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  1. Anyway, after my long disappearance, I'm back erryone! So, my first fictional story in a while (This one doesn't have to deal with DC) It's about this kid who wants to be this "class". I bet you missed me. Most/some of you don't know me though... Woah...It's empty in this section. Gilgamesh, The Golden King 1. - The Decision In some sort of quick-fast-rapid moves, I was stuck in the corner, reaching for my wooden sword, I heard some chuckling from the walls, “You ready to give up yet, Gil?” asked my instructor. “Nah, you know I won’t give up so easily, right?” I responded, chanting a spell I had learned, “” an iron sword appeared on my back, glinting in the bright sunlight. “What...did you just do?!” my instructor asked, bewildered, “I used a spell, that’s all,” I unsheathed the sword and began to charge at this foolish instructor of mine, I’m too powerful for this old fool. Swords clashed, sweat flew. “I heard that you wanted to know what a Rune Knight is, Gilgamesh.” Shiaki, my sister said. I nodded with eagerness, “Rune Knights...they use magical blades, their swords are enchanted with magic, making them even more powerful, the strongest magical blade, AbyssΩ, was made and used by our father, Titanius.” “I...want to be a Rune Knight!” I exclaimed, Shi gasped. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Chapter 1.5 Let’s Start Our Own Thing Okay, theownerer here, we’re gonna start our own thing, okay? (insert reader’s name here), has just decided to start your OWN journey to become a Rune Knight, upon entering the cave of where the legendary AbyssΩ lies, you stumble upon it’s counterpart, ShiningΦ the legendary blade of dreams! You pick it up, thinking that it is the Abyss, while walking out of this dungeon you stumble upon 50 monsters. “What...what should I do?” you start panicking, the Shining starts glowing, “Master (insert reader’s name here) I shall help you...now yell out ‘Gleaming Champion α’...(Gleaming Champion Alpha)” You decide to do so and a body wielding the True Shining Abyss, a legendary shadow sword, shows up. In a flash of darkness and light, all 50 monsters were obliterated. 2. About 10 Years Later “*yawn* Finally, we’re out of school, right Gil?” Shinteki said. I shrugged, grabbing my sword, “Let’s duel!” I yelled, a field materialized around us, “All right all right,” he responded unsheathing his sword. “I summon the mystic forces of the sword known as Shining Abyss!” I yelled out, a glowing sword appeared in my hand, I thrust it into the ground, hoping for something to happen. (Note: this sword is MUCH different from the True Shining Abyss, difference: TSA has ‘True’ in it while SA doesn’t!) Shadows surrounded Shinteki yelling ‘kamikaze! kamikaze kamiiiikaze!’, “What...th-” Shinteki tried to say, “Omega Strike!” I used the SA to form the symbol of omega and thrust forward in it, the omega symbol binded Shin. The shadows exploded all around Shin “Hey! Shin, you still okay?” I asked, looking around for Shin “You’re so lame you know, sayin’ “I summon the mystic forces of the sword known as Shining Abyss!” and all...pretty lame.” he responded, whirling blades whizzed past my head as I charged in for more, “Shadowform: Strik-” I yelled “I said to never use that, Gil,” Aun said, “But…” I tried to say, I heard some muffled voices “What...is going on?!” I asked with curiosity and ferociousness. “Son, you’re in a hospital, you collapsed while dueling this other boy over here,” a man said while bringing over Shinteki. I blinked a few more times, I heard a ‘yo’ being said before I went back to sleep. The Dream World “Hey! How much longer till’ you gonna wake up, eh?” I heard a voice say, I tried to turn my head to face the voice, but was unable to, my body was stiff all over. “Stop trying, it’s just going to hurt you more, got it?” a muffled voice said. I tried to stand up, “Woah kid, you don’t need to get your swords back yet,” the same voice said, “Shut up! Just lemme get my swords,” I continued limping across the room to my swords, “Well, we can’t let you do that now, can we?” the “doctor” pulled out a knife and attempted to attack me, “What the...wha-” I tried to say, the doctor jabbed at me a few times before he threw the knife at me, Kick! Jump! Slide! Get gun! Shoot Gatling Gun! I nodded in approval as I imagined what I’d do. The doctor ran over to the gatling gun, grabbed it, then shot it. “Doctors don’t do this!” I screamed, hiding behind one of the walls. One of my four sheaths for my four swords glowed,(in case you don’t know what a sheathe is, it’s the holder, or case, for a sword or something sharp.) “What the-” I started to say, before I could finish, a sword that’s as black as night appeared, “Can this...be the legendary Champion’s Gleam? I heard this sword only appeared to the Chosens, three worthy blademasters, I must be a Chosen then…” My other sheaths started to glow, three swords appeared in them. “This can’t be...the shadow swords, all four of them, ‘The Emperor’s Gleam’, ‘Champion’s Gleam’, ‘Death’s Gleam’, and ‘Unknown’, this...can’t be.” “So it seems you talk to yourself now, eh? You’ve obtained the four mythic Shadow Swords, what’re you going to do now?” the doctuh said (doctuh=doctor) “I’ll answer it...with these swords!” I yelled, charging with three of my swords. “Petal of the Night!” I yelled, spinning with my swords. 3. I’m A “Singularity”! So ...Yay? “Ew, he’s doing it again, doctor!” I heard a voice say. “Who’s doing what?” the doctor replied, walking over. “Gil.Sleep.Talk.” I heard the other voice say, I recognized it as Shin’s voice. I sat upright (sitting up) which surprised Shin. “Gilg, take it easy, you’ve just been asleep for the past month.” He told me, “Where’re my swords?...And, what happened to me?” I was confused, I woke up in a daze, in a room filled with...stuff. The doctor walked over, seeing if there was anything wrong with me, “What were you seeing while you were sleeping?” he asked me. “I was fighting...doctors, like you, but...more evil, and...ugly,”I responded. He nodded, “Here are your sheaths and swords,” he said, “Wait, in my dream, I also obtained the four mythic Shadow Swords, what does that mean?” I continued. “Well, how should I know, I’m not a swordsman or a sword expert, I’m a docturh (Note again, docturh = doctor, DOC - TUR). “Well, it seems that you’re a Singularity, one who dreams about the Swords, and some time in their life, gets it. Chosens, they just appear in front of them, the Chosens have not even dreamt about it. Another major difference is; Singularities get all 4 Shadow Swords, a Chosen just gets 1. How come you’re a Singularity though….I’m a better swordsman than you’re,” said my former instructor, taking a sip of some sort of orange tea thing drink, he continued, “You need to travel, go to new places, learn new cultures, learn new sword techniques. At your level right now, you can’t handle even one Shadow Sword. In your games, this is called “Training” or “Leveling Up,”” He handed me a piece of paper, “This is the formation of an army general from the past, his name is Alexander the Great. This is known as a phalanx, figure out it’s weaknesses and come back to me when you’re done.” he explained. Well, first of all, another phalanx with a lot more men can easily counter this tiny little phalanx. Also...what if each person carried more than one sword per hand, I mean I can do it, so why can’t they? I thought to myself as I walked out of the room. A Little Over An Hour “Ahh! Sensei! I’ve figured it out!” I yelled, I ran to where I thought he was. “Sensei? Where are you?” I tried again, “Sensei…” I yelled while looking at him snoring. “.......Sensei,” I said. *shake shake shake* “SENSEI! Wake UP!” I yelled in his ear. “Wha, huh? Wuh...huuuuuuuuh? UUUUUH….” “said” Sensei. He attempted to sit up, “uuuh...so...what’s the...uuuh thing for the phalanx?” “WELL! You can counter the phalanx with another phalanx. Also, the men on horseback can also dual-wield, carrying two spears, or two swords, and using the two weapons to block.” I told him, sitting down. “Is that all you’ve got? If so, that was an okay job. I thought of those two and one more, if someone were smart enough they could come from behind the enemy phalanx, or dig a tunnel, and ambush the phalanx from behind. And, don’t you even know my name? I’m the legendary swordsman, Yu. Anyways, I think you’re ready to start your next task. Leave.On.A.Journey. The countries are warring with each other, I want you to assist them, whoever you want. Also, monsters have been roaming around, you should probably defeat them too, be careful though, there’s this monster called “Behemoth” in the games you play, this is probably called a “boss monster”, so what do you say?” Yu told me, I nodded eagerly. “But won’t I need companions?” I questioned, “Well of course, you’ll gather companions during your journey, just like your games, eh?” Yu responded, lying down. “Well, when do I leave?” I asked, “Now. Go pack, and hurry up,” Yu responded. A Farewell “Well, goodbye everyone!” I said as I waved goodbye to Shiaki, Shin, and Yu. “Have a great journey!!” they yelled back. The train came, and I stepped on it. Bye, everyone.
  2. Cops should go after everyone, not me though. I consider everyone in this world to be "evil" I am the one who will rid the world of "Evil" I am Good Everyone Else is Evil

  3. CO-AUTHOR'S NOTE IMPORTANT! Well, if YUIKI, just reads CAREFULLY, it says "Special Chapter ONE" That means...it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAIN STORYLINE... and also something unrelated: Sparrow's WORLD (changed the message to world) will be now updated REGULARLY on http://www.animeultima.tv/forums/f34/sparrows-message-37891/
  4. Okay guys..this is it...no more Sparrow's chapters on here....http://www.animeultima.tv/forums/showthread.php?p=1321291#post1321291 i will update this page soon, so include the 5th chapter...
  5. SPECIAL CHAPTER ONE A special chapter, FOR EVERY ONE! (if you would like to see more...go to the site I told u guys about up above) My phone started ringing, I went over to it and picked it up, it was from someone named "Shiki" (see, here's uhh...if u havent read the special chapter in Leaping, then you'll probably be confused let's see...Shiki was sent OUT of the Detective Conan world, and sent BACK in, but not in the same world. Shiki checked his phone, and saw "Sparrow" on his contacts list, instead of "Yuiki". Shiki then called this "Sparrow" person.) I answered the call, "hello?" I said. "Are...you Sparrow?" Shiki asked. "Yeah." I said, "your name is Shiki, so who are you?" I asked. "Well..." I said (Shiki rambles on about what happens to him......) A few minutes later. "That's quite an interesting story, Shiki." Sparrow said, after Shiki was done explaining. "You're like me." I said, "you and i, were both sent to this world, except, I was sent here , and you were just... kind of forced here." I continued. "Why were you sent here?" Shiki asked. "Wait, where do you live?" Shiki asked again. "I live at the Mouri Detective Agency." I responded.
  6. Cops should go after kjeldahl not me, oh and maybe they should go after MeitanteiSnow too

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  7. Special Chapter ONE Just for the sake of continuing because Meitantei wont continue...i came back for a bit. Shiki's POV In my room "Huh? What...what happened?!" I said to myself as i looked around. [it looks like my room...in the real world] [Yuki needs my help...she can't possible figure out the person who sent us there...She won't know what will happen...I need to get back to the Detective Conan world...but how...] [A whole bunch of murders are about to start...I NEED TO GET BACK] *sounds* "This is.........." I said out loud, I checked my phone. It didn't say "Yuiki". [Where am i? Is this the DC world...?] I looked further down the list in my contacts it said: "Sparrow"
  8. Everyone, if you guys would like to continue this story, feel free to post. BUT, if you would like to see a continued version go to here http://www.animeultima.tv/forums/f34/sparrows-message-37891/
  9. I like that cops are after Kjeldahl

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  10. Change your status now, the cops are after me... D:

  11. Continuation of Chapter 4 (my computer has been breaking down and probably will continue breaking down.my internet keeps lagging now....not good with murder tricks...i dont know why killers cant just stab someone with gloves on and run away...while nobody is around. Huh, Mouri seems really smart in my story...I wonder why.) "Why haven't you called the police?!" Mouri was yelling "Well..." Mido trailed off. "Anyways, this is a private matter!" Mido suddenly shouted. "Right, we'll try to solve this case as soon as possible" Mouri responded. "First off, why was your dad here?" Mouri asked, "he was here to meet his new bodyguards." Mido replied. [Maybe...the old bodyguards disguised themselves. They could've been behind him... stabbed him with a knife and put on a shocked face...that's too straightforward..] "So what now" Mouri asked. "Where's your mom?" asked Mouri. "She's still at our house, she doesn't know this happened yet." Mido replied. At the Mayor's House. "Would you like to have a cup of tea?" the mayor's wife asked when we came in. "Ah, no thank you." Mouri said. "We're here to tell you badnews." Conan said. "Yes?" she asked. "It's about your husband...he was murdered today when we was meeting his new bodyguards." Mouri said "And, we think prime suspects are his old bodyguards." Mouri continued. She nodded as she took all this in. "We would like to ask you for the names of the bodyguards." Mouri said. She nodded. "Their names are, Johnny, he's an american, Moukai, Bisho, Bikon, and Piko."
  12. -Starts to cry- YUKIIII...nice part. My computer is breaking down, so can you please continue meitantei?
  13. Chapter 4 In the Restaurant "So, what do we do now?" I asked. "What was the time of death, Mido-san?" Mouri asked. "He just died a few hours ago probably an hour ago" Mido replied. "Rigor hasn't started up yet, that does mean it's been less than 3 hours since his death." I said. I turned the body over and saw a knife in his back. "Hey! Is this the same knife the restaurant puts at every table?" I asked one of the waiters sitting in the corner. One of them nodded. [so that means any one of the people at the table could have been a bodyguard waiting to kill him with the knife.] Uh I'll continue later
  14. Chapter 19* typo...i put 9 instead of 19... [Hmm, I wonder what's wrong with Yuiki, storming off like that.] "It's late, I think I'm gonna go back home" I told Ran and Sonoko. I walked outside of the doors and went into a taxi, asking the driver to drive me home. When I arrived, I changed my clothes to more comfortable clothes. I saw Yuiki's dress on Ran's bed in Ran's room, and then I noticed a corner of something...I went closer and took it out and it was a piece of paper! [Hey...isn't this the same note I gave to Yuiki? She tried to hide it...] I unfolded the note and read it. (A/N the note is like under her dress, it's ALMOST hidden under the dress.) Senpai, Shiki told Conan and Heiji about our situation. He didn't include me, because we didn't meet yet. Meet me at Teitan Elementary beside the animal houses. Change into something less elegant. •~• Don't tell Shiki. We can't trust him. Make sure nobody follows us. -Maki [...........I know about you, Maki, Teitan...] I quickly slipped the note back in the dress and walked to Teitan Elementary. When I arrived, I could overhear talking, I walked closer and hid behind a wall. "So what do we do now?" Yuiki asked. [it seems the conversation just started.] "Maybe we should..." I walked in on their conversation and said "yo." Yuiki looked over and she looked angry, "OKAY... SHIKI HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!" "Well, I found a note in under your dress, telling YOU to come here and that You and Maki don't trust me." "Well, you told Conan and Heiji about the situation we're in." Maki said. "Well...won't we need help to find out about the one who made us come here?" I said. Meitantei finish for me
  15. Guys Watch out for my next story after I finish this story. This story will prob have 10 chapters, i may make more if i decide to.
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