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  1. Well, if he gets fired now...who will hire him next There are a number of bad jobs you can take before they dont want you anymore. And the vets got college coaches...reverse world
  2. Scott is old school, idk what kind, but he has to be updated on the game. Do you know that scotts best coaching days were when he had a great pg( kidd, cp3 ). So by some way, he and russ will be great together. Also, cavs will fall today
  3. i kinda tolerated those facial details for some reason i did ask myself are they the same as the last time, but didnt had a problem with it its always better to remaster episodes or take an actual break then make AOs
  4. 811 is out there is talk that the animation in 811 is worse than the one in 810 the animation was better than in the previous one, at least to me CR should pay attention to typos the censoring was decent, good actually
  5. Looper it was amazing by watching looper i realized that every other hitman movie has a better hitman/hitman story than the actual hitman American hustle i cant believe i have been delaying this movie till today i love con movies
  6. minnesota has got to get some great players to surround their young ones thats the only difference tonight Russell has to show up cause he is playing the best player, i dont expect them to win cause winning is a team effort but as an individual he has got to close to steph
  7. i know i would have KAT as 1 porzingis has been great like okafor but i kinda agree with you on russell cause he does not have the freedom that those 2 have they are the like he main focus on their team while russ is not on the lakers but next season he has to improve his entire self but i will throw out there randal and nance
  8. how would you rank the rookies so far
  9. conans pose with his finger in his ear, whats it mean other than that, its a nice poster
  10. 80s D was brutal, the bad boys and celtics were rough They changed the game for jordan, they made the hard plays illegal so that it would be easy for him to win You know, i have been saying that the okc should trade ibaka cause he and the team dont get along Miami could use him, or anybody Speaking of bosh, i dont like what im about to say cause i like bosh, but the heat are playing better cause he is out
  11. i dont think that there should be such a thing its mentioned in the text who solves it And all of them are solved by conan/shinichi sometimes with a partner like heiji or the fbi Sure there is yusaku, but how much
  12. steph is just awesome, folks can hate on him all they want but he will give it to you not since kobe and wade have i seen someone that can take over games like steph i think defensive players back then were rougher than today, but with his handles...cant be guarded and back then kobe had odom coming off the bench everyone will miss stability in life once they lost it i dont know what else can this org do for lebron hey have given him everything that was capable of giving but i think he misses wade thee most and they lost to teams that were bad on their bad nights
  13. i agree with that i did not understand what you meant the first time
  14. i did not have a problem with the background, to me it looked ok
  15. i have been noticing that as well even if they dont want to pay the VA, DC has more money now than ever and is more popular also if they didnt have a problem in the past why start editing now the second way to look at it is that if its not relevant to anything, they will just leave it out...cause, why pay it than also i rewatched the episode and noticed that the animation was horrible a few times, the characters i mean
  16. Next time the picture will go black. Or maybe the dead folks will be dark in the near future I guess we have to suck it up. But we wont stop making fun of it There is a wilde chance that this year a great AO episode comes out, you never know
  17. wait, there hasnt been overly dramatic soccer ball kick in a movie fo real agasa's quiz should be in the trailers from now on, so that we see some mystery in these movies
  18. i do have to say this i dont remember or can think of any team that has outrebounded someone by 20, let alone 30 ΕΎ, and lost the game what steph did was amazing, as well as his teammates from D to cluts points to game winning move to game winning FTs but oscar was right, that dude should have picked steph up right away and not let him shot the 3 the okc are so bad as a team it makes you dont care about them i remember when the lakers ( 2008-2010 ), when kobe was out, they won without him thats how you knew they were a great team these cavs only missed bron and lost to these wizards...ridiculous
  19. man that black glass is funny

    1. Heliotropic


      Yea, that style works for the manga, but not so much the anime. I liked the portrayal of Goudzou's prosthetic in MK1412. This just looks weird =P

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      im wondering

      if they let kansuke have his scar, why not make one for this dude

  20. the gsw have a great schedule in their favor the next 20+ games i think they can pull a 73-9, maybe 74-8 if they beat the okc tonight the rockets are an embarrassment they fire a coach who got them to the finals, west finals, last year and the replace him with this dude if they were in LA i could understand the drama and all these lies they keep making up they are so ridiculous the blazers are so good, i didnt have them anywhere this year i thought lillard would be scoring 30 a game and thats that i dont like scott as the coach, it was clear 15 games in to the season that the lakers would be a miss and that it was better to let the young ones play more and more so that they could develope i love kobe, but put him aside for once mark jackson should be the coach with tibs being there to assist him they can relate to young players i think that joe has run out of gas long time ago what a dagger by lowrey
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