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  1. pokemon kaito kid shinichi
  2. once upon a time, i was walking when suddenly a dog came and came running behind me. I was going to my home, bit i also have to run in the opposite direction ( i am not afraid of dogs)
  3. that its winter but its not so cold
  4. i wish i could have an adventurous dream
  5. i like summers ( but not in hot regions)
  6. RL Stine - Piano lessons can be a murder
  7. Start the year off on a high — get inspired, and spread the cheer with these wonderful greetings. Happy New Year 2016!

  8. May you and your family feel the love, peace and joy that come with the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy the happy cheer...... Merry Christmas to all :) :)

    1. Kitty Paw

      Kitty Paw

      Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy birthday

    2. Moon Kid
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