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  1. I am doing good :) thanks !

  2. I am doing good :) thanks !

  3. Hey!! Ur Profile Pic is really cute.....

  4. Hey!! Ur Profile Pic is really cute.....

  5. oy!! Happy B'Day!! xP

  6. oy!! Happy B'Day!! xP

  7. Happy Birthday!! :)

  8. happy birthday!! :D

  9. Everything's good, thanks! :) What about you?

  10. ara

    yes,i do.why if i muslim?what its problem for you?

    i'm not korean or chinese...what is my face seem like that?

  11. MKudo

    well .. u seem like u r a muslim ...but the tough thing to guess is where r u from apparently u r not japanese ..so u r either korean or chinese .. am i right ???

  12. Hi how are things Kaitou .. i hope everything is gd .. and ..bbye

  13. MKudo

    Hi ..

    and ...

    sorry 4 the late reply .. anyway i'll b more available starting from july .. i hope :) so i guess i'll c u soon :D

  14. MKudo

    hi apparently i'm kinda late ... sorry and welcome to DCW ..oh and thx 4 the add

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