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  1. its just an ending song..ending 40 your best friend

  2. Sweet Erza pic~~ Happy 19th.

  3. Sweet Erza pic~~ Happy 19th.

  4. le.. its Detective Conan Ending 40..Your Best Friend by Mai Kuraki

  5. What DC Episode is that in your sig? The one where Shin and Ran are on the railroad thing? I wanna watch it ;P. Thanks

  6. But aren't Conan's gadgets only used to compensate for his previous abilities as Shinichi. Ex: He's not as strong and nimble as his predecessor, so he uses gadget's to replicate said ability. Shinichi probably could defend himself when things get violent, but like I said, I think Dr. Agasa invents all these gadgets for Conan in order to make up the areas where he used to be proficient in. Shinichi's arrogance is tone down as a child because as Conan, he has to restrict a lot of his normal behavior from his 17 Year old self to avoid suspicion and inconsistency with his age. (I guess it would be awkward for Conan to retain his personality and mannerisms, especially around Ran)
  7. Naturally, they are the same person, but it's rather difficult to associate Conan as Shinichi sometimes because the two feel individually different. It may be just me, but I find Shinichi more captivating to watch than his younger counterpart. I know a lot of people can probably explain better than I can, but there's definitively something magnetic about Shinichi's screen presence that makes the scene feel more engaging and important. That was probably poorly written and there's probably a inconstancy error in this concept somewhere, but I'll ask anyway. Whose your favorite & Why? <3
  8. It's not a bad list, however it does have a lot of components that aren't essential to the overall storyline (police love stories, Heiji and Hakuba (which are fun to watch but not essential) Toichi Kuroba and Kaitou KID (don't relate to actual plot though you may want some background knowledge if you plan on watching movies later, though not a big deal), etc.).

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