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  1. Happy Birthday auntie. <3 -AL

  2. Hey hey hey, happy birthday! Come back online soon. :)

  3. Easy- Sherlock. I've never been a fan of Shinichi. He annoys me. Sherlock is not only better at his job because he has more experience and he's, for lack of a better word, more intelligent, but he's a lot easier for me to like. Sherlock all the way- ALL THE WAY.
  4. IHKF

    Conan x Ayumi

    How does Ayumi having a crush on Conan develop the plot, exactly? XD Or rather, how do you think it will (or has developed) develop the plot? Oh, come on, now. Shinichi isn't lustful for Ran? Okay. Sure. XD No, him setting her free would exhibit that he would rather lose her than see her suffer waiting for him. THAT'S what love is. Now if it were a story where she was with another guy and he was there and he didn't give up on her- THAT'S love. That shows determination and loyalty. What he's doing now is just... obsessive- territorial. It's not a very loving action at all, even if he claims it's because he loves her. It's not like he had ever been in a relationship before and fell in love with a girl and knew from experience. He's just claiming he does. Once again, I don't think Gosho knows what love is, himself. Really? Gosho is a better writer than all of us here? I suggest you read "A Song of Fire and Ice" or "Ender's Game" , any of the Sherlock Holmes series, or even play Bioshock: Infinite. That is good writing. So him liking her as a kid and not feeling anything romantic towards her would stop him from telling Ayumi it won't happen? How so? Of course he's working hard on it, if he screws it up it won't bring in money. People can fake smiles- and the idea of DC being awesome is... debatable. I believe it's my line, actually. I did say it, first. (Rather, Sherlock Holmes did...) I'm persuading myself? Opinions are created with facts. Of course, don't confuse facts for a believed truth- such as them being the canon couple. They aren't canon until they are in an actual relationship- and a lot could happen. I actually don't think Gosho is a good enough writer to pull off any of the couples he's writing about, though. :I I'm surprised he pulled off Satou and Takagi like he did. Come on, now. One is a fictional character and the other lives half-way across the world. There's no reason not to state my opinion of them.
  5. ..... That's just as funny as I thought it would be! XD Oh my god! LMAO!!!!!
  6. IHKF

    Conan x Ayumi

    It's not impossible, though. There's a reason she has a crush on him, isn't there? Just because you think you love somebody doesn't mean you do. She loves him, I think that much is obvious, but he hasn't truly shown anything towards her save for saving her and "claiming" he loves her. The reality of it is that he probably isn't. He's more lustful towards her than anything. He's a teenage boy, after all. Lust and love are very easy to misunderstand. If he isn't willing to let her go because he knows he might never come back- no matter how determined he is to return- then it's pretty obvious the extent to which his feelings run for her. If he truly loved her, he would have "set her free". It seems as though he's more territorial than in love. (I can't believe I just said that). Yes, he is a character. And you don't know what Gosho is thinking, none of us do. We can only guess and hope. Gosho actually isn't good enough to pull off any of the couples in DC believably BESIDES Sato and Takagi. :/ He has good ideas but he has a horrible execution strategy. I honestly doubt Gosho even knows what love really is. That may have been the reason for his divorce. If the way Conan acts is the way he thinks people act when they are in love- he hasn't experienced love. Okay, so he likes her as a kid and that would stop him from telling her it won't happen because....? Of course he's going to tell us it's because he loves it. If he told us he wanted the money he wouldn't get quite as much, would he? Do you think people sit in cubicles and type eight hours a day because they want to? No, but they'll tell their boss they do because he's the one who signs their checks. XD Not to mention, money is a WONDERFUL motivator to sleep three hours a day. People lie. We don't know that his other ideas would make half as much as DC does. There's a reason he dropped MK. That's not clear at all. XD Create the theory with the facts not the facts with the theory. Maybe I need to open my eyes to other hidden facts, but I'm not the only one. P.S. Ran? Invisible? She's the main character. There are twenty million topics about her. She's not invisible. XD If anybody's invisible it's the detective boys or the cat. lol
  7. IHKF

    Conan x Ayumi

    LouiseEdogawa: If there is a possibility overlooking it isn't a good move. Possibility is possibility- no matter how small. Is she still refusing to talk to him? No, I think he'll write a good story and write it realistically. Conan risking his life for Ran is not something you can use in this argument. He risks his life for total strangers. That's who he is. It is not because he loves her. The way you edited your post did not help you at all. XD There are other girls in the world. Saying that if he wasn't with Ran he'd end up with Haibara is silly. If he was interested in other girls he probably wouldn't be with anybody in the form he is in. He could grow to like other girls in time- that's why I'm saying AyumixConan would work. If he knows that he likes her then there's nothing for him to be dense about. XD He obviously knows she's interested, he's just refusing to do anything about it. That doesn't make him dense. No, hobogoblin2012 is right. If Gosho wasn't interested in money, DC wouldn't have gone on this long. It's dragging out to the point where it's tiring and predictable. If he wasn't continuing it because of the money he would have nded it by now. Either that or he's just that bad of a writer.
  8. IHKF

    Conan x Ayumi

    No, they are not. There are few AyuCon supporters- but they are growing in numbers. XD I suppose the newer episodes must have some scenes or something I don't know about. Oh no, Gosho Aoyama is definitely after money- that's why the series has been carried out so long. but I don't think he's shallow enough to carve and throw away his story to make it horrible for the sake of cash. Once again, not at her current age. She's too young to even be dating. XD I'd be uncomfortable with it, myself. .. Strangely, I agree. I don't know what kind of woman he'd end up with. I'd just feel bad if he were alone. XD
  9. Aaaand I'm back.

  10. IHKF

    Conan x Ayumi

    Okay, come on now, guys. Let's be mature about this. LouiseEdogawa: The chance is not zero- there is always a possibility for everything- and while the chances may be slim that does not mean that they do not exist. Their relationship has hardly developed since the series began- aren't they at a stalemate right now because of the London Arch? I could be wrong, I haven't seen the newer episodes. I've been tied up in Game of Thrones and Bioshock. XD We were not making it seem like he is a play-boy. If he were to stay as Conan, it is only fair for him, if he truly loved Ran like you claim he does, to tell her to move on. Whether or not she does is Ran's choice. But he would need to tell her he isn't coming back. As it is it's awfully not very loving of him to keep her waiting like this. Sacrifice is needed in a relationship. I believe Ran may really love him (she's sacrificed quite a bit of her youth on his butt now, hasn't she?) but I don't believe he truly loves her. We do not wish that Ran will die, she's not my favorite character, but I won't wish for her death. That's immature and just... fangirlish. I've said it would be good for the story, before, it would make it interesting, but Gosho would not do that and I'm not sure I would want him to. It'd cause fans a lot of heartbreak and probably ruin his entire show. Even if he wasn't loyal to Ran he wouldn't still be going out with Haibara. You, yourself, have just painted him as a playboy, there. That would be extremely out-of-character for him. I don't think the AiCon fans would even enjoy it if that's how their couple got together (well, the ones that know what good writing is...). That last part is debatable. You can't help it if you fall in love with somebody else, so that may eventually happen to him, but the notion of him acting on it might freak him out for a while. Hobogoblin2012: How are you so sure that Ayumi has no chance? Haibara, if she has romantic feelings for Conan (I don't think she does. I think it's more a best guy-friend ordeal.), hasn't said anything yet. Ayumi has. Conan recognizes that Ayumi has these feelings and he hasn't said anything to her about them. He isn't encouraging her but he isn't discouraging her. If he truly didn't care about her affections, even if it made the group awkward for a while, he'd at least be able to break it to her slowly, right? Now I'm not saying they should run away and get married right now, but if he doesn't say anything to her or reject her, that sort of thing could grow slowly in time. Okay, let's not be mean to Genta.
  11. How are you? It's me, AL :D

  12. I.... hope in my writing. :x Well, I'm pretty confident I'm superior to him in romance if he CAN write. XD
  13. IHKF

    Shinichi/Conan x Ran

    That makes a couple canon? OH MY GOD!!! I NOW SUPPORT NATSUXGRAY BECAUSE THEY'RE BEST FRIENDS!! :I I'm sorry. I had to. I understand there are other reasons people like them together but that's a really BAD reason for a two people to be paired up together. XD
  14. Kogoro, Kazuha, Sera, and Sato.
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