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  1. Ooooooooooooh, nice one^^ Okay, Let's see...Ayumi!
  2. I personally want to say he was going to propose, but they hadn't even confessed to each other, so unless he confessed then popped a ring...I'd say he was going to tell her his feelings at least. Even if Shinichi dies, it's a sad thing to consider. I wonder if he'd come back as a ghost? Or have the APTX4869 be used as its original purpose and bring back the dead? How frightful...

  3. Thank you very much for the help/links! *Bows*

  4. *Bows* Thank you for the suggestion, I do use google, but Conan/Ran searches on it present mainly images of Shinichi and Ran. But thank you very much for the idea^^

  5. Less ((As in you should have less of that stress)) What does "flavor" rhyme with?
  6. I like 10 and 11, but I think I might actually prefer 11 by just a little bit. I think it's because of his subtle acting. Those little expressions and twitches he does are so adorable. The first episode for 11 was a very good introduction of Matt. My favorite character overall though is Donna Noble. Donna freaking amazing Noble! Seriously, she was BEST. CHARACTER. EVER. She didn't have to fall in love with the Doctor for plot or drama, she had nothing to keep her pinned to her time line, nothing to tie her down...She was brilliant and funny, someone the Doctor could get close to without hindrance or worry...And...Sniff...WHY!? Why did her ending have to be the worst of all!? *Cries* Every time I think about it, my heart....The tears...
  7. Odd request...But can anyone point me in the direction of Conan/Ran pics? As in, not Shinichi/Ran...*Sighs* I know, odd...But if you wouldn't mind...

    1. PhiBrainChild


      If you want to find some Conan/Ran pictures, why don't you just ask your good friend Google?

    2. TheBlackTac
  8. in love it's not funny. His reactions to Ai are not how a seven year old should react. I love the Shiragami-sama case, and the London case as well! Also, the Desperate Revival case, that was really good! Sorry, I seem to have written a lot...

  9. Mitsuhiko is brilliant for his age! He doesn't get enough credit, and I feel bad for him. People do argue their "age" difference, but physically they don't have one since she's shrunk, and I agree that no MisuAi fan sees them dating RIGHT THIS MOMENT. DC pairings take time to develop. Not to mention, Gosho really likes to make the pairing really obvious. Mitsuhiko is so ...

  10. *Glomps, with tears in eyes* I adore you so much already Kara-chan! Honestly it's a bit rare to find someone who likes Shinichi/Ran AND Mitsuhiko/Ai...You're such a dear. I noticed our two favorite main characters make quite a pair^^ *Grins* Let's see, do you have a particular favorite scene/case/scenario?

  11. *Taps finger against cheek* So what kind of things should we talk about? let's break the ice. Hmmmm, you have been into DC for over a year now, and you seem to know quite a bit...My favorite character is Shinichi ((I tried to like another character, but he is just so awesome)), and my favorite not-as-much-a-main character is Mitsuhiko. My favorite pairing is Shinichi/Ran of course. What...

  12. Am I the only one that shudders, or feels pained when I hear/read the dubbed names of the DC characters? I just...Can't. They're so bad!

    1. tengaku squared
    2. PhiBrainChild


      @Mohorovicic; Who's that?

    3. Yoyo Illuser

      Yoyo Illuser

      I personally think Harley Hartwell is the absolute worst name ever...It's just so wrong.

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  13. Again, welcome Kara....Kara-chan? Thanks for the friendship accepting! Now we can chat, about um...Things? Any way, welcome again to DCW^^

  14. *Chuckles* Thank you^^ A bit interesting that "Sentimental Ayumi" played during a Mitsuhiko/Ai moment. But thank you so much for letting me know~
  15. *Peeks in* Canon senses...Tingling....*Glomps* Hi! Welcome to DCW! I know it's been a few days since you've created this introduction page, but I had the sudden urge to poke in, and the words CANON PAIRINGS practically screamed at me. I just, well I'm just a huge pairing shipper, especially when it comes to canon. *Bows* Please forgive me, I get excited. I'm Yoyo, and I hope you have a wonderful time here^^
  16. In episode 213: Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys, when Mitsuhiko is done bandaging Haibara's foot and then explains how Conan taught him how to do it, what is the tune/song that is playing when Haibara replies? When she says "At this moment, you're my outstanding rescuer. Thanks for your help." It is then heard for the rest of the scene. I apologize if it's a very vague question, I was merely curious as the tune seems familiar, but it's altogether very lovely.
  17. *Catches it in a jar, to keep* *Throws a fridge*
  18. Internet, my laptop, my DS, my best friends, my mp3 player, my cats Mello and Near, cherries... And mainly my mind. I just could never ever understand how people could destroy their mind. Without my thoughts, my imagination, I just couldn't live.
  19. I'm only 5' 2", which means even Ran is taller than me....
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