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  1. That's mainly because Conan knows a secret of hers.
  2. I figured that since Conan fans and Kindaichi fans are pretty much one in the same this would be a good place to ask... Now I'm just wondering if there is anything more to the Kindaichi anime than the cases themselves. I started watching the original series and hit around episode 14 and noticed that there wasn't really any kind of backstory or progression of story as as what is present in the other highly popular Detective series (Detective Conan). Granted there is the slight presence of romance every now and then that I assume progresses as the series moves on but is there really no prevalent serial killer or organisation that manages to escape from Kindaichi's grasp? That his grandfather had trouble dealing with in the past? If you could format your answers with more of a yes or no answer than any real spoilers it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. So I just started watching Kindaichi... its just every Conan fans fantasy with the Shinichiness in Kindaichi :c

  4. The whole being deserted on a remote area, somebody dies, contact to the outside world cut off, somebody else dies, little clues as to who the culprit is being scattered around everywhere. Sakurako-san frankly doesn't have any kind of investigation, they just jump right into the culprit (if they even get that far) and then the show ends, I was a little disappointed since the show is based off of one of my favourite tv shows BONES
  5. Benno


    There is that one group doing an episode every month or so but sub groups just don't come together lol. There isn't even really quality subs for the early Conan episodes when you look back
  6. Is anyone else getting some serious Conan vibes in Perfect Insider?
  7. Its not the worst project by all means, I've been reading Baby Steps which is now over 100 chapter behind and they have translated 7 or so chapters this year... Its sad that you have to rely on these groups but there isn't much to do alternatively lol, hopefully Souka or some other group picks it up on a full time basis lol
  8. I've just caught up with the Manga and am just wondering how responsive Souka are with the scanlations? I realise that the manga is a few weeks behind anyway.
  9. Has the BD been released/subbed yet? I can still only find the Korean rip that has Jap audio
  10. I can't believe the slap on the forehead that I just did after reading the OP, oh my god... it all makes sense!
  11. To put things into perspective it was dubbed over the original Japanese dub, the English version is not the original and the characters are not named Jimmy and Rachel, they were named that because of some silly copyright laws at the time. I remember swapping over from the dub to the sub after catching up instantly and kicking myself for taking so long to do so, the Japanese version is far better, you also don't particularly watch the series for the story itself, Conan is all about the mystery and the cases surrounding one of the best slowly arching stories to date.
  12. Finally caught up with the Conan manga, I'm certainly pumped for the chaps to come!

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    2. Benno


      3-4 months? I just went at a steady pace and read the last third of it in a week lol

    3. Ryo


      lol interesting. I only started reading the manga in the 800's so I might try from the beginning.

    4. Benno


      I found it really interesting reading the chapters when I knew what was going to happen, how they depicted Subaru as Bourbon and how I slapped my head reading through it... It was an interesting experience

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