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  1. to be honest, im craving for a good/great train or ship case
  2. i wish i could feel the same, but it really did nothing for me
  3. 820 is out its nice when we get more suspects yawn
  4. they are too great not to win and steph and klay have taken a step back, when it comes to scoring one will explode for 40 one game and one for another game
  5. winning 4 is not the problem its with what players you take this huge task its not just score score score ( i mean yyou irving )
  6. i think its time for steph and klay to explode in these 2 games to close this they already have the confidence + the game the inserted doubt in the cavs mind also, lou is crazy if he thinks his bench is going to help them in any way they play their starters and and one guy from the bench max minutes they are basically the clippers of last year mozgov cant be any good sitting out this much and now he starts, same with Mo
  7. nothing to say other than dominance by gsw
  8. its nice that you joined us astra, i love it when more folks join in i dont think klay and steph will play like this again, but its best if their role players and bench players step up now on their home court and leave those 2 for the road games i think livingston played bad against okc but here he was delight to watch green as i predicted would have a better game against these players then OKCs, these are not as good as those were irving was bad but james and love got along great ezeli is a no show, he has to be better and for barnes, if you are a PF, grab more rebounds
  9. You should watch x men first class and days of future past Those are epic
  10. but to stick with someone, you may love, but are going nowhere fast is pointless now lebron must share the power with love and irving, that will be interesting to see and their balance is off their first team is bad on D but great on offence while the bench is reverse
  11. Thank god that one was great Batman v Superman was so strange to watch and figure. This one had a point and was action fun. Can i convince you to watch x-men apocalypse
  12. Either split russ and kd or get someone in between those 2 You cant go up 3-1 with the kind of players you have and fail like idiots I think gs has goten better when it comes to rebounds and the cavs wont have it easy there like last time they did
  13. Yes I guess, i will have to go with modern family
  14. It was better then what we had before. I just dont get this, the first parts of 2 parters are more interesting then the second parters For more then 90% of the time If you cant make them better just make them just as good. It felt that way to me in this one I think that, im calling it the New DCW, is having upgrades I still cant find some things also i miss the wiki :-( Its rough on my phone Not the same as when im on my pc
  15. 819 is out Its nice that the site is back so we can talk about it Will share my thoughts a bit later
  16. its a mixture of both the new x men are reboot sequels its complicated
  17. dont the old (spoiler)(/spoiler) work ??? i found myself asking that same thing yesterday
  18. the second or the first one the first one is better go watch this new x men
  19. welcome to New DCW

    1. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      and here i thought it was just me 

      kinda disappointed 

    2. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      We're brothers man

      So we both share the sweet talking ability :P

    3. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      I actually remember rohit now. Good ol times

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