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  1. Creed, hell yeah thats rocky for ya Room, its good...for me not great but that kids performance was oscar worthy
  2. Spimer has translated the trailer, you can download it to check it out you can find on mediafire or nyaa
  3. It looks like there will be a lot of action in it Glad that akai will really show up in this one I like what from gin Thanks Heli
  4. They dont want to pay the VA his kvota for a few words Or so i think
  5. 809 is out and i have to say that the only complain i have is the edited ending to me it seems that they split black impact into 4 is cause they wanted a longer break
  6. I dont know why, but i always thought of it as a 5 chaptersSilly
  7. the schedule got messed up still i would prefer remastered ones over these AOs there was no need to do Amuros intro episode, so black impact seems like the only logical choice...given the pattern im guessing 813 will be someone keeping an eye on amuro and nothing much observe and report i didnt expect kamaitachi to be 2 parts either but it was i would hate it if Kawanakajima has long recaps
  8. so its a 3 parter i dont know if black impact should be remastered but i guess it has to be done cause of kir these promo episodes before the movie are not great
  9. we are approaching march, has there been a schedule for that months episodes
  10. nope, just from where they have picked up till the end ( i hope )
  11. it would have been even better with the animation style from ยด99 a two part episode is perfect wasn't yamamura a monster hunter in the manga translation also he was funny as well the other
  12. the comedy between the 2 would be what entertains me also yes and yes for sake of staying on topic
  13. I agree with that But dc still kills people while kid steals and returns Fine, yes But different kind of fine
  14. but it is better suited for kids than conan have any parents protested about the blood in dc that would make the studio change it from red to black
  15. man, you missed out on a lot of great moments thats why i dont like shows that over stretch, laws change than what made them great has to change as well
  16. we are never going back to red again have you noticed the fight scenes in dragon ball super, they have some kind if scratches afterwards the time of blood is over
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