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Reading: The Alchemyst - Michael Scott
Playing: Mad Paintball (Roblox) / DanganRonpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSVita)
Watching: Steven Universe, Regular Show, Adventure Time, BBC Sherlock
Hi, I'm Rye! foxrawrplz.gif?1sayhiplz.gif
I'm a Southeast Asian teenage female technosapien who's blessed with more sweat glands than the average person. itshotplz.gif?1 

I've been a fan of DC ever since I was a kid. It remains on top of my favorite manga/anime. I usually read manga from the mystery, adventure, fantasy, and shoujo genres, but my tastes are pretty open as long as the material doesn't have horror or intense gore. I love DanganRonpa!!! I also like cartoons, and some of my favorite titles are Regular Show, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Gravity Falls. 
I like music, and my preferences are quite fluid. If it's pleasant to the ears, I'll most certainly like it. I listen to both Western and Eastern artists. Talk to me about your favorite musicians! I love listening to new songs and artists. I'm learning the piano! I'm also an art trash. I enjoy drawing and hand lettering.
My message box is always open! foxhappyplz.gif?1


Someday, I hope I'll be as rich as Byakuya Togami.






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