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  1. You sound pretty naive for a 28 year old.
  2. Whenever we see Ran cooking something she is almost always in her school uniform. I wonder if this is because the animators/Gosho are too lazy to draw her wearing different clothes, or is it because Ran just doesn't have the time to change into her everyday clothes before starting to cook. Or maybe she enjoys cooking in her uniform, god knows why. Funny little detail.
  3. http://www.quora.com/Are-there-real-life-cases-of-murder-inspired-by-fictional-stories-such-as-Agatha-Christie-or-Detective-Conan
  4. And the point of this thread is ?
  5. So, you are judging a book character based on his TV interpretation? I suggest you to read some Sherlock Holmes books before commenting on the character. Shinichi is basically created as an overpowered character in accordance with the shounen genre's characteristics, that's one of the main reasons that makes him popular among the shounen fans ( like the majority of this site) . So, it's no surprise that he solves the cases faster. Even though you read Sherlock Holmes stories more than 59 times you are wrong too. C. Auguste Dupin is the forefather of all fictional detectives, not Sherlock Holmes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._Auguste_Dupin And you can't know for sure that if there were no Sherlock then there wouldn't be DC either. DC might as well have been inspired by another fictional detective, like Kindaichi did. It's absurd to compare Sherlock Holmes to Shinichi/Conan in the first place anyway. Especially when there are few people who actually read Sherlock Holmes here. Then again, it's not surprising.
  6. House! He really does have a huge ego, doesn't he? Poor Cuddy...

  7. My top 3 episodes are; Caught Up with the Great Detective! Two Murder Cases ( The second part of the episode was simply amazing and a nice break from the murderer with a lame motive, the first part was the usual Conan stuff though) Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night (Best BO episode ever, nuff said) The Locked Room in the Sky: Shinichi Kudo's First Case (It's great to see Shinichi solving a case in his own body, the setting being a plane makes the case more interesting) And as a bonus my top 3 AO episodes are; The Invisible Weapon, Ran's First Investigation ( It's interesting to see Ran solve a case for a change) The Uncontrollable Rental Car (Nice Speed inspired episode) Courtroom Confrontation: Kisaki vs Kogoro (A nice change of pace from the usual murder solving )
  8. Metroid

    Yukiko Kudo

    In short, not a chance in hell.
  9. Since we all know James Black is not the Anokata I don't know what you are explaining for.
  10. Anokata being Shinichi's dad or mom, Agase, Vermouth, Gin, Akai, Jack Black, Yoko Okino, Toichi Kuroba, Haibara's mom or dad, Ran's dad or mom... These are all wild theories wth no real evidence to back them up and just created by thinking "the identity of the Boss must be a twist that no one saw coming". Just because it is hard to guess doesn't mean it doesn't have a logic that fits a certain pattern. I will start my reasoning by posting the obvious and necessary link, since many people ignore the facts; http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/The_Boss_of_the_Black_Organization#Known_canon_information Now, since the impression we got so far points towards the gender of the Anokata being a he rather than a she, I'll assume the Anokata is a he. My theory is that the Anokata is one the people that were introduced in the same chapter that Vermouth first appeared. Those characters are; Naomichi Mugikura, anchorman for Nichiuri TV. Yoshiharu Tawara, university professor. Yasuo Mihei, baseball team owner. Naoya Tarumi, music producer. What these characters have in common that they all dress in black, since it was a memorial, and all of them are figures of power. These traits are definitely identifiable with the Anokata. What's more, since this certain chapter has many memorable events it's viable for the Anokata to have made an appearance. Among those characters Naomichi Mugikura is the more likely candidate, since he made multiple appearences, but you never know. Last but not least, Yoshiharu Tawara is a university professor just like Sherlock Holmes' archnemesis, Professor Moriarty.
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