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  1. May 21 2012 ka nagjoin? Ako din lol :)))

  2. yes yes. I know that! xD

  3. okay okay!! now don't get a big head!!

  4. Ep.660 is so late :( I wish other dctp members will help ML fansub xD

  5. awww thanks i know but i think Jas is more cuter xD xP lol

  6. ohhh lol i forgot that i had my name there xP

  7. Roma-chan <33 xD

    about me!

  8. ofc why not

    btw how do u know my name???

  9. yes ma'am! xD is it okay if I call you Roma-chan? :D

  10. ohhhh!!! but i'm not so no "Jaa" okay????

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