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  1. Gosho said in an interview that the Black Organization's boss already appeared in the series. But he ruled out Dr. Agasa. If he said that Ai Haibara would be surprised to know, maybe it's someone only to close to her? Since Gosho didn't say that 'They' will be surprised, since he only used Ai Haibara?
  2. Is that so? Alright, will just wait for it until it's released. Thanks for replying Modern Holmes and Chekhov MacGuffin!
  3. Hi guys! I'm new here! Been a fan of Detective Conan since I had a marathon from episode 1 to 725. Now I'm wondering when will they release episode 725 English subbed? I only saw the Chinese subbed episode, I'm still waiting for the English subbed, can't wait to know how Kaito Kid stole that Blush Mermaid. :)
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