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  1. I couldn't keep watching the Brazil game...too painful
  2. Tokyo Ghoul Sword At Online II Aldnoah. zero Akame ga Kill! This is a really good season for anime
  3. Transformers 4, although I wouldn't recommend it. I just went to see it as a way of catching up with old friends from one of my hometowns
  4. Akame ga kill -Fantastic story telling that has great thought in developing characters, investigating human pitfalls(i.e greed), and differences in appearance versus what is lying underneath the surface. It at times feels like a social commentary and has great fight scenes. Many of you may have heard about it from the anime that was released this season which looks awesome. History's strongest disciple Kenichi -One of the influences that returned my interest in martial arts after I took a few years off. Plus I'm a sucker for the story of the underdog. Hunter x Hunter -It may look like a generic shonen at first but really stands out once you start reading. Fights are heavily influenced on ability to predict and deduce what an opponent is attempting to do. Outside of the Chimera ant arc It is one of my favorite manga World Trigger -I got into it after I got it in my weekly shonen Jump subscription from viz manga. Its a very interesting Idea. I don't want to spoil anything but it kinda grabs you after the first chapter or so. It will also get an anime soon. Seraph of the end -Also In My wsj subscription but is very good. If you like vampires and even if you don't you will like it. It is set in a post apocalyptic world where Humanity was almost wiped out and vampires saved many who were left to provide blood for the vampire cities. Different monsters exist and are taking over as well. Humanity has to fight back to stay alive. toriko -It isn't great but is kinda fun to read from time to time Kingdom -Very good. If you like underdog stories and and enjoy ancient warfare and strategy this is for you
  5. Catching up on Detective Conan has to be one of the highlights of my week. Still one of my favorite series of all time

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    2. Kirsch


      Congrats! Being able to do that is now on my bucket list. :D

    3. Detective Kudo

      Detective Kudo

      I caught up in manga but not anime just yet, anime I am 20 episodes behind still

    4. A.Haibara


      That's way ahead of me~

  6. I have been gone for a while but when I marathoned to catch up and read plot I geeked out! I just had to stop by and read everyone else's reactions.
  7. I've been on hiatus for a while because i've been studying and taking IB exams. Once I finish out this week I will have my life back lol

  8. I feel Jodie's character regressed as soon as Scar Akai started to show up...well maybe as soon as Akai incident occurred. I have hopes that the plot will play out a little better, but i do agree.
  9. wow so Yumi gets a love story hahaha! well it was bound to happen, it is Gosho. I'm surprised they aren't childhood freinds
  10. so glad this is senior year. I hate IB

  11. i don't feel like doing these IA's. *sigh* senioritis is real

    1. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      this early? man that takes talent

  12. ok, i have a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner and if Hattori's deduction was true, the room needs what the company calls towers for roomba to memorize anything in the room. The room was neat because if there was dirt than Roomba would stop to clean it. Additionally, if no one noticed roomba is usually used for carpet, that floor was wooden, why not just use a broom, you'll have to mop eventually. So why not get a robot mop? Also for that trick to work that tin had to be extremely light, those robots have sensors and often won't push objects across the room unless its below the sensor. Stuff like a sock or shoe would work. Also if that did happen and the tin was that thin, i'm surprised it held his weight. well, whatever.. Since there was another death and painting on the door, i have a feeling this isn't over.
  13. i have to say i liked the opening overall. much improvement from the last op. I liked the background and Shinichi appearance. And seeing Amuro and Sera had me pretty hyped. However, like in all openings lately, i found the part about Ran a bit weird. The part when her and Aoko mirrored each other and a light glowed between their hands was dumb. Why must they have Ran doing the weirdest things? But that can be overlooked.
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