph opens up klay and KD i see them making more than missing then there is green if i were thompson i would want to go to LA in some way he will have a kid his baby mama is who she is i personally would keep jordan but if he wants out then you got to get a player that would love to stay if every team is heathy i see the gsw finishing 16-1 maybe 16-2
  10. the cavs will look to trade thompson, i doubt they can get rid if JR there is also shumpert and frye too much money spent for so little
  11. neon genesis has a much cooler concept and its not ridiculous as SAO
  12. just gsw vs cavs and okc vs rockets i liked the first one no foul, just folks being sensitive or soft the other one didnt surprise me they need cp3 but okc now has 4 that can score
  13. i know i have been waiting for them to end i always read info on the anime and if they happen to be short i let them pile up and over the weekend complete them im happy with inuyashiki
  14. you are not alone ( cool neon genesis reference right here) when i watched the firs episode i was like wow then as it went on i got sad and mad
  15. Sword art online ordinal scale sooo bad i mean they are just recycling the story with every new incarnation the animation is good the black guy finally had a role the action was decent but the same irritating things are still there and you can take so much of it
  16. Sakamoto desu ga so bad i had high hopes for him bu it was just a very very poor mans great teacher onizuka
  17. recaps are recaps, you have seen them R3 is what im waiting for
  18. Finally im gonna watch inuyashiki and recovery of an mmo junkie
  19. players ask for absurd amounts these years i get that the cap has gone up but still its too much im thinking it might hurt us now lets see what i mean by this players in this new generation are 90% or more one and done tat means they just ball without learning thats why we see slow 3-4 years of adjustments i think he has developed and matured now can we take a look at guys like PG13, hayward, TMac, KG, Kobe, steph they needed time some more then others but they came out we saw DLo play good this year, okafor will be of big help maybe randle should consider joining them and start their own young big 3 if that ever happens think about this the nets ave all their pick and soomehow ended with the players that were higly drafted ...crazy
  20. prison school it was funny, very interesting concept then got a drop in quality and now ended so stupid
  21. im sure he is gonna ask for 20M a year, you see guys like tristan thompson getting that much and take lebron away from him he is a very poor mans deandre jordan the lakers should just wait out this PG13 thing they will land him eventually be it winter or summer you know who else wasted his talents michael beasley i always liked him but his head is just so full of gremlins and leprechauns and elves and what not having a party
  22. i think julius is going to be trades at the end they gonna wait for PG13s move to see whats up check this, the list of big men from the 50s till 2010s mikan, wilt, karemm, divac, shaq, bynum, gasol all time all timers bynum could have been but was stupid the exception then we get dwight, hibert, boozer, lopez my god how bad granted boozer was a good big man but started to become a shooter instead of going down low and that was his downfall im starting to think that we might have made a mistake with ball lack of spirit is bothersome, regardless of the last few i would go with zubac at C ad rotate with kuzma
  23. would love it if kuzma started there is no reason to play lopez first he could end up avg. 20 a game if he starts i think if PG comes KCP will be gone i think lopez is out either way javale mcgee is better
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