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  1. Hahahaha Thank SL How about DetecThief? by the way, any comment and tips on how to be social butterfly here in DCW? it's rather hard to be involved with the seniors :s
  2. Hi! I am also new here, welcome to DCW Enjoy your stay Btw Is your real name Mugiwara Conan? If so, that's really cool
  3. Hey thank youu so you're a senior member? Nice to meet youu, Anime-chan
  4. Okayy, thank you I try it right away
  5. hey Zoe :)) if you want to reply to your comments, you can click the members' profile then post a comment on the box so they can see your reply :D

  6. Kyuu Nye is sooo cool! That's a great list you give A Science Guy, Martial Arts expertise, Conan lover <3 You have my respect, sir
  7. Shinran1742: Oohh, no problemm that's okay by the way, how to send that green box to one person? Tantei-chan 8D: WOW! that's great. Since when? I was a bit shocked when I watched movie 15. They hurry that kind of GREAT Climax on the last 15 minutes of the movie. Guess that's what they mean by quarter to silence :s
  8. Chamdor, just call me zoe but i'm super okay if you go with "Ezma" ;)

  9. Hello CHAMDOR Shinran1742: Hey! when i read your reply, i was like YAY! another huge fan of DC I would like to know you though. mind sharing? Thank you AKAZORA By the way, can someone tell me how to make the multiperson reply in the green box? will be much appreciated
  10. I agree! although I am new, I just read the last message of DCW's member, Inspector Gin. I think it is best for us, DC lovers to get along with each other, even more, we might have some things in common or even passion for the same thing I really like this site so i wanted for this to get going
  11. The first person that I thought is SHINICHI I choose Vermouth for the woman voice although I am not as seductive as she is
  12. Hey Erza thank you! well I know her top finalist in American Idol righttt? :3 I watched her several times
  13. Hello everybody! I have been searching for a Detective Conan forum like this. I used to join in a forum but now it's super inactive So, I'll start. Ezma stands for my full name. You can call me Zoe. I'm from Indonesia and I LOVE Conan the first time I saw the movie 6 years ago when I was in grade 4. Anybody have that kind of 'love' at first sight? My hobbies are reading, experimenting, playing games, sport and piano and of course doing things related to CONAN <3 I like to go hiking, travel somewhere, learning, relaxing and eating ICE-CREAM :3 My dream is to become a great doctor and I'll find the cure for cancer *flames* then I can save lives and restore the hopes and smiles of people. My favorite DC MOVIE is Phantom of the Baker Street. How about you? I am looking forward to know fellow Conan fans from all over the WORLD. DC fans are decreasing here at my school If you have any questions, just ask CHEERS *\(^0^\) (/^0^)/*
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