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  1. Dear Anonymouses, Thank you. I love you all. Be happy Love, Sakila~ xD
  2. "It beginsssss." The others looked up at the face of the dead girl--waxy and eerily similar to the body from before. "Remember, all of you." A distorted smile, eyes rolling back into her head. "Remember our power." It wasn't her voice. It wasn't a voice. It was just a wind. A cold, hard wind, creating goosebumps and raising hairs. "Remember our sssssstrength." "Sakila...?" Her head moved at breakneck speed and twisted around at an odd angle to face the speaker. "Not anymore. Today, it's beginsssss. Beware! We have finally arrived!" A high-pitched scream emanated from the girl's mouth before she suddenly clamped her mouth shut and slumped over, her face returning to an otherworldly grin. [it was fun playing, y'all~ But I can't play anymore, so I'm dead xD Use my death wisely as an important plot point.]
  3. [xD That's kinda become our thing now. I always die, you try to save me~]
  4. [Just to be clear, I killed myself. I have report cards coming up.]
  5. Sakila was grateful for Misaki's comfort. She gave her a small smile and whispered a quick "thank you" before shuffling over to the corner. Quickly dialing a familiar number, she placed the phone to her ear and waited. After about five or so rings, someone picked up. "Hey, Misaki, Sakila left a while ago. She shou—" "It's me, sis." "Sakila? Why are you calling me? And on Misaki's phone?" "I dropped my phone into a pond on the way to grandma's..." "Grandma lives in the middle of one if the most urbanized settings in the world. How on earth did you manage to find a pon—Ah, it's useless. So what's up?" "Nothing... Just wanted to hear your voice..." "That's unusual..." "I know..." What was that? Sakila squinted her eyes at the window opposite her. Was it a cloud? It seemed like some kind of discoloration in the sky. She tried to concentrate on what her sister was saying but her eyes kept drifting back to the strange thing in the sky. "Listen, sis. I'll call you back. I have to go. I love you." "You've been acting strange. Call me as soon as you get a chance. I love you too." The line went dead and Sakila shoved the phone into her back pocket carelessly. She made her way back to Misaki, her eyes still focused on the window. The cloud was definitely getting bigger. "Better?" "Huh? Oh, yes." Sakila blushed a bit before remembering. "Ah! Your phone, here. Thanks." Her eyes drifted back to the window. "Something's still wrong, right? You can te—" "Misa-chan, what is that?" "What's what? What do you mean?" "That! In the window, what is that?" The cloud thing was getting bigger—rapidly. In fact, it had nearly doubled in size in less than a minute. It was...it was getting closer. The incident from before coupled with the fast-approaching threat was making Sakila hysterical. She grasped the arm of a passerby. "Hey! Do you see that?!" "Wh-what? What are you talking abo—" "Sakila, stop! What's wrong?!" "Hey, Sakila?!" "What's wrong with this girl?!" It was coming straight at them. "MISA-CHAN, MOVE!" Her hands worked automatically, shoving the worried Misaki away with as much strength as she could muster. She could only glance at the girl as she was caught by someone. Flipping her head back toward the window, she only had time to register that the thing had approached before she heard the sound of shattering glass. For a second, everything was silent. No one moved as tiny pieces of glass came down like crystalline snowflakes. It came. It seemed to stop in front of her for an eternity, staring her down. It's face was gnarled and inhuman. Eyes, noses, mouths—its face seemed to drift in and out of focus. The rest of its body was a wispy black shadow. "It beginsssss..." It croaked. "It will end," she whispered back. And then that "eternity" returned to a simple split-second. Almost as if she'd never seen that creature in the first place. A sharp pain pierced the left side of her chest follows by the rest of her body. Large shards of glasses embedded themselves into her skin in various places, staining her white coat crimson. She was sent reeling back, a trail of blood following her. "Sakila!" It didn't hurt. "What happened?!" "Someone call Chills!" "Like, oh my gosh! The blood! Look! It spells out, 'It begins'!" "Sakila! Open your eyes!" She wasn't there anymore. They were all so far away. She was being forced to leave. It will end, she thought. "Ew, what's happening to her body! It's like all her blood is draining out!" "She looks like a zombie!" "Sakila!!!" It will end. Make it end. She couldn't hold on any longer. Set me free. She let go.
  6. Sakila had slowly come out if her shock, readjusting her thoughts. "Someone died," she whispered, licking her lips. "I-I-it's not anyone I know, I don't think...But, I... I..." She shuddered slightly and pulled her coat tighter to herself. "An-anyways... We should probably get to the lunchroom, right?" She grabbed her bags from the floor and slung them over her shoulders. She made sure not to look at the other three and turned toward the general direction of the lunchroom, hoping they'd follow. Her thoughts were still racing and she felt her chest tightening. She bit her lip and tried not to overthink it. After all, the incident itself had nothing to do with her, right? But that smile. Those eyes. Those words. They were like a sign. Look at me. This is what will happen to you. It was like a premonition. She almost felt like she'd die too. "Irrational," she said to herself as she arrived at the lunchroom. "Everyone else saw it as well. They must be feeling the same way." But she couldn't shake the thought. "Can I see someone's phone," she asked, turning around.
  7. Dear Anonymous, I felt so bad as I stared at everyone's backs and tried my harder to catch up with them. I only made it halfway. Signed, Sakila
  8. [Guh, I can't do this Saki thing. I'm too used to Sakila. Just call me that from now on.] "Over here, Saki!" Sakila turned towards the sound of Misaki's voice and realize she'd taken the wrong stairwell. "Oh, there you guys are! I thought you'd left me for a second! Ah. That boy is gone! Good riddance!" She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms, her bags swinging forward and hitting a fellow passerby. "Ah! Sorry! I wasn't paying attention! I'm really sorry! I hope I didn't hurt you! On that note, I should apologize to you two again as well!" She grasped the hands of Garnet and Devin as emphasis, only to find her hands coated in sticky ointment. "Gosh, I'm sorry! I really should wash this off! I know! The bathr—" "AAAAAAH!!!!!!" Sakila's never ending banter was cut short by an ear-piercing scream. Three girls rushed out of a nearby room, their faces marred by horrified expressions. Many students immediately started gathering around the door to the room. Curiosity getting the best of her, Sakila took off in a run, dropping her bags to the ground. She joined the crowd, pushing through them to get to the front. She tripped on someone's sneaker and was about to fall into the mess of now-screaming students. A strong hand gripped her upper arm and pulled her back up. She wasn't sure who it was as unfamiliar faces surrounded her. Sakila eventually got to the front, only to be shocked speechless. She was staring at a body. Or what was left of it, at least. In front of her was a headless corpse hung upside down from the strings of a Venetian blind. The severed head was placed on a nearby desk. There was a sickening grin on it's waxy face. The eyes had rolled back into the head and the nose was practically nonexistent. Blood was everywhere. A bright red message was scrawled on the blackboard: BEWARE. [Dun dun dun! Shall we begin the excitement? DCW IRL isn't DCW IRL without someone dying. ]
  9. ^We're teasing AL. Wanna join in?
  10. Dear Anonymous, People are easy to hurt sometimes. You can tell by their tone, their body language, the fluctuations in their voice. Their times of vulnerability--if you're close to them, you can tell right away. And taking advantage of that gives you this surprising moment of euphoria. Just a little bit of it. You don't even know you're doing it. You just realize that you are, and you can't control yourself. It feels good--like you're in power. You can determine their next action. And then that euphoria fades away and you come crashing back to reality. And your first thought is "Why did I do that?" I'm right, aren't I? You enjoy that feeling, right? And then you come back from that brief moment of ecstasy with a powerful realization. Just some bitter words for us to ponder over. Signed, A Bitter Human
  11. [blue hair? TOP <3 ] "So, miss. Do you still want to know where the cafeteria is? Saki and I can show you if you like." She turned to Saki as emphasis. "Chills, huh?" Saki said under her breath. "Dad told me he would be on break this semester. I really hope his little brother isn't here. He made my childhood so misera--Ah! Misa-chaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!" Sakila stopped muttering to herself as soon as she realized her precious Misaki was there. She grabbed the taller girl by her wrists and pulled her into an embrace. "I couldn't find you anywhere!! I know you told me you would text me, but I dropped my phone in a pond on the way here and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the extra water to seep out between the cracks so I could spark it back to life and I was hoping you could help me when my sister told me to get some peanut butter on the way to drop off at grandma's house and then I--" "It's okay, I'll help. Here, let's help this girl get to the cafeteria, first, ok?" "Oh! Yes! Yes! Hi, my name is Sasaki Saki! You can call me Saki! I haven't visited the campus grounds in a long time and some of the buildings have been remodeled so I'm sorry if I can't lead you properly! But I think I remember the general layout. And the cafeteria should be in this direction. But I really suggest you should buy something from the pizzeria on the other side of the hall. Bring your boyfriend, too! Except he can't come!" Sakila paused her speech to point to Aster, before continuing. "But everyone else is welcome! In fact, it's my treat! Dad gave me some extra money so I could treat Misa-chan to dinner tonight, but I think I have enough for that in my piggy bank. I should go check, just in case! Ah! But I left my things in the office, so I'll be back! Meanwhile, I think you guys..." Sakila skipped up the stairs, still talking, not realizing that she'd left everyone at the bottom of the steps. She went back to the office, grabbed her things, and returned, all the while, talking to herself. "...And it was the first time I ever touched a cat! And then I saw... Hey, where is everyone?"
  12. AL, it just hit me. Did you misspell the name as a hint? about the girl, that is. At first, I just thought you spelled it that way but now...... It just further solidifies my hypothesis.
  13. Saki couldn't get a grasp on what was going on. Who was this person?! The boy twirled her pen around in his hand while glancing at the Revelations book from before. "Vot is zeis krap?" Sakila could feel her anger rise as he placed the book back, still holding her pen. "Give. It. Back." He grinned in her direction and cheekily replied, "Come and get it." Sakila growled before lunging at him, only for him to dodge out of the way. She slammed into the music stand but quickly regained her balance and started chasing him again. "Turns out pen-holders aren't too fast," he shouted behind him as they raced down the hallway. He fluidly swung onto the stairwell, using the railing as support. Sakila was not at all that graceful and ended up tripping on the very first step. She flew forward, arms flailing, straight down to the bottom. Ah! If I'm going, I'm taking him with me! She grabbed the collar of the boy's shirt and they both went tumbling down to the bottom, falling on top of three people. An orchestra of groans emanated from the tangle of five bodies on the ground. Being one of the people on top, Sakila scrambled to her feet, only to trip and fall to the ground again. "Sorry," she shouted at the top of her lungs, snatching the pen she'd lost from the ground and scooting back a few feet. [Yay! Full contact!]
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