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  1. Hey everyone thanks for the birthday wishes a couple weeks ago. I've been so busy with school I didn't have time to respond right away...

  2. Have a happy birthday!

    Please come back online again!

  3. Happy birthday! Come online sometime!

  4. Happy Birthday!! :D Have a great one!!

  5. Happy Birthday! :)

  6. Well I don't watch any other anime, but if you write DC chapter or ended i'd like to read it. I'm actually working on another ending but there is no many mysteries still lingering around DC that it's getting kinda hard to write xD I'm reading theories about different characters on a few forums to get some ideas. I want to finish it soon.
  7. This might be my last one because I have little time before I start university. And when I start there will be almost no time at all. Plus I want to start working on pictures on real people because it is more of a challenge. I do plan on making more, it will just take a longer time to finish.
  8. Thank you everyone for your comments. This will probably be my last DC related photoshop art (hopefully not) Please continue to comment because I do hope to eventually come back to these
  9. Thanks for the comment, I'm working on a Kid compilation now. I like your signature picture. I would love the link to download CS4, I think my trial runs out in about 10 days
  10. Thanks, as long as you give me credit I don't care what you do with it :grin:
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