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  1. Yes, the biggest problem is for Ai to be forgotten. At least, please show a clue about what will happen to her )
  2. at least he's the one to supply Gin with information, and does take part in "investigating" around, like in the Double Mystery Halloween blah blah blah I don't remember the name in vol 42. And he's got his own codename so it means he has skills, just that we don't know yet )
  3. Meo

    Gosho's romance style

    his typical style of romance is "childhood-friends" or "have-met-since-we-were-kids" ) - then they would remain friends till now [e.x. Ran-Shin, Hei-Kaz, Kansuke-Yui, Kogoro-Eri] - or there'd be at least one of the two likes the other since then even though they haven't met [Chiba-Naeko, Kobayashi-Shiratori, Agasa-Fusae] since this type of couple accounts for about 50% of all, I prefer the other types ) (since it sounds irrealistic to me) (the type that people meet each other when they've grown up and fall in love after that) [e.x. Sato-Takagi, Yukiko-Yusaku]
  4. [His parents love him the most of course ] - Ran only loves Shinichi, not Conan - Ayumi likes Conan, an interest from a child, but who knows, after Conan disappears she will just remember him as a friend - Haibara likes Shinichi but I can't tell if she wants to marry him or not ) (even with the theory that Ran doesn't exist) - Sera seems to like Shinichi but we don't know much about that Anyone else likes/loves him?
  5. wow, really? both Shuukichi and Sera will be in the next case? When I read a post about the next case involving Sera Ran Conan go to a ramen then there's a murder, I thought it would be dead boring. but if Shuukichi would be there too, it'd be interesting )
  6. definitely not that ep. There is no parent or grand-parent with her children trying to kill her here. She purposely poison the victim. No police go there and investigate.
  7. have you found out the episode? if not, can you provide some more information, like the drawing style (I don't know how to call that), it looks like old eps or more recent eps? does it have any other mainstream character other than Conan and the Mouri? etc.
  8. Jodie to keep her role more important in the later BO arc. Her character's been portrayed to be dumber and dumber compared with her initial dangerous appearance. Rei - Sera - Subaru - Ai-chan confront each others ) that'd be interesting. We now only have Rei-Subaru, Sera-Ai, Subaru-Ai and one time Sera-Subaru (there will be, but I want it to happen earlier, not to the end of the story ) )
  9. all the BO eps and arcs ) non-BO: "Froth, Steam and Smoke", just because Subaru calls Ai-chan 'princess' ); "Detective's Nocture" eps; "Tea Poisoning case"
  10. I don't watch all the eps and don't give much attention to the music, I just remember songs that I somehow feel impressed. (and I have to go search for the name too since I just remember the melody and some lyrics words ) ) Opening: Natsuiro - Kimi no Namida ni Konna ni Koi Shiteru (君の涙にこんなに恋してる; So in Love in Tears) Ending: Boyfriend - Hitomi no Melody (瞳のメロディ; Melody of Eyes)
  11. the publisher, producer, editor, whoever have been given a brief look at the ending, better give it to fans. then I don't mind non-canon stories since it's just like fanfics.
  12. My elder brother and female cousin (born in 1986 and 1985) had been keeping Conan as a whole since who knows when in her house. As I remember, in spring 2001, I came to her house on a hoilday. My brother and her played cards, and since I'd not known how to play yet, I went look for some manga (I didn't even know the word "manga" back then). That's how I discovered Conan and was scared to death. Not until 3 years later did I dare to read it again after I finished my semester-end exam and had nothing to do, and found out which case and volume I read the first time ) At that time my cousin and brother'd entered uni so I became the one keeping the mangas (from vol about 45-46~~). Now I'm waiting for vol.85 to be published and added to my collection )
  13. at first I thought the two girls have some role too ) But since I read the engsub for the songs I understand that it's just 2 secret admirers to Shinichi and Conan ) damn the boy is such a lady-killer in any body form )
  14. I haven't even watched the early cases (the early eps) ) I think I started to watched continuously at about eps 630s onward. Before that I only watched some of the eps based on the cases.
  15. Reading th OP's post, I remember that case and that I wasn't scared reading this. But the capture in the next post really scared me since I didn't expect it at all and the picture is so large with that creepy face zoomed in ) As for me, I don't remember if the early eps scared me, but recently, I got scared watching the Red Woman case ) To be honest, it's the scene when the light was out and it was a pouring rainy night, a character heard some sound out then she came to open the window and BAAM! a black silhouette with creepy eyes and flying hair popped out then jumped to stab her. I litterally screamed and kicked my mini-table and my laptop nearly litterally flied --.--
  16. I don't remember where I read this (dctp forum?!?), but this movie will be Bourbon vs. Akai ) *insert Akazora's gif above*
  17. She goes home after school just close to dinner cooking time. Just that.
  18. As much as I love Shiho, considering what Shinichi may think, I think he'd have a really really hard time if Ran leaves him. Shiho mainly helps him in destroying BO and turning himself back, if Shiho's gone, he still got many allies, just that it'd be hard for him to return to Shinichi (but if BO's brought to light, APTX can be studied by other scientists too). Ran just plays a too much important role in Shinichi's life.
  19. Overall, the characters that annoy me almost everytime they appear or at least I really don't look forward to that I can think of right away are Genta (his aggressive attitude), Mitsuhiko (he likes to make himself look mature and knowledgable though he's kind of really is). Sonoko only annoys me when she keeps on showing off her family's wealth (like when she compared that hotel Sera stayed in with her family's tower).
  20. I'm looking forward to the animated version of this case ) Ai-chan's facial expressions are so funny )
  21. Gosho wrote in one of his Animal Crossing message that Sera called her middle brother "Kichi-nii" P/S: Hello everyone, I'm a new registered member ^^
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