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  1. Glad to know it's false... though I wasn't gonna believe anything 'til I heard it officially here!
  2. Thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday greetings! And if it applies... Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday and I hope everyone had a great holiday!

  4. Thanks to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday and I hope everyone had a great holiday!

  5. how do you view the 'lovely pictures'? sadly, i can't read japanese
  6. I hope that group paid them to use the dancing girl... I like the song, but would have preferred seeing the characters that are actually in the anime performing action shots - the heart thing was cute, but would've been cuter if Ran (then Ai, then Ayumi) were to have been doing it. And maybe even a short shot of Sonoko making the heart at Kaito Kid. The rest of the dance could've been left out entirely... as could the girl.
  7. Not sure what happened but if I in any way offended anyone - I'm more than happy to apologize - I love DC too much to want to see the site go away
  8. Doesn't seem to be anything missing - though I think you may be right about it being Ran doing the sending and receiving - at any rate, she always seems to pick up on when he's thinking strongly about her, like the bomb case where she thought she heard him call out to her.
  9. Granted, I haven't read every manga there is out there... but among what I have read, I've come across two other characters with the last name Kudo... In Ryo Saenagi's 3 book mini-series "Psychic Power Nanaki", there is Ao Kudo. He is twenty, but looks around fourteen to sixteen as his physical maturing literally stopped with the onset of his abilities - he can see/hear/talk to and exorcise ghosts, he has telepathy and can change one object into another... he usually carries around a stick, which he has on occasion turned into a gun, a bullet proof fan and a huge mat, which he used to catch Nanaki who had fallen from a great height. In that manga, according to the notes, the kanji of his name means either something blue or 'eternal immaturity' - which, due to his abilities, he does seem to be cursed with since he hasn't physically aged. He is a member of an auxiliary group to the police called the "Paranormal Task Force" or (for some reason unstated) the Lock Agency. In another manga, "Legal Drug" by Clamp, there is Kazahaya Kudo who has the ability of psychometry - only stronger... whenever he touches an object or person, he can read it's history and it's emotions - he lives and works at the Green Pharmacy, whose owner often sends him and his also gifted co-worker out to collect "special objects" that have psychic resonations. So... even though we all know DC is NOT that kind of manga... does anyone feel that Shinichi was cheated because he doesn't have a special ability? Or can we consider that the way he always seems to happen to be at the right place at the right/wrong (take your pick) time to catch a murderer as his special power? And for the record... I do not think that he is a Shinigami - NEVER!
  10. I used to. I started reading Ellery Queen when I was four or five - and Agatha Christie soon after - when I was really young, I wanted to be a female Ellery.
  11. I liked Static Shock too. Being a bit older, I also liked alot of other cartoons such as M.A.S.K., Jem and the Holograms, Beverly Hills Teens - and newer ones, like Danny Phantom and Legion of Superheroes as well as many others.
  12. I watch the anime and read the manga, though I only own the (translated to English) first issue and issues 32-36 plus the Funimation seasons 1-4 and movies 1-4
  13. more like 17 hours for me... sigh... Happy New Year to all from me too!

  14. Yes, love it - indeed very adorable - both of them
  15. I never got to see it on television or anything - I had been in FYE (for your entertainment) looking through the anime DVD section when I saw the Box Set for the whole first season - read the cover, was interested enough in the premise to buy it and the rest - as they say - was history. I've read the translated manga from volume 1 to 36 and currently own the 'English' dvds of the first 4 seasons and the first 4 movies. Sadly, the FYE near me seems to be reducing their anime section and never offered Season 5's box set
  16. Welcome back and Merry Christmas to you too
  17. Free time is an illusion - it exists less than... well... let's not go there... but, when I can, I like to read Manga, Mysteries and Fan Fiction (especially DC). I also listen to music and watch anime and other kinds of movies
  18. sroesch

    corrupted wish

    Rom Yui applied to be a Chinese but when the visa came was made into a Scandinavian instead. I wish I could have my own computer with infinite memory.
  19. Actually, the part of my comment about the author was referring to an earlier post in this subject trail, it wasn't anything I'd known on my own
  20. First, sorry if I'm posting a reply twice - still just getting used to using this kind of forum... Second... ouch, guess I've been slapped - that teaches me not to reply or post opinions to anything - from now on, at least for awhile, I'll just read other peoples... or maybe not visit so much anymore...
  21. Besides the immortality thing, I think it could mean that the BO wants to be the ultimate authority over humanity... they want to be the ones who decide who lives, who dies, and how they're going to torment anyone they choose to.
  22. I support the APTX theory too - after all, Vermouth certainly seems to know that Conan is Shinichi... and since none of the other members of the Organization seem to know that, how else would she know unless she herself had gone through the same thing? Also, while Gosho may have said the two are not 'connected', why then does the Phantom Thief keep appearing in DC episodes and movies? And still searching for/stealing large gems (supposedly to keep Pandora from being found by the Organization). I think the BO is looking for immortality - or at least the Boss is - probably wants to be the Criminal Dictator of Earth.
  23. I'd love to see it on American TV, sadly though, I don't get Cartoon Network... to bad someone couldn't interest Fox or some station like that to run them...
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