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  1. Kan-niichan.................

    1. kan


      Sorry, I went offline for learning~ > <

  2. Entah... Sibuk sangat kot.. Huhu.....
  3. I still in love with you. If only I could tell you that. I wish to stop all those tears.

  4. Horeeeyyy.. Betul tu.. Haha, saya pun macam tu juga.. Mungkin inilah yg dinamakan kedewasaan, sampai tak ada masa utk semua ni.. Padahal, boleh je kalau kita nak online, seminit dua pun jadila kan..
  5. First love are hard to forget. I wonder why?

    1. Shinichi Kudo forever

      Shinichi Kudo forever

      'coz it's the first time you get that feeling.....the first time you like someone so much....

    2. KeyChain3094
    3. Shinichi Kudo forever
  6. Which do you prefer? Sexy Ran or blushing Ai? VS ...sorry if they seemed to be a little OOC here...my bad...
  7. Betul.. Sorry ya, sebab saya sendiri pun jarang online dekat tempat ni. Silap saya sendiri, tak pandai urus masa. Awak apa khabar?
  8. I drew Ran Mouri this time.. Soooooo many of them.. BUT, how do I insert them here? Somebody help me......
  9. Bagus.. Tahniah untuk sesi pembelajaran ketiga yang baik.. Keempat, kelima dan seterusnya, bila lagi? Hehehe.
  10. Yep, when we grow up, we always get more work.

    1. KeyChain3094


      That's true. If only we can take a break from growing up. lol

  11. Well, a challenge?

    Ok, it's so funny, I'll find it :D

    That's OK. I wanna connect to you by FB 'cos you can check FB by mobile phone :)

    1. KeyChain3094


      Hihi. You've already knew my FB, my real one, right?

      Umm, Kan-niichan, sorry for not replying to all your messages, I was pretty busy.. *sigh*

      We got to organize this and that, doing our homeworks, assignments, and preparing ourselves for the upcoming exams..

  12. Happy New year! XD Hoping you're more and more beautiful, successful and healthy ^^

    1. KeyChain3094


      Haha.. Happy new year! (belated-new-year) XD

      Nah, I don't think that I'll get more beautiful, it's supposed to be more pimples (and wrinkles), hahaha.

      Thanks.. :)

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