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  1. Considering Kid can almost perfectly transform into anyone he fancies, Conan's disguise doesn't seem very thorough nor foolproof... Hopefully Ran stays as clueless as ever
  2. Doesn't Conan look more tan than usual (almost as dark as Heiji)? Or is that just because of the lighting in the trailers?
  3. Sorry for the double post but I think this may be what you're looking for: Black Organization Appearances. Click "expand" under "Anime" and voila, it's all there.
  4. It should all be on the wiki if you just search for BO. The wiki is a really well organized and easy to use, and arguably the best, part of the site.
  5. Yeah, that's a neat idea! Thanks for telling me about it.
  6. Oh they are different? That's my bad then, Articles of the month must be a new thing. I'm just so used to seeing And Then There Were No Mermaids featured on the main page.
  7. Are they actually articles of the month? The last featured article before the current one was posted in mid-2017. It may just be me but that seems like an awfully long time between updates
  8. All I've learned throughout the 670 episodes of DC I've watched so far are three words. "Ah le le" That could arguably only be two
  9. Yeah, it's a city worth visiting. The Space Needle was just renovated and if you have the time, the cascades, especially Mt Baker and Rainier, are one of the best park areas in the state. Just try to avoid the rain if possible haha
  10. Greetings from Seattle, WA! We've just made it through our first snow of the season and it looks like more is coming this weekend. They say spring's coming early this year but it's been getting colder and more wintery instead
  11. The wiki seems to be up and running again; thanks Maurice!
  12. The wiki seems to be up and running again; thanks Maurice!
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