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  1. Yoyo Illuser

    Anime Couple??

    Are we talking favorite canon pairings, as in couples that have gotten together in the series/are suggested to be together? Or just favorite couples/pairings in general?
  2. I know, it is rather exciting~
  3. You have such a fun name! I wonder, do you solve cases from the shadows? Run along rooftops after criminals and live a life of secrecy? *Chuckles* Any way, welcome to DCW! I hope you enjoy your time here~
  4. Ooooooooh, if this works, how wonderful it will be!
  5. Sorry everyone, just got out of the hospital last night. I was in ER since Monday...

    1. Sakila


      What?! Oh no! Was it because you were sick before? How are you now? >___________< *huuugs* Are you ok?!

  6. Temperature fluctuating between 102 and 104, had to call in for work and boss did not sound happy...Sigh.

    1. Sakila


      D: Feel better!!! *hugs*

    2. A L

      A L

      I had Malaria and Dengue in the same year..:V hang in there.

  7. I'm sorry, but reducing yuri intake is not recommended.

  8. Now on top of everything I got sick, how wonderful...Ow, everything hurts...

  9. Lol, it's not really a game that can be beaten, Slendy will get you, but the trick is to not look for him, or around, and collect all the notes. You then unlock daylight mode.

  10. I believe it was someone on pixiv, I don't quite remember whom at this moment, but here is the entire picture. (( http://i49.tinypic.com/i76748.jpg )) When I find the artist I'll let you know^^

  11. That was well played good sir, well played indeed. Thank you for the enjoyable comment, it was very awesome^^

  12. Thank you^^ I like yours as well, I can imagine Kaito standing outside someone's window with that grin.

  13. Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Work...I hate this schedule of life. Can't wait till it's my next day off. *Sighs* Someday I'll manage to get out of this cycle.

    1. A L

      A L

      Just be...L and take things Light a bit, but don't go Near trouble and pop the Mello bubble of boredom~

  14. Unfortunately all his bullets were made of rubber...
  15. I hate when I'm at work and I blink, and realize I've been running on automatic for the last hour. I always wonder where I went.

    1. Sakila


      That happens to me too.

      In general life.

  16. You got in the way of Saki-neechan! *Soccer ball kick again*
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