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  1. I made myself some pancakes I managed to not mess them up, so they tasted fine for the most part, but the recipe I was using's smallest measurements was for 6-8 pancakes, and that's too much for one person... I ate 4 though--and the first 3 were great! but the last one was lightly peppered with a dash of regret and also syrup
  2. Capture the Flag. You need at least 10 people for it to be enjoyable, but it's the most fun if you have like 16 or so people willing to play. It's really hard to get that many people together play though, and you also need a good amount of space to play. I really want to play it again though ------------ What websites were your favorites when you were younger?
  3. Dear anonymous, You're not omniscient, please give it a rest. --me ---------------- Dear anons, plz stop sharing your political opinions despite no one asking i literally dont care that you think taxation is stealing, or that you hate certain politicians it was tolerable the first few times, but it got old real fast, and you have yet to stop i just want to doodle in peace --the person who sits in front of you
  4. Not to get too political, but on the front page on NBC News right now, there's a 100% serious article titled "It's Not Easy Being Mean: 'Pepe' Creator Wants His Meme Back" because the Anti-Defamation League declared Pepe a hate symbol recently. There's even a short video at the bottom of the article called "Pepe the Frog's Journey: From Internet Meme to Hate Symbol" What even is 2016
  5. I went to the DMV/BMV and found out I didn't have all the proper documents with me to be able to take the test to get my learner's permit. I also learned that my middle name is spelled wrong on some important documents of mine. My parents and I went out of breakfast this morning too and that was nice I guess. I ate too much and feel gross, but the food was gr8
  6. beats me, dude. This is an anime forum, not /r/explainlikeimfive ------------- Got any guilty pleasures? If so, care to share what they are?
  7. @Akazora Because you won't be doing a Fall First Impressions, what shows will you be watching this coming season? (If any at all. It sounds like your free time is thin and far between at the moment.) ---------- I'm still working through my spring and summer stuff, but that's not important ...I'm actually really looking forward to this fall's anime. There's the 2nd season of Hibike Euphonium, 2nd season of Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (the first ep was pretty hype tbh), the 3rd season of Haikyuu, and the 5th season of Natsume Yuujinchou. There's also some really neat looking new series like 3-Gatsu no Lion, Udon no Kuni Kiniro Kenmari, future anime of the season Gakuen Handsome, and, the one I'm most curious about, Yuri on Ice. (I'm glad they're finally making an ice skating anime, but I'm really surprised it's an all/mostly male cast. My sister was a figure skater all throughout her middle school and high school years, so I spent a lot of time at ice rinks and even messing around on skates myself, and there were very few boys, and the few there were all (except one or two) interested in hockey. I thought if any sports anime was likely to have an all/mostly female cast, it'd be ice skating, but uh. . . . . n ope, apparently not,,, Hopefully it won't suck and will have nice, fluid animation, because irl ice skating's pretty graceful and somewhat mesmerizing imo, and I'll be really disappointed if they aren't able to capture that even slightly. The pv looked pretty good, so hopefully the anime itself will be good as well.)
  8. Assuming it doesn't just up and leave the area for good, I won't consider it a loss until it runs away from me (or if it ends up being <100 CP). I managed to catch a vulpix and ponyta will looking for it, so I can't complain too much anyway. I'm a bit jealous you caught one so early on though. If you play PG during lunch when do you eat then...? I'm tempted to at least try to track it down one lunch period. I'll be graduating in a few weeks, plus it'll probably start getting cold around October, so I might have to head over there soon,,, And does "ran into" imply that you encountered one, but it ran away? Also, what level are you?
  9. ...and with this, I'm back as the last poster B^)
  10. Obligatory "didn't happen today" Not this past Sunday, but the Sunday before Labor Day my dad, sister, and I went to go loiter around the local college campus to see if we could catch any better pokemon there, but two hours into walking around, we unexpectedly ran into my cousin and his girlfriend. My cousin coincidentally went to the college I live by, but he graduated the spring before we moved in, so nothing ever really came out of that. He apparently lives and works a town over from me now. Last we heard he looking for a job down in North Carolina near where his girlfriend works, so running into each other was quite the surprise, especially considering the size of the campus. I've never lived this close to a relative so I don't know how to feel about this... I don't like that I could run into him at the store or something, but he's 6 years older than me which is a large enough gap that we won't be obligated to hang out, so it likely won't change much but still. .. . . .. .
  11. I said I was watching Gundam 00, but I changed my mind and decided to go back and finish all early UC Gundam series (excluding Origin since I want to read it first) before moving my attention onto an AU series since I want to watch After War Gundam X and Reconguista in G soon too. I finally watched Char's Counterattack, and honestly, I'm a little mad at myself for putting it off this long because, despite its flaws, it was a pretty enjoyable watch, and if Gundam Unicorn didn't exist, this would provide a pretty alright end to the Universal Century timeline imo. It was two full hours of mostly space battles, and during some scenes, it was pretty hard to believe that this movie's from 1988 because those were some quality 2d mechs (the mech designs for CCA were also a++). I, unfortunately, didn't go into this spoiler free. I knew of about the circumstances of two deaths, was aware that two others happened but wasn't sure of the how/when/why they died, and figured out half way through about two others because I knew they didn't show up in Unicorn. (Unicorn takes place 3 years after CCA, and considering who the enemy in Unicorn is, it'd be weird for certain characters to not appear in Unicorn if they were alive) I also recently read a handful of analyses on Char because Char goes through a ton of character development through 0079, Zeta, and CCA, and a lot of that development was really subtle and easy to miss if you didn't know to look for it, and I wanted to make sure I remembered all the important parts of his character. But other than that, I went in blind, and despite seeing how positively multiple people talked about, I still managed to be pleasantly surprised. Because so much was crammed into a 2hr movie, a lot of the new characters weren't able to be developed enough to the point where they felt meaningful in any way. Excluding Hathaway who briefly appeared in Zeta as a child and has a whole novel dedicated to what he does in his mid 20s, all the other new characters in CCA, while they all had a purpose and filled that purpose sufficiently, just felt one dimensional. But with that being said, these characters were never supposed to be super developed and expanded upon as CCA focuses heavily on Char and Amuro and their complex relationship, so it's understandable why they skimmed over them. The newtype stuff towards the end felt like a bit of an ass pull, but I would've been more surprised if the ending didn't have some OP newtype stuff attached to it. Amuro jumping out of a car, and tackling Char off a horse was also pretty ridiculous, but it was a good kind of ridiculous imo. To just complain for a second though (spoiler warning for secondary character deaths in CCA, ZZ, and Zeta) With CCA out of the way, I'm finally able to get around to Gundam Unicorn. I've heard almost exclusively positive things about Unicorn, so I'm looking forward to finding out why so many people like it. I know almost nothing about it too, so it's sure to be an interesting experience. I've seen 4 episodes so far, and I'm rather mixed on it. I didn't like 0080 until the last episode though, so maybe Unicorn will be a similar experience.The OST's amazing though. It sometimes feels a tad over-dramatic, but as a whole, it's just really great. I don't particularly like any of the characters which is unfortunate. Unicorn's not well known for its characters though, so maybe this shouldn't be too surprising, but it's still somewhat disappointing. Finished Unicorn and uh.... I got some gripes. And to clarify, I watched the 7 episode OVA, not the recently aired tv version tl;dr I was disappointed to say the least....
  12. the singer in this mv reminds me of Vermin Supreme
  13. time to revive this thread instead of the OMM thread Nothing too unpleasant happened, but there's a clefairy lurking around my school, and all my attempts to locate it have been unsuccessful :c </3 it's probably in the nearby park, but pokemon hunting isn't exactly how I want to spend my lunch break.
  14. I watched a bunch of late 90s music videos and finally learned the Spice Girls' names. (Scary Spice is my favorite) If it is a nest, /r/PoGoCle would probably also appreciate that information
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