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  1. detective jama

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    i think the boss is Kyosuke Haga from the dissonance of the stradivarius.
  2. we are god and the devil, we are trying to raise the dead against the flow of time. im guessing it means that the drug haibara made was actually meant for immortality.
  3. detective jama

    how detective conan ends

    how do you think it will end?
  4. detective jama

    I wish that would happen

    But then as they romance Ran wil be thought of as a peado
  5. detective jama

    Movie 15, "Quarter of Silence"

    i really hope it involves the B.O And conan has to stop a bomb before the time is up hence the title.
  6. detective jama

    Post your top 5 Animes (and why)!

    detective conan:because of the story the characters(conan and gin my favourites)and it looks kind of funny seeing a 7 year old out smart adults. Bleach:the fighting and the storyline. dragonball gt: the fighting and the funny scenes naruto shippuden:the fighting and the story line again inuyasha:the story.
  7. detective jama

    hello new here

  8. detective jama

    Famous lines of Shinichi Kudou/Conan Edogawa

    that one is my favourite too thats why sharon calls ran angel.
  9. detective jama

    What if conan aka jimmy or shinchii get caught by the BO

    i think he would be killed and so would any one linked with him and the only surviver that has something to do with him would be the BO boss.they might tourture him in a room filled with a bad stench that will eventually die
  10. detective jama

    Change of feelings?

    the only reason he would dump her is if he fell in love with Ai.
  11. detective jama

    Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

    i think that Ai is the best match for shinichi/Conan. ayumi might go all suicidal/murderer.
  12. detective jama

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    i say the B.O boss is mitsuhiko cos he's smart and it would be funny gin finally meets his boss who is a seven year old kid.(he could have taken APTX to turn into a child)
  13. detective jama

    How Detective Conan will end

    i think the BO boss is mitsuhiko he is smarter then most kids and he could have taken aptx4869 to shrink himself.