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  1. these raptors are so... i dont what to say utah and boston have great coaches that can do a lot if given the right players seems like gsw are good to take of
  2. what bothered me in that game 7 is that lance played 11 minutes which was stupid the pacers are just 7 guys you rotate and you cut it to 6 but i think they need to find a bench and they will be fine melo is so in his head, if he were half as good as he was we wouldnt be talking about a bench role
  3. i get that, but he cant make anyone better what can the okc do also donovan he needs to man up or go i think indiana might go to the second round
  4. i got to ask how bad is westbrook i mean a rook gets the best of him the pacers are not backing down
  5. utah made a mistake in this game, unfortunately they should feed of their home crowd and close this i expect snyder to explore westbrook and coach them to a win indiana also made a mistake oh well these two got to grind to win the next ones i expect steph to play game 1 with minutes restriction
  6. i know, they are strong but curry will make a return soon so this is going to be one feisty series toronto has been a disappointment as usual they dont know how to play in big moments
  7. you know who is probably going to make the finals if they pass the gsw the pelicans they are on a roll
  8. im highly impressed with boston they are so organized its scary so where does this leave the bucks if they cant pass a team lead by kids utah is amazing if i had to choose i would give mitchell ROY
  9. i was surprised to see indiana crush the cavs and whats interesting they have nice bigs in turner, young, sabonis they only need to defend the 3 and they will be fine lets have the real is portland overrated i mean sure they had that 13 game win streek but that was an aboration kobe had a month where he avg. more than 45 but that was 1 month i just dont see them passing the pelicans with the way they play
  10. man the gsw picked the spurs up where they left them so routine the pelicans are amazing they grit and grind if only boogie were there rondo is just underrated cause of personality and sixers are flat out scary with belineli and iliyasova they are so much better
  11. and whats worse they payed him all that money who is going to take him if he is on the trading block
  12. yeah i misunderstood something but those are great series also im thinking butler will do his thing just like KAT, but wiggins will be the key
  13. KD has issues, but he sholud consult a psychologist now that the seeding is concluded this will be sweet rockets will have a tough first round gsw got luck portland and okc will be amazing
  14. the gsw should be concerned going in the playoffs KD might be one of the best scorers but he cant play their style without steph steph should come back if he can
  15. how embarrassing would it be if the wolves fall of that wiggins is no star
  16. thats what i have been thinking robinson was old and came back from injuries duncan, manu, parker were good but nothing like superstars, those that make you go wow would be nice if okc olayed portland or Minnesota
  17. maybe pop is the best of all time only 10 days till playoffs gonna be amazing
  18. have you seen westbrooks 3s in close games my goodness maybe pop is the GOAT all these wins and he has no superstars
  19. they beat bad teams, but that shouldnt be held against them but embiid is out what a shame
  20. yeah things in the west are great to watch
  21. i never expected blake to be traded i thought he would be a clipper for life to me the trade makes no sense either way the wizards are now in big trouble they will need his playmaking abilities i dont understand why are the cavs so much in the news its anoying
  22. and he just walked for the rebound i think he will be good when he comes back its just the contract is up in the air
  23. would have been nice if he got the win the spurs played lamarcus and just him
  24. yeah pretty dope how the rockets got the W but im not worried next time klay will be on harden all night and he cant do much when klay is on him also playoffs are their weaknes the gsw have harden who will come through for them at the end plus KD is more efficient once steph is besides him the cavs are bad i get that O wants that max but he has been jacking up shots i was watching and all i see is how can a achieve a stat...so to speak crowder looks like he is lost on D got o give mayor props to stevens when you look at everything and JR...wow OKC looked good cause they played the cavs come on it looked like drills more than a game
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