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  1. i was surprised when i saw the difference
  2. Economic Left/Right: -4.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.18
  3. im also leaning towards the boss being a child since i except a clash of some sorts between conan and him in the end and both have to be adults or children during that clash and i dont believe that conan will turn back to shinichi till he defeats them unless conan walks in on the boss completing the antidote to use on himself and both turn back by some chance this is why believe that for some time now that maybe a few, a small number of agents, know the boss personally and the rest simply call him that person as for RUM...somewhat similar looking to kogoro, but with longer hair
  4. The lakers are close to garbage Its gonna be a long summer
  5. lakes care more about drama than basketball
  6. I get what you guys are saying After so many dc chapters, i wanted a small change
  7. has anyone watched batman v superman

    1. DCUniverseAficionado


      Haven't seen the movie, and I don't know if you've watched these two:


    2. DCUniverseAficionado


      They mainly cover what they think is wrong, but they approve of more than a few moments in the film.

    3. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      i know of NC

      i find the movie has more than enough flaws than i would like

      no movie is without but you should minimize it

      the more i think about it

      this was more the dark knight returns than BvS

      superman was flawed

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  8. i do have to say after watching the gsw-sas game that the gsw have a chance of beating them 4-2 or 4-1 when everyone gets back gsw missed 3 players while the spurs had everyone gsw will have home court advantage and the spurs can lose to them at home cause klay and steph will not be held to these % steph should not have to run through screens with them, cause lets face it there is no one that can guard him at that position, and when kawhi switches than klay has to step up
  9. but 425 is 1:48h long if there are 4 parts i think there will be little recap if any i saw the animation and it is good i have hope that baaro will sub this soon im not much familiar with manga case other than that intro scene which was out in i do think the newer BO cases lack the great music of the old ones
  10. you redefined the title excellent when it comes to gathering reps

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Wow, I had no idea they were that high!

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      one day you will have more than everyone here combined

      that will be amazing

  11. He plays well If the lakers dont get ben, ingram is the 2nd opt. Young future, march forward
  12. sometimes a game here and there but i will try to fit some in to my schedule
  13. I do see that, but not everyone is mj, magic, kareem, oscar, shaq when they come in to the nba Plus these kids only go 1 year in college and jump in to the nba If i were them, i would say. We had our tryouts Take 2 weeks off, rest, clear your mind, and lets go to work Lets go with kobe, hakeem, dirk, garnett and see what we can do I think russ, nance, jr and jc are young and ready I hope the draft is rigged so we get the 1st pick cause 76ers dont know nothin And try to get someone to team up with them And let go of hibert, my god is he bad Russ now grabs more rebounds than him
  14. If i were the young guys i would work out all off season all day. They are making some stupid misstakes, randal should go to hakeem while russ and clarkson practice mid range game Im kinda whishing that the nba gives the lakers 1st pick and not the 6ers.
  15. Determination is out ill have to check it some time later due to other priorities
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